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  1. Voice Changer?

    I'm wondering if a voice changer will playback the voice on the receiving parties end in real time or if we have to record first, then play it? Can I just speak into the mic and it will automatically be different?
  2. Release

    I wouldn't even say they do. 
  3. Full Game?

    no, all the way to the full release of the game. when they're out of beta and releasing on time. 
  4. Pay with Paysafecard as Guest ?

    I would purchase a prepaid debit card and use that.

    No cherry poptarts, so i chose none.  
  6. roleplaying games thats free?

    I heard there was this weird game one can play for no charge, other than in game items and services. Though these seem to only enhance the gameplay. Food and sleep is required to continue playing as well as water and protection from the elements. It apparently has a sophisticated weather and ecological system and the four seasons are present. You are able to live at any point in the known habitable world and every area on Earth is programmed. You are able to get a job, though depending on how your character is designed, and their skills and location, it can be more difficult to obtain.   I believe the game is simply called Life. 
  7. Voice Changer?

    I was not pissy with you, otherwise my words would be more aggressive. Perhaps I misunderstood you though. I was under the impression that you were telling others to not use a voice changing program.
  8. Voice Changer?

    Thank you for your permission lol.
  9. Voice Changer?

    They have made no statement saying they will disallow it.
  10. Nope, it was in the form of an inquiry.
  11. Who is saying this exactly?
  12. Voice Changer?

    Some people want roleplay as a different person that has a different voice. You don't get to dictate this, sorry. 
  13. Did my account get deleted?

    Your forum account and the account you made to make the donation are separate.
  14. Voice Changer?

    How well does it do in regards to simulating a specific sex's voice type?
  15. Robbery

    "Please help! This guy won't let me rob him!"