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  1. Stuff Off Our Chests

    I know this for one don't count towards Identity because the first package is a pre-order however, it is pretty much the same. You are pledging with a donation to help support the development of this game and are receiving items as a thank you. I am not saying that all of those asking for a refund is guilty of not having a good reason but some who pledge and then think "I want my money back because there has been a delay" typically annoy me because if you pledge you should know what you are getting into and if you don't know then don't pledge. Every time someone asks for a refund, that is time taken from development really.  Ok, I strayed off the point there so here I will end this. But remember I didn't say those waiting for 2 years don't have a reason to complain. I am saying those who join as late as this can't complain as they haven't exactly waited at all.  When did you start following the project Alpha? 2 years ago? Well if so you have a good reason to complain about lack of info. I have a reason to complain too but I know that gets me know where and also could just delay the game more. I know as well that "Games" like this Take longer than 2 years and so as much as I hate to wait another year, I am prepared to do so for the better of the game. Thanks for hearing me out. Cheerio.
  2. Stuff Off Our Chests

    I have no clue and I can just really take a guess like everyone can, but there is no way to say it will be out when we think as a delay could come again. It generally is best to not think about it, as because you will get over excited and maybe will start asking the question or complain about it is taking too long.
  3. Stuff Off Our Chests

    No, I am saying they can't really complain unless they have really pledged but also why should they complain if people who have waited much longer than them and they are being more patient than the ones who come late. Complaining don't/ won't make the game or info come quicker. I am saying don't pledge if you will just complain because of lack of info or delays.
  4. Construction

    There won't be building buildings as a thing and so that means no "Construction" career etc. They could always add it in the far fetched future but I think it is way off. Also can you please use the search bar next time, or browse through resources available on the forum like the 2 FAQ's but I know I have answered this many times already and it also has been suggested enough times too.
  5. seasons

    That is seasonal updates for things like "Christmas", "Halloween", "Easter" and other days celebrated in single countries like "4th of July" etc.
  6. Stuff Off Our Chests

    I don't like it when people complain about not getting info when the devs do Q and A's as well as have been giving us more Dev Blogs. Yes, we have been waiting a long time especially the Kick-starter backers. Unless people are the Kick-starter backers then I do not see why people complain because they have not been waiting as long as those guys have been and really those who don't pledge before complaining can't really complain either because they have nothing to lose really; however they can complain if they have waited and actually put money in.  No one understands these days that 2 years is not enough for a game in development and I believe it is a minimum of 3 years to expect a game like this and really that is how development is, delays over more delays which is a good thing for the game but can be annoying for the backers because they have helped out early on. If the developers give us everything now about the game, what will there be to look forward to? I don't think there will be something we won't know about the game to look forward to after all and well also I want to look forward to trying everything out, but also not getting all that information now because I want to have hype when the game comes out. I however don't want to know everything about the game and so I have nothing to be excited for when playing the game. This is however my opinion and always will be above and below is a fact which has been seen lately. The more the community complains and asks for more content the more developers give in. The more the developers give in, is how much more the community members ask for more anyways. This is an endless cycle of "Give me more and I will be fine" but once the info has been given, the person asks for more again and won't stop.  The more we get the more we want. Communities make games fall apart but also can make games strive. An example of a game falling apart partly by the community is "No Mans Sky": the "NMS" community pushed the developers to the brink which caused the game to not be completed like it was shown off as it would be, it was because the community pushed the devs to give a unfinished game. It also was caused by the publisher because they wanted the game out on a tight deadline, which happened to be that it didn't get finished by in which delayed the game. They still pushed it back too short of what the game needed with the community pushing for a game to be released and that pressure is hard to maintain after enough of it.   I just wan the game to release like you guys and I have been waiting a long time like a lot of the community has and I can say that I have seen the developers here improve with PR over the last 6 months more than anything even though they are still a very small team with people working more than 1 job at a time. I hope everyone is happy when the module releases and the advice is if you are not happy with the little info we get then don't pledge until you are satisfied. Pledge if you understand we could get a big delay again but understand why and all the reason it is for a good reason but also if you want to help the devs out. Thank you if you read my ramble and I hope everyone understands. Cheerio and I hope I can answer any questions to the best of my knowledge.
  7. I am sure on private servers, if a officer abuses that, he could get demoted automatically for abusing that sort of thing.
  8. Cars get automatically flagged for a ticket yes, but I don't believe you will get a ticket. The flag just means a cop could give you a ticket. If you don't get flagged then a cop cannot give you a random ticket e.g. it stops those trolls giving everyone a ticket.
  9. A arcade?

    Except from identity devs don't like a GTA style way of doing things e.g. they want things to be not "loading" for stuff and like it to all be seem less instead as because loading screens mean immersion breaks. 
  10. Ok, my constructive criticism. Your first suggestion is the better of the 2 and I will go in more detail after on why. However, there are problems with having an architect job because people will likely design houses like in ARK or RUST and they look Sh*t, no offence to them but they really look ugly too. I think that it would only work if there were pre-defined plans for the structure and you could change different sort of things on the look e.g. you pick a design and then there is a couple of different styles of the design of the house and then you pick the design / layout of the interior etc.  The problem. Building houses will firstly be a problem because the devs would have to incorporate their "Interior designing" inside the house into those houses built by players. It for one will be hard to do that. The good news is that I am sure the devs said "Possibly in the future" being for building houses in the world.. Hacking; I don't think that is something which should be in the game because there is little to no interaction in the crime itself, which the game being about the interactions as a key feature means it don't fit in. Also hacking, is not as fun as going in a building to steal information or things and it just don't sound impressive to me. However there is many things it could go and be used for but it would generally be hard to implement and so I think something else/ most things are better worth adding rather than this. Why the first is better than the second suggestion? It is because of interactions being made with others is a lot higher than being able to hack things for information and i really think hacking is a lazy/ easier route to get what you want and rather would not be too risky and so i think it is best that if you want to get information then you need to go steal it as it will be more rewarding than sitting behind the scenes than going in a high risk environment area to get what you are looking for. Overall, I hope the first suggestion on how I explained it should be being in the game. I hop this helps, have a nice day.
  11. other modules

    The S.W.A.T. module (Module 2) will be a lot quicker than the 1st and 3rd one. The town square module was only as long as it is because the making of all the base systems to the game being coded/ made. Then the devs had encountered problems as well as re-making/ designing the module as the roads were too small and also having a very small team where only a couple of the team was full time working on Identity and the rest being free lancers working on other projects. The racing module will take long because the physics and all the calculations and bugs / problems they may encounter on the way which are un-forseen things. 
  12. gas stations

    That will be immersion breaking if you can't get gas because a player is offline.... There for it is not suitable for it to be player run.
  13. Exclusive Items

    I have a good Idea, Module 1 item can be a in-game painting of the "Town Square", Module 2 item can be the s.w.a.t. module picture on a T-Shirt and the 3rd one can be like a Car trophy ornament thing for module 3. The beta can be a Map of the island as a poster.  
  14. Will official servers reset once in a while?

    I think the official servers probably won't reset after the full game is released like other games do, because it will be hard enough to get money and start off and having things reset could lose people with interests to play still because they do soo much to just lose it after a certain amount of time and that is not worth to keep doing I think.
  15. Looks Great! super excited

    Hello and Welcome to the community! Please check out the FAQ's if you want awesome info/ a lot of questions answered. Anyways have a great day/ evening / night.