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  1. SCUM the next step in gaming will be terrible? I don't think it will...The people who made Pubg can't even make their bullet physics consistent, driving cars is horrible! I feel like there is an invisible 3 year old boy's arm behind the vehicles pushing me along, crashing into the dumbest things...Like the ground because it meets at too sharp an angle and it stops you dead, and possibly even kills you, if you were going fast enough. If Pubg, which actually is terrible, but people still played it made it way more popular than it deserved. People on PC for some reason wont buy a subscription service, they rather deal with cheaters and broken services...But pump out some skins for weapons, or clothes for a player's character...and people will spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars for skins! But won't pay 6.99 for a subscription service to get rid of think im gonna start taking anything PC people say with a grain of salt...You guys, for the most part, have not a damn clue what's good or not lol
  2. I would also throw in, on top of what's already been said, how you want the game to look is gonna have impact on what kinda specs this game will require. For me, I didn't jump into PC gaming to play games at the same graphical level as a console, though for others the graphics aren't as important. I would say at least 8-16GB of memory, and the Gpu depending on your preference. When they say if you can run GTA V, Arma 3, and Ark...there are quite a few different settings for those games. And the same specs won't work for all settings unless it's high end of course... Take me for example... I bought a PC specifically so I could pledge and play Identity when it comes out. Now if I had done more research and waited a bit longer, I would have found out how different the specs required can vary from preference to preference. Are graphics, 1080p, 1440p, or 2160p more important to you? Or is FPS 60fps, 120fps, or 144fps more important to you? I can tell you from experience, when people say if you can run GTA, Arma, Ark you should be able to run Identity is very confusing, for me at least. I have a really good PC and it's still not good enough to run games I want in 4k @60fps I can run every game in 4k but not at 60fps consistently. If people would have told me PC gaming specs are sort of not very specfifc I would have learned more and I would have waited for the 1080ti to come out, it released 3 weeks after I got my gpu. Now I already need to upgrade my 1 year old gpu because the "master race" isn't very efficient at describing what requirements might be for some games depending on the setting you want to use. Honestly, there should be setting for each resolution... Like minimum, recommended, and optimal specs for 1080p...Minimum, recommended, and optimal for 1440p...Minimum, recommended, and optimal for 2160p. The system I got is only because I relied on other people to tell me what I would need for a PC for 4K, and you should never listen to people whose job it is to sell you the most expensive products they have, and not actually get you what you're looking for, or what you need. I needed to wait for a better gpu, but then he wouldn't make a sale that day. So he told me a 1080SC would play games in 4k no problem...and he made his sale. Had I known or found someone who actually cared about the customer and what I wanted, then I woulda gotten a 1080ti a month later. You could say if you run GTA, Arma, and Ark at you preferred settings Identity probably won't require much more that that. If you can run those games but they don't look as good as you want them, then I'd say it's time to upgrade something. I'm sure the required specs for the modules won't be nearly as high as the specs for the full game, when it releases years down the road. There are so many different specs you can use and settings you can adjust they really need to be more specific with PC games and the types of specs. With what they have now 1080p, 1440p, 2160p there needs to be a better, more specific spec requirements list...I mean this is the PC "Master Race" from all the bragging I hear. Yet instead of easier, things are 10 times as complicated. Gaming on console was always 4+4=8 on PC it seems to me it's more like 1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1=8. There are so many component configurations yet spec requirements are so limited...minimum and recommended is all I've seen. But that's my personal experience being on PC for the last year. I'm not a fanboy anymore. I play any platform that has great games. I don't hold a torch for any specific platform because they hold no torch for our die hard loyalty. Trust me people can be extremely loyal to their platforms. I've seen people fist fight over platform loyalty...*Facepalm* I want better games, not games I played 10-20 years ago on a console, so for me I will stay on PC till I get a 4k console. Remember...for them it's business for us it's about gaming.
  3. Game being delayed? We shouldn't complain

