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  1. I totally am and well look forward to helping everyone efficiently!
  2. A Whitelisted Community Server

    Hey Chloe, I am not sure where the impression of using teamspeak is a must but I can a sure you theTeamspeak requirement is for the interview stage of the white-list and is not an requirement to use for RP purposes. Anyways Thankyou for the interest in the community and I hope you find the server you are looking for. (A little extra) Teamspeak will be more so you can hang out when not in game or if we have a community meeting, meet new people or if a server staff member is needed then you will be able to maybe get a response quicker etc.
  3. He? Well I was referring to all of those voting the "Joke".
  4. If you really think such things will happen first, my question is why are you even here? What are you waiting for, if you think such things!
  5. Done with Refunds?

    They don't ignore you, they just are busy all the time and can easily miss some stuff or forget some.
  6. Hello and Welcome to the community! Please have a search and browse around the forum. If you still have some questions not answered, feel free to ask me via PM or somewhere on the forum. I will try and answer your questions all to the best of my ability. Cheerio, James.
  7. Hello and Welcome to this fabulous community! I hope you enjoy the wait here with us. If you need anything, please don't hesitate to ask me or anyone else a question, but be sure to search/ browse the forum. If you have questions, feel free to PM me and I will be sure to answer as best to my knowledge! Have a nice afternoon. Regards, James.
  8. French translation?

    Hey, there. I can tell you that, the devs will get a professional company to translate the game at / after full game release and won't be in need of assistance. They don't like people doing things for free, but will likely go through a company. You are not the first person to offer a translation to them either.
  9. That could be a possibility but the initial size will be Roughly 200 KMĀ², if it doesn't get made bigger for the initial size.
  10. I think it is best fixed as it is, I know it would be awesome to be able to choose but We don't want to see 1 million rusty cars chosen and then no one takes the pledge "Bikes" as they won't be available in the game to buy and so are unique. I am sure the devs want their to be a variety/mixture of pledge vehicles too. Most people prefer a car for many reasons and I am sure you have one of those many reasons why you want that instead. If you upgrade the pledge, you are making the choice to sacrifice the things which get changed on the higher pledge from the lower pledge. It is best to just choose what you want more, the studio or the used motor cycle not both and same for the rest.
  11. The best answer possibly given and ever could be given!
  12. There is no $ETA on the module, it will be announced when it is ready. Also please search as the forum has this question asked and answered many times, which every time someone posts instead of searching, it adds to the clutter of the forums while also making it harder for people to search for answers!
  13. Hmm.... I didn't vote though! I missed the voting, oh well.
  14. It goes on post amount, please search next time as this was asked recently and answered
  15. Guys, face the facts; kids are genuinely immature with a few very mature ones and adults are genuinely mature with many immature ones. Technically kids shouldn't be playing any games with the age rating 18+, but we know that if there parents let them then, they will play. If you don't want kids to play, find a private server that has a age rating on it which is a white-listed server! Simple, we were all once kids in our life and well you have only been an adult for max of 11 years if you are in your twenties. I can tolerate kids and so I work with them and not against them. I just prefer to play games with the Mature kids or adults and so I am removing my chances of even getting immature players adults or kids it don't matter. He has bad English as his first language is no English. How about not replying to try start an argument/ conflict please. I cannot say that you speak the truth because I am sure you are younger than 18 yourself and really kids are immature and squeaky to a point but there are more immature kids than immature adults mate. You may have only experienced immature adults but really you're a kid and likely a immature one and so don't know the difference with those your age. Immature adults likely cause more trouble than immature kids do but there is 100x more immature kids than adults. @BeastWarrior You were a kid within the last decade and well if anything, you likely played GTA when you were below the age of 18? and so you need to give them the chance like you would have been given a chance. You likely played 18+ games and some could argue all games are made for all ages, it is after all entertainment.