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  1. Suggestion for Identity RPG

    There is no D.E.A in the game. No government agencies.
  2. Hello, From England

    Welcome! You have just joined such an amazing community today. Please enjoy your stay @DaHzxrd! There are a lot of resources on this forum which I recommend if you want to know as much as you can then I would definitely start there! However if you want to know more and cannot find what you are looking for then please don't hesitate to ask and I am sure anyone will delightfully answer to the best of their knowledge. 2 things I would love to know is; What are you most excited about in the game? What job/ career path will you take to be?  If you want easy access to the FAQ's you can just click on the links in my signature. Nice to meet you and once again welcome!
  3. Suggestion for Identity RPG

    First off, there will be no military because they have had enough of that from their mod they made on a military sim game. your point about them responding to "High priority calls" is what the S.W.A.T. is for and so no purpose for military. Also they already stated that there will be no military of any sort but obviously that don't mean you cannot form a company to act as a militia but with no military vehicles, uniforms or careers. I would suggest playing their mod on ArmA 3 if you want military things as because that caters for what you want in this game. Otherwise to my knowledge there is no real purpose of any sort to have the military in Identity.
  4. How will you solve this problem?

    That is a possibility but will increase it to the best amount that they feel will be enough which will be more than 300...
  5. Identity Dev Blog Update

  6. Retirement Home's

    It is a decent Idea, but people won't stay locked up in one place for long periods of time because it will be / get extremely boring after a time.
  7. Identity Dev Blog Update

    Not necessarily... @Trustvainer
  8. What about people that deathmatch?

    When one dies, they lose only items on his/ her person. Also guns will be hard to acquire / will be expensive and automatic weapons will be rare.
  9. Qualifications for Careers

    I would expect you to have to at least watch a short tutorial before getting qualifications on it.
  10. The town square module will be active until "Beta" is released and that is the same with the other 2 modules and you will be able to play on anyone you choose including hopping on each one.
  11. What about people that deathmatch?

    Can I ask, is there any valid reason in real life to shoot people if they are just going on with their daily life. I don't see that there is a valid reason in life to shoot others and so why would you need reasons here if people kill with no valid reasons IRL? In official servers there is no rules like RDM or NLR as really there are no rules in life on random deathmatching. I can tell you that there will be a system which stops mass killing I am sure in official servers but they are likely to be casual RP and not have rules other than no hacking, exploiting, glitching or any such cheating which give you a advantage over another person.
  12. Hackers

    That is what you get after so many posts.
  13. Signs On One's Property

    I like the idea of that but one cannot enter without permission but for the farms I guess but then people know your hiding something
  14. Two suggestions.

    The player base is to said to be able to have 1k+ players because of the new partnership, however, the devs will choose the amount that they feel is not too little or too much and is the best amount for the world of Identity.
  15. Oil Rigs?

    Well constructing won't be something, but if there is Oil in the game then there is a possibility of owning a Oil rig but there is nothing to say that is going to be in the game as far a I know.