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  1. Workplace Ideas

    I need all of these :v
  2. Maybe in far, far future its possible, we will see
  3. We have to wait until the module with cars
  4. I hope that the module will be in this month
  5. That will be nice to see all others cars on meeting
  6. Maybe devblog will come with module ? The module is near
  7. I speak polish and english, but I wanna learn japanese (Idk why).
  8. Structure 44: Game dev studio
  9. When devs said that the Town Sqaure will be done this month ?
  10. What's the best part of Identity for you?

    I waited for game like that much time, realism and so many ways to choose
  11. Use brain pls, its like 10 k players on gta 5 online server...
  12. 2040: Huge meteorite fell on northern Africa and killed 15% of humanity


    1. Airetto


      Hell yea, Initial D best anime in the world 

  14. I need an artbook with this concept arts