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  1. 89

    Watch it move to 99% and then sit there for a month.
  2. No. Only the full release of the game after beta will be on steam
  3. Male/Female in Identity

    I would play a female but due to the fact that I don't have a female voice and voice chatting is going to be used, I have no choice but to play as a male.
  4. Beta??

    No, people that pledge more money are not deserving of the extra benefits that the lesser people get.
  5. Gas Stations?

  6. Payment

    a money of having is best of for buy of game the identity
  7. Competition For Identity

    Your reply is nonsensical, or at best, non related to the main topic of this thread.
  8. Module access will be considered ALPHA testing. This will be will released sometimes around April of this year.
  9. Consoles?

    I almost wish we were able to downvote posts here.
  10. Competition For Identity

    Nice clickbait article. I like how that article says the PC version of GTA 5 isn't out yet, yet it has been out for a long time. It's not an old article either, 11 hours ago.
  11. Scam?

    To me, it seems like they should get everything from the previous pledge, or at least an upgraded version of it. I wouldn't trade a car for a dirt bike. Maybe a nicer motorcycle.
  12. Scam?

    I wouldn't say it's a scam but it does seem odd.
  13. Grove street easter egg

    I'm getting the obscure feeling that you're not a fan of Rockstar.
  14. Dinner Parties & Adult Entertainment

    Yeah but that's a sims thing and they roll around like rabid dogs on crack. Not really something that would do well in a more realistic game.