    I think people are forgetting to take some major factors into account...This is their first game...Yes they've made some mistakes, as WE ALL DO. I really can't believe ppl are this critical, especially since Identity plans to be on a scale that's never been attempted before. Imagine, if you will, you start doing a project that you've been dreaming of, you set a deadline for yourself because things are moving along nicely and you would like to keep the people supporting in the loop. Then something unexpected happens and your deadline is missed...Now, you're upset yourself, disappointed that something out of your control happened, that couldn't be foreseen necessarily. But some people start giving you crap...You're already beating yourself up, like they could be any harder than we usually are on ourselves. Why is it that it actually takes Rockstar YEARS to make a game that's only life as a criminal, no one complaining to them... I don't understand how ppl can honestly sit here and criticize a team for trying to make one of the most ambitious games to date, as their very first game! Rockstar has taken 7 or so years to make RDR2, and that's just life in the old west as a outlaw(criminal) cowboy. But somehow some of us expect a less seasoned team, with much less resources and man power to finish a game that's many times the size of games that have taken Rockstar ACTUAL YEARS to make them...RDR2 is gonna be out in the fall, and we've only just started getting videos on it! It might not even be for PC as they never released the first one on PC. But let it take 2 years to make a module of one of the most complicated games I've ever heard that can truly distinguish PC gaming from other platforms...and people are complaining it's take YEARS! lol it's been 2...I honestly see this game going into development hell, simply because so many people have no understanding of what goes into making a game like Identity. I don't get why people call this the "mater race" people don't want to pay for subscription services, so cheater's run rampant, but release a stupid skin for your avatar or weapons, and people will shell out hundreds, and more, for that. I paid so much money for this rig, and yet most of the games I have are all the ones played on consoles anyway, there aren't very many games out there that utilize the potential that comes with all the money we spend on these way over priced components...I don't think people would pay Lamborghini money for their car if it was slightly better than a Honda. Why does my $650 gpu barely outplay, and certainly not by itself, a $500 console? Why do we pay so much for these components and they aren't even optimized...? How is it that a $500 system can play games in 4k with so much less than what a PC needs to run 4k? I don't feel like no "mater race" I feel like I joined the "sucker race". You wanna play games at a slightly better than a $500 console, then spend 2 grand on a PC...When we actually get developer's to try and utilize all that potential PC has to offer a game like Identity, it's actually held back by the very people who supposedly want to see it come to life...I spent $15-30 bucks where is my genre defining game!?!? It's taking too long it's been YEARS! lol Welcome to the "master Race" Seems more like all those that call it the "master race" just do so to try and convince themselves they aren't idiots for spending that kinda of money to game on a PC. This is just my perspective from gaming on PC for barely more than a year so far...90% of my games on PC I've already played on console. Simulators, old ass type games I played on 2d consoles, and a plethora of games, that I can't believe are actually games, that are played in 2018 on the "master race" platform, seem to be what set pc gaming apart from console...Atleast until games like Identity can start to take hold and gain some traction and support from their "master race". lmao "mater race" don't make me laugh. I feel like an idiot spending what I spent on this rig and have been plagued by so many more problems than I EVER had to deal with in 30+ years of console gaming... Ok, let the hate begin...
  4. This Month "dev blog"?

    Why are people so understanding??? OMG, No you did NOT forget...HOW DARE YOU forget...It's inhuman...I backed a developer on a small team and they NEVER forgot to update their anything, EVER! Btw that was all sarcasm...You guys keep it up, don't mind the cry babies, they need to cry about something to feel important. Most of us understand and are rooting for you guys. Less time wasted fending off attacks on the forum's might make this process easier...People do realize that there isn't a deadline, other than the ones they set for themselves? Why would anyone think that we can be any more hard on them than they are already on themselves when something don't goes right. I know I've been there, and I notice gamer's don't show much empathy these fact unless it's them who are in trouble, and want your understanding for what they are going thru, that concept often doesn't go both ways.
  5. Game is a scam?

    So this game you're backing must be close to the same size and scale as Identity, otherwise to compare it to Identity would be silly. Thank you so much for making my point...To me that's a few weeks NOT working on the game, to make video's, just so you can feel more secure about investing in Identity...Please...tell me what game your working on...I really need to see what you are comparing this game too. I backed a game too that had a nice size of it's game ready for the kickstarter...Does that mean that Identity shoulda had something playable for their kickstarter...Although I'm sure they would have LOVED to be able to do that. But this is a very ambitious game even for a developer like Rockstar to undertake... How long do you think it would take Rockstar to make a game of this scale? I'd say atleast 10+ years, and we wouldn't hear SQUAT about it for quite a few of those years, to say the least. I feel it's completely unreasonable to push this team...Either give them the space they need and they help to make a game that can truly set apart PC gaming from anything else. Or...don't back it. But you guys need to stop planting your seeds of doubt! It isn't helping anything... For someone who develops games, I'm not sure I buy that honestly, You don't seem very empathetic. Like the other gentleman that @ShiEksdee who seemed to know exactly what he was talking about, and didn't judge them based on what other teams have done.
  6. Game is a scam?

