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  1. Map end

    You too.
  2. Map end

  3. Real Life

    Gas stations will be in the game as a way to get gas but they will be npc controlled. As for your other question, read the FAQ    
  4. Townsquare module

    20 minutes.
  5. I mean products that people sell
  6. Maybe there could be a donate option for content creators. Content is still free but some people may want to give a little tip for high quality content.
  7. The Auto Gallery ®

    I was under the impression that you couldn't own a car dealership. But perhaps you can sell cars under the rug.
  8. Purchasing with prepaid cards

    If they work as debit and credit cards online, then they should also work in physical stores where you can use the same. I would ask the attendants that work at the store where you're getting a prepaid card from if they can be used like credit cards, because that's the only other way you're going to get a definitive answer.
  9. Purchasing with prepaid cards

    If you can use these cards on any other website store, then I don't see why it would decline it. In worst case scenario, you can still use your prepaid card for other purchases right?
  10. Purchasing with prepaid cards

    Yes, we have these in my country too and they also don't require a bank account.  If it has a credit/debit card logo on it, it should work. Does it? If so, try it, can't hurt. Unless you already have.
  11. Purchasing with prepaid cards

    As long as it's a prepaid debit card, it shouldn't matter, they behave the same way. If it has a visa, mastercard, etc logo on it then it is the same.
  12. Purchasing with prepaid cards

    Yes, but there is "Or Pay with debit/credit card" option below where you would login to Paypal.
  13. Purchasing with prepaid cards

    You should be able to use a prepaid card. There is a pay with debit/credit card option when you go to buy a package. Prepaid cards act like normal credit/debit cards. No need to make a Paypal account. Unless I'm misunderstanding this, which I oft do.
  14. Purchasing with prepaid cards

    I purchased mine with my debit card, has it changed recently?
  15. Admins are gods, so a lot.