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  1. Trolls/RDMs/ETC

    Seems like this could have been avoided if the link to this thread was simply posted. It's fine to teach others about the search function, but if you know of a thread that has the information that is being seeked, it's not illegal to post it.
  2. Trolls/RDMs/ETC

    What about self defense that results in killing the other? How will that be settled? The in game court system?
  3. Dying

    I believe that you will have a choice to respawn back at your residence or wait to be revived by paramedics.
  4. Pizza Delivery?

    Count me in for pizza delivery, I enjoy pizza and would love to share that happiness with others.
  5. It would be neat if we could drop our trash on the ground. Give people a reason to hate us.
  6. Innovative Npcs

    I thought it might be nice if you're offline then your character would walk around as an NPC or something. But that might not work out so well if they get killed and take your shit while you're not there to defend yourself.
  7. Apartment/Housing Customization Video

    That bed looks extremely comfortable. I wonder if there will be different levels of quality in comfortableness and effects on the player. That seems like an expensive bed, probably can't afford something like that right off unless you have the starting game cash for it.
  8. Opinions!

    I'm excited for it. Though I'm trying to keep reasonable expectations for it and not get my hopes up incase it doesn't live up to most people's. 
  9. Are we hyped guys?

    I'm using something similar to my real name but slightly different. 
  10. Stolen/Broken Cars

    You wouldn't repo a vehicle just for non-payment on insurance, just revoke the coverage and then you'll be flagged as driving without insurance when stopped by cops.
  11. 2 Game changing Ideas

    I was going to hide it under the pile of dirty/clean laundry on my bedroom floor.
  12. 2 Game changing Ideas

    Seems like even if break ins could happen, and being able to hide valuables in vents were an option, that would be one of the high priority places one would check first seeing how that would be a known feature. I would rather just have a personal safe that would be hard to break into, and impossible to remove from the premises, that I could hide myself.
  13. Text-to-speech

    There was also TTS in a game called Velvet Sundown, which has since been removed from the game. It was used a bit more seriously than Moonbase Alpha's TTS but still used for silly stuff and trolling. Though to be fair, those games weren't nearly as extensive as this game will be and playing with the TTS was about the most fun you could have in those games. I'm not totally against TTS being a feature that's only used seldomly. I would only be against players using it for trolling. Playing the game with a microphone would be tons better and I would highly recommend it. Also for times when voice speech is not effective, you can always just text the person on your phone or move to a more quiet area. Just like in real life. Or just yell and piss off your real life roommates. Some limitations like this will make the game more interesting and immersive in my opinion. Maybe if whatever reason you don't have a microphone, you can roleplay as a mute. Roleplay is the keyword here, if you have a limitation in the game, use it for roleplay purposes.  
  14. Life is Strange

    Beyond two souls, and anything else by quantic dream. The walking dead, Oxenfree, Dreamfall Chapters. Just to name a few.
  15. I've done a bit of digging around the job forums and couldn't find much related to this, but if there is a topic please direct me to it. I understand you'll be able to do things like deliver pizza, and that some stuff will not be player controlled. But what I want to know is if there's going to be many entry level positions that can't be considered a specialist job, like police or repairman. Can we do anything within the stores or other simple places and work up from the bottom? I really do just want a simple life and I'm not really looking into high yielding careers. I want to just live as a simple civilian doing a simple job. Again, sorry if this has already been addressed clearly, I just couldn't find much information about this other than some jobs will be npc controlled like banks and such.