    I must admit being a "PC Gamer" is kind of a let down from all the hype I've heard from ppl over the years...I seen so many games, playing on consoles and now PC for a year, go for $60 and not even come close to the scale this game aims to be. I've seen people say $45 is too much!?!?!? WHAT?! How many games have sold for $60 years after they were released. I don't understand why it's so hard for people to understand how massive Identity actually plans to be, with enough support from us, and how early in the process we are...I see some of the moderator's tell others that they are shooting for 2020-2021 release...GOD I hope NOT! No game has ever been made on a scale like this and it takes years to make games a fraction of this size, from more established, fully funded, veteran developers. With many MANY years of experience making games just LIKE it, though they get better and better with every iteration. Asylum making Identity would be like Rockstar making GTA 7 or 8 as it's first game...Red Dead Redemption 2 has already taken 7+ years, and that's from a well established developer, that didn't have to wait for more developer's or funding. If we expect Identity to be the game it can be...Then this team, in it's current size, will need more time than that 20-21 release date, and so much more funding. I can't understand how people actually expect a smaller, newer, less seasoned company to make a game in scale like Identity, and do it in less time, with lot less money. Than an experienced developer with a solid foothold in the industry, and with how many games under it's belt?...come on people let's be realistic...If we can't start acting like gaming enthusiasts, I don't really see many games becoming the games that can really set PC gaming apart from any other platform...unless of course they already have everything they need. Asylum is basically skipping years and years of development making smaller games to jump to their piece de resistance. The ONLY way this happens, is if we believe in their vision, and give them the support they need thru us banding together as gamer's and telling the industry the games WE want to play! We aren't gonna get better games, than the games going for $60, if we keep hearing games shouldn't cost X amount on a platform that's supposed to be for gaming enthusiasts.
  7. Town Square Video Preview

  8. Town Square Video Preview

    So, the TV's can play real Twitch streamers...I thought I heard something about all major Twitch streamers will be able to be found on the TV's in Identity. Will you also support You Tube streamers, and I really hope it's not just "major" streamers, that will be shown. Anyone who streams this game should be able to be seen. It shouldn't be reserved for only those with lots of viewers...
  9. You'd think that we'd see more gameplay

