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  1. Detail

    In Identity, you will be able to use your blinkers, headlights, mirrors and even roll down the side windows!  I am sure there will be realistic sounds to go with it.
  2. Owning a Bar

    The devs stated on twitter or some other place that bars will not be ownable because they will be a safe zone which are known as "Sub Hubs" in Identity. I cannot remember where or give you a link to the source as it was time ago and also I don't have that at hand. Second set of questions I have no clue but would probably be NPC run and no waiting jobs. I am unsure though.
  3. Naturals disasters

    They have talked about these before and well they don't know how extreme it will be, They did say tornadoes, and tsunami's are likely not going to be too extreme if they do add them later on and I don't know about earth quakes. Storms are a more likely to be added as they are not as bad as the other ones generally.
  4. Hello from Arizona

    Hello and Welcome to the identity community! Welcome aboard and nice to meet you! What do you look forward to most about Identity?  What are your goals in Identity? (I know you put things you want to do already but this is what will you do first or what order) Please read the 2 FAQ's which are linked in my signature. Please feel free to use the resources on this forum/ website to gather information on the game. If you have not found something within the resources, please don't hesitate to ask as everyone here is happy to help! Cheerio!
  5. ALIENS?

    That is in the quote.
  6. Hello from Germany

    Welcome and also nice to meet you officially! I hope your community is a success! I am glad that some notice the sources of info available to them instead of asking questions which are answered there.
  7. ALIENS?

    Have you seen a alien? Doubt it. But yes they may be real as like I said in the universe but we don't see them day to day roaming on earth. e.g. it is un-realistic and immersion breaking.
  8. ALIENS?

    Well, I am saying it is still not realistic to have them in this game when they are not a everyday thing. Also it is not a space game, which they relate to. 
  9. Admin Tools

    I think that these tools are not just from DarkRP, there is all the other modes too like PERP and I am sure they may be a Noclip on Arma maybe not sure but I know a lot of these are in other games. We only really need something like a command that does; example "On Duty" This no clips the player, it ghosts them (Makes them Invisible), and gives them God Mode. There don't need to be separate commands for it though. This is the one specifically would be useful to stop abuse. Alos having the !goto and !bring commands only able to be used while in "On Duty" mode. These things are essential enough to have.
  10. Admin Tools

    Why would they no be? What if there is a report and you need to get to the person and maybe get more evidence to go on? 
  11. ALIENS?

    Maybe there is life in the galaxy but there is no proof of it and so as long as no proof then I won't believe it. It is not realistic for this game to have aliens because it is not seen in modern day life. Also no aircraft and also it is not a space game so why would there be aliens I am just being realistic to what we actually see!
  12. You can buy pre-paid credit/ debit cards and just enter the information the same way as a bank card.
  13. ALIENS?

    A Easter egg how?  Please explain what you mean. I doubt there will be a thing like Big Foot in GTA but with an Alien. That breaks immersion but there will be other Easter Eggs like phrases maybe from other games or films or even objects as long as it is a realistic thing to have!
  14. You can get a prepaid Debit/ Credit card and then choose the option to pay just by using a debit/ credit card instead of signing in to paypal and then enter the pre-paid cards info in like a debit/ credit card! or put your debit/ credit card info in.
  15. ALIENS?

    Excuse me but are you being serious? because I doubt that and no Aliens don't exist in real life and even if they did they would not be in the game because that is going into space things. This game is a Modern MMO Open World game based on Modern day life in the US!