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  1. I guess the dev blogs, live streams and social media accounts are all illusions then.
  2. Logging In

    http://www.identityrpg.com/community/register/ - this was at the top corner of the page. Just like every other forum site. 
  3. Logging In

    You posted on the forums, therefore you have a forum account.
  4. Age limit?

    18+  But we already have confirmed 12 year olds that will probably lie about their age when the time comes.
  5. Payment other then creditcard?

    Paypal is accepted.
  6. Voice Changer?

    You wouldn't happen to know what that kind of headset is called would you? And I don't either, but I wouldn't want to deal with recording either.
  7. I Need Your Help

    I dont see why, if you're going to make original creations, you might as well make the brand yours. Otherwise it's like putting someone else's name on your creative work. 
  8. I Need Your Help

    I'd much rather see original brands and creations in the game than ones that already exist. 
  9. Question

    Common issue with forums. Often from people clicking submit more than once thereby creating a  duplicate thread. 
  10. Modding ! :D

    I suppose if you don't want to play with mods on a server, you could just not join that server.
  11. Voice Changer?

    I'm wondering if a voice changer will playback the voice on the receiving parties end in real time or if we have to record first, then play it? Can I just speak into the mic and it will automatically be different?
  12. Release

    I wouldn't even say they do. 
  13. Full Game?

    no, all the way to the full release of the game. when they're out of beta and releasing on time. 
  14. Pay with Paysafecard as Guest ?

    I would purchase a prepaid debit card and use that.

    No cherry poptarts, so i chose none.