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  1. I'm from Poland, ciesze sie, że są tu Polacy
  2. Workplace Ideas

    I need all of these :v
  3. Maybe in far, far future its possible, we will see
  4. We have to wait until the module with cars
  5. That will be nice to see all others cars on meeting
  6. Maybe devblog will come with module ? The module is near
  7. I speak polish and english, but I wanna learn japanese (Idk why).
  8. Structure 44: Game dev studio
  9. When devs said that the Town Sqaure will be done this month ?
  10. What's the best part of Identity for you?

    I waited for game like that much time, realism and so many ways to choose
  11. Use brain pls, its like 10 k players on gta 5 online server...
  12. 2040: Huge meteorite fell on northern Africa and killed 15% of humanity


    1. Airetto


      Hell yea, Initial D best anime in the world