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  1. Casino

    Im pretty sure that a casino has already been confirmed by one of the devs.
  2. Contract system

    You should implement a feature to create contracts. This could be useful at a judgement to proof an agreement. My idea was that i can create a contract where i write everything in it and all of the conditions or i just hire a lawyer for creating a contract. Then i can sign it, give it to another player that he can read it and if he signs it too, both of us have a signed copy of it in their inventories. This would be good to prevent scam (for example a worker that isnt paid) and it could make the job as a businessman, lawyer or judge even more interesting. Thanks for reading. Feel free to like to show the devs that you like this idea too. ______________________________ @Paratus @Motown
  3. In my opinion, a governor term of 4 weeks would be the best.
  4. Dont make the map bigger

    Please dont make the map bigger only because of SpatialOS. I've been very glad to hear that identity can handle probably thousands of players on one server but I think a map size of 200 square km is perfect for 500-2000 players and it should not be bigger than that because if you make the map too big it would need too long to find other players and that would be boring. Specially in the cities it's important to have a very high player density to give us the feeling to be in a big city and to make much roleplay with many people taking part.
  5. It is only sure, that your ingame-friendlist will be transfered from the townsquare module.
  6. Why do you offend me? You misread my post and I clarified it. There's no sense to make a dispute.
  7. When exactly are you streaming? If it's on evening I'm going to join.
  8. A few Q's about starting!

    In the townsquare module you will have a small appartment. In the full game you will start in a hotel and after, you live on the streets until you can afford a house/appartment.
  9. Will it be possible to work for the Union Bank? For example as a salesman who is offering people loans?
  10. Website Ranks?

    You have one rank for your reputation (likes on your posts) and one rank for the amount of posts you have.
  11. Creating companies

    Option 2 is right. But you don't even need to create a thread. You can just wait for release and create your company ingame. But many people make a post for their company to find employees and customers early.
  12. I'm pretty sure Townsquare is released next month because of a post from @Motown on discord.