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  1. Steam or a Launcher

    You are a backer of $30 and over so yes, you get a key. You download through steam but you still will get a launcher to sign in to.
  2. Mining

    Not too sure/ I can't remember right now sorry. I will try find out tomorrow.
  3. The store account yes not the forum one. As the store account is the game account and has your rewards linked to it.
  4. Mining

    Mining is already in the game, but it is already set locations. You mine to get materials and sell the materials to business' that need those resources.
  5. The Trailer will come out close to the Modules release likely yes.
  6. Available for everyone with Founder ($30+) and above.
  7. Everyone who backed for Beta access will get the steam keys sent via email and the devs want to put the steam keys on your store account too. It will be sent out nearer the time of Module 1's release; March 21st. You will be able to download the game via steam but will have to download the Identity launcher which you sign in with your store/ game account (Store account = Game account). You will then be able to launch the module once downloaded.
  8. I wouldn't compare ourselves to investors in publishers, for what reason you might ask? Well 1. We never invested Thousands of Dollars did we? We put a small amount. Yes we deserve a bit of Transparency and we do get it from these developers. Now we are also allowed to be annoyed but, If you back something pre-release and that is "Donating/ Pledging" like we have for Identity. Well we don't have the right to a refund because we are "Donating". You cannot compared yourself to an investor unless you pledge/ donated/ invest Thousands of Dollars etc into the game. Asylum have been saying to everyone, if you don't believe/ feel like it is sufficient with evidence on the game and are not confident about the project, then you were supposed to hold back and not pledge. It is purely your decision to pledge and is not any fault of Asylum's that you are not pleased about what you are getting. They give sufficient information, and sufficient transparency. It is the people who demand things that games fail hard like "NMS" The community demanded it and also the publishers pushed it out also because of the community and so it failed on launch. Next time hold off until the full game or at least your standard in evidence on the game is available before pledging into a project because you pledging makes it difficult as when you pledge, that money gets taken into account of the budget. Then because it is counted in the budget, if you go for a refund, it screws on the calculated budget for the developers. Sit back until Module 1 releases before you pledge again as that means you can get your evidence from Fans/ YT'ers.
  9. Looks awesome and much better now.
  10. A Whitelisted Community Server

    Hello, ladies and gentlemen My name is James, as you all know and I am excited for Identity to release. I know its a long while yet, but its better now to start than later. About Us We are a serious-hardcore whitelisted community for IdentityRPG. We aim to give players the ability to roleplay seriously while having fun with community rules being enforced and whitelisted roles. Our main priority is to give the ability for players to give each other quality roleplay and establish connections. We invite you to our website and you are welcome to apply at any time. We hope to hear from you soon! Thank you, James, Owner KYS Community Why Us? We will make you our priority, we want to make sure you are having a positive experience with the KYS Community and servers. Our staff have been trained to allow that positive experience and to treat everyone equally. If you do have a issue with anyone or a staff member, we will handle the situation appropriately and enforce the community rules and positive experience. Where are we? Confirmed -Europe Planned (Depending on demand for player slots and funding.) -USA (East/ West/ Midwest) -Australia -Canada White-list Application If you are interested in being white-listed please follow the link below, sign up and make a white-list application in the appropriate section. Read ALL Terms & Conditions/ rules & requirements before applying. ----------CLICK HERE---------- What can I do? We allow you to roleplay what you wish as-long as you respect the community rules. Government Careers -Police Department - Applications: CLICK HERE -Firefighter Department - Applications: CLICK HERE -Paramedic Department - Applications: CLICK HERE -Government - Campaigns: CLICK HERE Civilian -Business Management - Advertisements: CLICK HERE -Trucker -Tow Truck Operator -And more! Criminal -Drug Dealer/Trafficker -Gang/Cartel Member -Bank heists -And more! Staff Opportunities Moderator Requirements & Rules: CLICK HERE Application: CLICK HERE Developer Application: CLICK HERE Information Website: CLICK HERE Teamspeak: KYServers.on.vg Staff Team: CLICK HERE Staff Organization Structure: TBD Community Rules: CLICK HERE Steam Group: CLICK HERE
  11. 1. Indicators are a thing. 2. Houses cannot be raided and/ or robbed and to enter ones house the owner must give you permission. You can take drugs, grow them and/ or deal/ sell them. You can be arrested for possession of drugs. Governors can legalise weed if they want to.
  12. Town Square will be a closed off small portion of one Identity city named Ash Hill. You won’t really sea anything more than closed portions of the map until after the 3 modules the Beta will come which will be the full map and mostly feature complete and that is when you will be able to explore the wilderness and the world of Identity
  13. Fuel System

    So , the fuel will be consumed differently between cars, not sure with driving style. Different types of fuel likely also
  14. Anything above the Founder package is for All modules and Beta there after + the full game.