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  1. like how do I go from Immigrant to Citizen when ive paid for the package
  2. ..^^^
  3. ok thank you but im still not sure how to get it to change to where I have the perks...
  4. Ok, so i have my identity account, then I made my forums account. I donated the $30 to get the package it gives you, and it shows I have it and it shows that ive donated, but when I go onto the forums account it only shows im an immigrant instead of a citizen, and yes my forum name and Identity name are the same. If anyone could help me that would be great, thanks!
  5. Hey i cant find the discord link the last one I got was expired... Do you think you could get me a new one?

  6. guide

    How do you exactly apply for these jobs? Do you do it in the game or on the forums?