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  1. Release delay. POLL

    Not enough options for me to vote. 1. Other / Can't really say. 2. Disappointed 3. False
  2. I did it

    $250 Speed Demon package
  3. Strict doesn't tell us much. Something more detailed for us would be good. Do you have any ideas on what you would like to expect from someone? like are you going to do an application or a interview or both?
  4. FAQ Extended (Updated)

    Your possessions will go likely and be stored in your Items Bank. However, you likely will be able to buy the house once the house goes back for sale after a period of time for the owner not paying to keep the house.
  5. Good Luck with your community. I do however wonder how strict you will make the server, as I like to compare things with each other.
  6. As it has already been said, Module 1 of 3 is set to release now April 23rd 2018. The 2 Other modules, Beta and full game release is TBD! http://www.identityrpg.com/info/modules/townsquare/
  7. No, there are no houses in the town square module. Those players who get access but don’t have an apartment pledge; they will get temporary access to an apartment for the town square module. No buying!
  8. Can u steal a car?

    No, not government vehicles. To clarify it, I will give that question to BB.
  9. Can u steal a car?

    You can steal cars yes, not government vehicles. Likely you will lock pick the cars if locked
  10. You will have an admin menu likely, with the average admin commands.
  11. You don’t need to sleep as there is no affect on you
  12. No adding or removing money, you likely can kick/ blacklist/ ban players from government careers but you can’t do it to players working jobs for a player run business. There is no spawning money at all.
  13. The community is having a revamp, we have got a new community name, a new logo to go with it and I am opening up staff applications soon. You must be white-listed if you want a chance to be accepted as staff. All member types are able to apply but if you are white-listed then you have a higher chance of success rate.
  14. Steam or a Launcher

    You are a backer of $30 and over so yes, you get a key. You download through steam but you still will get a launcher to sign in to.
  15. Mining

    Not too sure/ I can't remember right now sorry. I will try find out tomorrow.