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  1. Do you have to buy the game?

    Modules and beta, you download a external client from here on the website: http://www.identityrpg.com/info/modules/ and then the full game will be through steam.   @twinquick66 http://www.identityrpg.com/shop/ you pledge here, which all pledges includes the full game (Pre-Order), Citizen however is the only one which don't include Beta, modules and other extras. Steam price is said to be $45 
  2. PvP Rules / Passive mode

    same, I resorted to going in my own private lobby.
  3. Organ Harvesting

    Nothing has been officially announced on release dates. Q1 is all we have on module 1 and I am highly aware when or that the modules, beta and game could be delayed but I have faith in the developers.
  4. Where are some updates?

    They are working on the module to make sure it is released by Q1 2017. I am not sure where the updates are but I know the devs did a full day Q&A session and so that was more of the updates for January but a DevBlog could be here soon!
  5. Do you have to buy the game?

    It will be $45 at Full Release! If you buy the game (Pre-Order) now it is $15, if you want beta and module access also aswell as the full game on release then it is $30!
  6. Car Setups

    It's the "Racing" module. These sort of things could be in the racing module but they are not really needed for racing mainly and so I guess they will probably things at beta or release. @HairyGrenade can tell you more.
  7. Hello from Arkansas, USA

    Hello O'le chap and Welcome to the identity community! What do you look forward to most about Identity?  What are your goals in Identity? Please feel free to use the resources on this forum/ website to gather information on the game. If you have not found something within the resources, please don't hesitate to ask as everyone here is happy to help! Cheerio!
  8. Organ Harvesting

    @toxicreign020 I say again I like the idea, but I think its one of those features which is not needed and I would rather see different features that are not needed either if the community had 1 feature they wanted implemented as a exclusive 1 off feature being added. That said, it would be great if this would be added for a Halloween special update! I guess I just think I would rather have gore rather than this feature too.
  9. Weapon Permits

    There are gun licenses, which you have to apply for and also I guess will be able to get revoked.
  10. Organ Harvesting

    I didn't shoot down every post, I gave practical opinionated comments. I like the ideas generally but some are not practical and also a lot of other "Features" would be a lot better if they could implement more things.
  11. Question About Buying Pledges

    yes "Founder" or above.
  12. Your house you bought on server 1 will only be your on server 1 unless they have changed that decision. 1 person can own that house on each server. so I would stick to the same server.
  13. Setting Precendent

    That's a good question and I hope so!
  14. Setting Precendent

    Nothing in-game will get recorded unless by someone like a judge uses a recording software outside of the game. 
  15. Question About Buying Pledges

    Yeah, in the full game. The town square is just to give us a feel and let us play while we wait for the full game.