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  1. Hey guys, the forum is back up and running. I will be sorting out some of the links as they are currently not working and I will be working on getting all the site sorted.
  2. [NA/EU] Syndicate Gaming

    Hey, just wanted to point out. There is no Judge career/ job at all in the game. The Jury players are randomly selected and also becoming a lawyer is a player business. You should maybe just have player requirements as a lawyer etc.
  3. Hey there,, so on Official servers the language will stay as English but at the full game release the game will get localisation for other languages. However I am sure that someone will start a private server with the Russian language only at a point to cater for your language.
  4. What TeamSpeak address did you try? 1. kyservers.on.vg (This one is old and is not in use no more) 2. identitylife.on.vg (This should work, however please tell me if it didn't work.)
  5. We have now reached the 200 Members mark on the forum. We however have not got the full list of members white-listed. Our new site is still in construction and being setup in which we can resume the white-list applications once is up.
  6. Hello everyone, Just wanted to inform all interested parties in joining our community that our website/ forum is currently undergoing a big change. We are migrating over to a new host and in doing so we have already retrieved our backups and so anything including posts and new members signing up won't get migrated over and so I will update this post when the migration is complete so that you can join our community. This change will help us in the future. Thank you for all your interest and we hope to see you soon on our new site! Kind regards, James Management
  7. Can we get a feedback sub forum?

    This sort of thing will come with the new website like a lot of the forum stuff will. I think more areas will be on the forum for feedback and more.
  8. The main post here is not fully up to date. The forum is however and both dev positions and staff positions are in an "OPEN" status.
  9. Hey everyone, just wanted to give a quick update on things with the community! Below are 2 links, which show our progress/ development for the website/ Forum and the other one is for the Altis Life server we are going to bring up for the guys who would like to start in a fresh RP server while we wait for Identity's Module: Town Square! Arma 3 server development progress: https://trello.com/b/vwmDOZ82/arma-3-server Website development progress: https://trello.com/b/Juok3KZE/website Please feel free to join when the server is live! The server is a "Serious/ Hardcore RP" server. Thank you for reading. Regards, James.
  10. The devs said several years after full game release and in my opinion; several means 4 to 5 and so that makes it 4 to 5 years after full game release and so I don't expect a console port to likely come until 2025/ 2026 as the game hopefully will be at full game release in 2020/ 2021. So if the game comes around 2021 then several years later will come the console port and that makes it 2026 in my opinion again, so don't expect it anytime soon for console ports.
  11. For the modules, there won't be a server browser/menu. You will join a random server when you hit play or you join friends through steam.
  12. Release delay. POLL

    Not enough options for me to vote. 1. Other / Can't really say. 2. Disappointed 3. False
  13. I did it

    $250 Speed Demon package
  14. Strict doesn't tell us much. Something more detailed for us would be good. Do you have any ideas on what you would like to expect from someone? like are you going to do an application or a interview or both?
  15. FAQ Extended (Updated)

    Your possessions will go likely and be stored in your Items Bank. However, you likely will be able to buy the house once the house goes back for sale after a period of time for the owner not paying to keep the house.