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  1. Private servers will be available only by renting at/ after full release
  2. It is his money to throw away. I know it is stupid not to read up on things before throwing big sums of money but he can do as he pleases as it is his loss if he does it for something he would regret. Modules = Small pieces of the game, Beta is after the Modules in which will be the closest thing to the full game. When the TS module is out you will be able to download it from the website and play. "Pledging on the store page" is claiming your spot in the Town Square. Please read the 2 FAQ's linked in mine and LuckyDuck's signature. Also please read more on the game as well as you will need to gather a lot of information to be sure not to ask questions that have already been answered here on the forums. The "About" page is very useful to read upon as it tells you a lot. Have a lovely day/ evening/ night.
  3. Searching is always an option here.
  4. Yet, that is not what this vote is about, assets have nothing to do with it. The game mode "Altis Life" is the closest thing to Identity but it is just on a small scale compared to identity. The assets for a different server don't matter if they are better than the game mode that is the closest resemblance of Identity! EDIT: The reason why I say "Altis Life" is because that game mode was developed by Paratus and his team for Arma.
  5. Your pledge items will stay with you unless it is money and you have that on your person.
  6. Yeah, I kind of feel that you didn't put any game which was even close to this game. Even PERP on gmod and DarkRP is closer than some of those options. Also ArmA 3 Altis life is the closest than all of them.
  7. white listed

    Like Raffen said but also the Germany hosted server will be catering for other areas in the EU also and therefore having the communities dominant language being English is better to cater for all the others who live closer to Germany than the UK and don't speak German. However dependant on how things go, we will consider different language based servers.
  8. Unfortunately I don't believe you can be such things like: Well First all of all you cannot make/ design the phones and that removes programming and designing of such things. I think you should re-think your business ideas and maybe re-consider your choices as I don't think there will be such a tech shop a player could own either but that is what i slightly remember but I may have it wrong. However I know you cannot programme or design things tech like you wish to. Just some friendly feedback and advice. I hope this helps -James.
  9. There is likely no time limit on how long you being cop for. It is when you go on duty, you simply go to the precinct, get changed and you will be on duty with your uniform and to go off duty you simply go back to the precinct and get changed into your normal clothes.
  10. Good Luck with the community!!!
  11. Full game there is no ETA after the module delays but I could say possibly by mid (Q3) - End (q4) 2018.
  12. I am sure a lot of people will be fine with you but just try find the right people (Those ones who don't judge) however I am sure you will be just fine and by the time you do get to finally RP in the game, you may have already had your voice broken!! It is not however a big deal to a lot of people who respect RP from all ages.
  13. Oh tell me about it, I actually got Fifa 07, 08, 09, 10, 12, 13, 15 and then quit but I did enjoy them on Xbox. I however hate EA now and it's money making business of ruining games. @Asupra However, Star Wars Battlefront 2 (New one they are making), you get all the DLC's for free but I think the old ones are still better with the bad graphics...
  14. Hey, would you like to design one for the transport company I will be doing in the game? Business Name: Global Transportation Logo: (Currently not got one), but it will have a a Global type picture and The business name going around it. That is the only idea I have so far.
  15. Welcome to the community! Enjoy your stay here, while checking the 2 FAQ's and maybe also check out these YT channels @PowerGaming7, @AUSTV / DragonflyTodd and @TheDynasty. Have any questions? Feel free to PM me and I will answer to the best of my knowledge. Enjoy your day and have fun here. James.