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  1. Offline Tutorial

    it's possible that the hotel room at the start would provide that kind of opportunity.
  2. Origin is for EA games, so no idea why it would be sold there. Definitely Steam.
  3. Actually its the date when the first module is released. Beta wont be until after all modules are released.
  4. purchasing founder package

  5. Not receiving any emails except notifications

    @Paratus I have just checked on the main site and the email is updated there too. I also have the receive identity emails ticked as well. I just now linked the two accounts together, not sure if that will do anything.
  6. Not receiving any emails except notifications

    @Paratus @HairyGrenade
  7. Not receiving any emails except notifications

    I have. I changed emails a while back and haven't received anything on the new email address. My old one shows the last dev blog update email from March and nothing since then.
  8. I have yet to receive any email with news, updates or dev blogs. I receive PM's and other notifications just fine. I have checked that I have emails enabled in settings. I just don't want to miss anything especially seeing that the new module will be out soon.
  9. Right, but what happens to the character? They just stay there until no one is around?
  10. I had this random thought while sitting on the toilet. While it does make sense that it would break immersion for them to just pop out of existence like a bubble, it doesn't make sense to only be able to disconnect when you're not around people. What if the game crashes or your PC explodes? I thought about a solution that may or may not work is for your character to walk into the nearest building and despawn there, without the people inside that building seeing you come in. Or if they're inside a building at the time, then walk out of it. A lot of other games with NPCs work this way to despawn.
  11. My Suggestions

    roleplay? you could hear it cut on and off.
  12. This won't be a very immersive career when there's not going to be any sexual relations in the game. Otherwise I'd definitely be up for it.
  13. You hope they're not going to do better than IMVU animations?
  14. I'd like to think they're going to do better than IMVU animations.