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  2. Long
  3. You buy a game without even knowing it isnt out yet hahaha
  4. screenshot

    Are that phone cases or just the phones itself
  5. They have to fix this as soon as possible. It isn't that hard and it's destroying the forum.
  6. Why dont they just block links in titles
  7. Will there be motion blur in the game? And if yes could you please make an option to turn it off because it gives some people headaches.
  8. Crypto currencies are extremely variable and show no signs of steady growth. The price of bit coin crashes as much as it goes up. With stocvks, at least they are tied to a company that will in theory, increase in value over time. Crytpo currencies aren't investments. It's gambling. I can see you know nothing about crypto man.
  9. Yeah stock sucks, just invest crypto man.
  10. Thats some normie shit REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
  11. There isn't a such thing as genders other then male or female, you mus be retarded to think that. It is very easy or you have a dick and are a man or you have a vagina and are a female.
  12. Genders other then male or female dont exist. You are living in a fantasy world.
  13. It was fun for like 20 games but then it got pretty repetetive and boring. It is just you go to somewhere in the middle of the circle and then you wait 15 minutes and then you move again.
  14. There will be a casino but it will not be run by a player