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  1. core transport

    Hello everyone! The Core Transport Corporation is once again opening its door to applications. The following jobs have reopened so please message me using our application format found in the "Job Bank" section of the forums. Management roles available: [] Chief Financial Officer [] Chief Operations Officer [] Director of Operations [] Depot Manager You may apply via application or you can join our discord and apply through voice without the need of writing an application. 16+* Only for management roles please, all other roles are available from 14+ The CTC Team thanks you very much for reading and for your interest, we are seeking highly skilled people to be ready to work with us and our investors (Board of Directors) right after the games release to establish our public transport routs and arrange logistical deliveries and start up the service. Vehicles will be provided to current accepted drivers and currently our applications for Truck Drivers and Coach Drivers are CLOSED so please check back in the future. Feel free to join our discord for a chat even if you aren't interested in applying. Thank you all! Regards, CEO of CTC Astonair
  2. @Thejuiceman Hey! Thanks for following our thread and still sticking with us Appreciate the offer too!
  3. Hey bro when you getting back? I sent you an app via pm <3

    1. Air


      Hey, I'm back now and getting into my daily activities, just finished moving and getting into the rhythm of the new school :) 

  4. @Bella_B I'm not sure yet, i have discussed private limo hire before but i don't think were going to go to the further extent of offering private car services or rentals @WRUchamps If you would like to become a driver, we have an extensive explanation of the job on the Job Bank section of the Business forums, it includes a format to apply with, private message me it with your details
  5. JOB UPDATE - Co-CEO position is now re-opened and available for any possible candidates with management experience (16+ Age minimum)
  6. @Thejuiceman Awesome suggestions! Greatly detailed and well structured ideas - This will definitely be considered for implementation. if you'd like, contact me via message and we can talk Business. @RyanFrost Remain on topic please and no advertising @dramagold Thank you very much, i do my best to satisfy everyone! Have a good day!
  7. Should be something you can buy to customise your house, functional or not
  8. ||Core Transport - Information Update|| Logo now added! (1.0) More information added! Post updated! (2.0)
  9. core transport

    If anyone is seeking a job in C.T. then please refer to this Job Listing post, more positions are available to view on the Career's post but to view descriptions of specific jobs, this is the place to look. Just saying that in case i caused confusion Thank you.
  10. Lol, depends what kind of migration be it economic or cultural thankfully in my case its cultural, but i am literally Irish, i have only ever lived in Poland for 5 years while i'm 11 years in Ireland, and i don't get called an irish farmer
  11. @LionKingGamer We cant yet estimate the total wages for our drivers without having a full established financial plan before the game even starts, but we are aiming to pay better than others (if any) or default jobs.
  12. @LionKingGamer were still looking at possible routs, but we dont want to release them just yet, i asked a long time ago on Twitter and according to @Motown it isnt the final version of the map that we have seen, but there should be a feature in the game to plan routs and assign drivers with our assets to them as a transport Corporation.
  13. @TrueCrazyMan We havent really considered boats, we have a lot already on our development plan, so we don't want to take on too much, but perhaps plans could be made in the future once the game is released and we are more sure of our financial backing thank you for the suggestion!
  14. @LionKingGamer We would love to have you work for us, but unfortunately i don't think we will br letting our drivers design their assigned vehicles, as we will be doing that on our own initiative meaning paid adverts on the sides of our city buses but none on our future inter-city coach lines. but thank you for your imput.
  15. @BluePandaIta I'm glad you are considering Core Transport as a potential service provider i look forward to meeting and offering my services to you in-game! ~Air