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  1. This Month "dev blog"?

    Get over it, thats all you get when a game of this magnitude isn't finished yet. Quit being a baby and wait.
  2. Classic Thread locking

    Whoever is creating threads pointlessly instead of PMing mods/admins stop it.
  3. I hope it would be optional to receive it if this does happen. I want to start from the bottom, as the character I plan to create depends on it.
  4. Can i make a business called Gucci?

    Yes, but why would you not want to make your own brand and make clothing similar to Gucci's?

    Are you on drugs?
  6. Chess Tournaments

    Count me in.
  7. i mean, what's wrong with waiting for however long it takes? just go on with your life and check it after it comes out. you're not sacrificing anything by waiting for a game to release.
  8. Supreme Identity now hiring!

  9. Traffic Cop

    Traffic cops don't actually have quotas, that's just a myth. Cops and traffic laws are a thing in the game so you will get to do that, but I'm not sure to what extent it goes to such as parking violations.
  10. This Is What People Were Talking About

    It seems funny that people are ignoring the fact they are going to be playing an ALPHA version of the game when playing the modules.
  11. Congratiolations! 1.000.000$

    I'm curious if that number is before or after all the refunds.
  12. Offline Tutorial

    it's possible that the hotel room at the start would provide that kind of opportunity.
  13. this is what's going to turn this game into vaporware.