    That's is probably the most ignorant statement I've heard so far on these forum's. And I can see exactly why PC games suffer...because of "gamer's" like you, that seem to think your entitled to tell other people how to do their job. Well let's examine that...cause yea releasing imperfect alpha's and beta's, guarantee's your game will get made...Go back to school and learn how business actually works. With as many impatient, self entitled, and arrogant kids these days who game on PC, but should be on console with your lint pockets and feelings of entitlement. Yea good idea! Let them release something just so you cry babies can shut up about it...then all the geniuses, that judge a game and tell others it's not worth what they charge, and don't recommend to others... blah blah blah and any other ignorant crap that comes out of your guys mouths for no reason...Dude seriously...take your pocket lint and invest in something like NO Man's Sky, I heard that games screwed so many ppl over, that's all I heard about for 6 months, when I got on PC and pledged this game. "This gonna be another No Man's Sky"...I seen somewhere that No Man's Sky is now being made for Xbox, and the PC version is starting to get to where they hoped it would., and its still mostly negative reviews, ROFLMAOPMP. You can't make massive PC games with console game money... You clowns have no idea how these things actually work. You get games like GTA and Wticher 3 and so many others...How long you think these games take to make with a BLANK CHECK and LOTS of MAN POWER? You must've made a bigger game by yourself, if you are TELLIN THEM how they should be doing things...I pledged $250, I'm not making demands! So are plenty of ppl who are actually trying to help this get made. Cause I actually wanna see a game like this come to life, that can really distinguish PC gaming from console. But not with the support it would get from a bunch of spoiled children. No Man's Sky has mostly negative reviews...Yet it's gotten enough support that it finally got past doubt phase, and looks like it starting to take the shape it was meant to...Which I can almost guarantee, wouldn't have take this long if ppl would treat EA like it should be, and show (here comes a big word) SUPPORT! You don't take the foundation of a game and pick apart what's wrong with it. You make sugestions and find bugs to help game development, not sabotage it...If the idea of the game is bad like some of these hundreds of thousands of the dumbest games I've ever seen on PC that actually become games...then you don't recommend... So what Star Citizen did this and that...good for them. This ain't Star Citizen...You haven't even pledged support, and yet you stand here acting holier than now, and are trying to dictate how something should be made, because of how something else was made??? You know what's a horrible practice...Acting like you have god damn clue one about what your even talking about...Your not a game developer...THANK GOD...I really don't see how you can tell other people how to run their business...Your about as ignorant as PC gamer's come, Please don't pledge, take your ignorance somewhere else and "help" them. I think I hear Star Citizen calling your name...I say thank god games like GTA and Witcher 3 don't have to rely on ppl like you to get made...It's honestly pretty damn sad that PC games suffer BECAUSE OF THE GAMER's. Not the developer's. Somehow you expect a SMALL team with no funding of their own to pull off a game that's literally many games bigger than games like GTA?! GTA took hundred's of millions of dollars and probably hundreds of thousands of man hours. Yea let's make them stop making the god damn game, so they can appease ppl like you, Those things take money too, Einstein. They are also changing things around because the earlier you back them, the better the reward...I personally feel like you cheap #$%&'s getting $1000 game dollars for barely paying what games like GTA are worth, let alone a game like this, are getting more than they deserve. To me how is giving ppl who gave $60 for support(Essentially just a Pre-Order)1000 in game cash fair. When ppl who gave 4 times as much, not to pre-order but actually HELP development. It feels like a slap in the face to me that someone who gives barely what a game like this is worth, gets 1k less than someone who give 4 times as much as the game would sell for at retail...To me I feel under appreciated. I think they should have done things differently with the in game cash rewards for backers...but I'm not making the game am I. I would just kick ppl like you out, give you your money, since your "pledge" doesn't make up for the negative attention you bring to the game, scaring potential supporters away. I backed another game that had a playable game during the Kickstarter. Does that mean everyone should do the same thing that makes a game? If this was being made by a major developer, then we would get the base game and all the rest of the careers/jobs would be sold to us as DLC later on, so get off your high horse. Since when the hell is not giving players access to the earlier version of the game, BETA and ALPHA, and making packages more expensive, after they've taken place...horrible practice? You help fund them early you get a bit more than someone who waited...this is common practice...The modules are something they WANTED to do for us BACKER's, not whiners, and was NOT required. This is for those who help get the foundation of the game past the module portion of development... Go check out the Atlas Life servers on Arma. If I'm not mistaken, they did their thing on there and had enough ppl, so they were like Yo, let's try and make this a actual game and not just a modded server. They could easily get outside fudning and give up certain artistic freedom's because investor's care about money. But we are supposed to be gamer's that want this game to come to life, and still we get ppl like you. This game is unlike any to come before it...yet you're saying that they should do things like other games...because you're simple and want it that way...You guys are really starting to piss me off. Cause honestly the ONLY reason this game doesn't get made is cause of people like you!
  10. You'd think that we'd see more gameplay

    People wonder why PC games suffer lol...If they get the funding it will be a reality. If gamer's don't support it, unless they get outside help from a major developer, or investor. This will's not so much about blind faith as saying this is a game I want to be a reality. If GTA can do as good as it's done, as long as we help it get on it's feet...Why wouldn't Identity be a fantastic game that redefine's what gaming on PC can be like! I can only imagine how bad GTA woulda done if it was dependent on gamer's like that to get made.
  11. You'd think that we'd see more gameplay

    They have Truck Driving Simulator, Police Simulator, Fire & Emt Simulator, Court Simulator, Government Simulator, Hunter Simulator, Drug Simulator...etc. You can buy or rent ANY residential property on the ENTIRE MAP. You can design your own clothing line, and open a store to sell it, or sell to stores to sell in their shops. You can write your own books, be an artist, or play an instrument. The possibilities are endless...People eat up these simulator games on PC. This is massive compared to any other single simulator out there that I've seen. So yea let's start bitching that it's been 2 years..."all these years" lol
  12. You'd think that we'd see more gameplay

    WTF? If they pull Identity off, and make it what we all hope it can be...I think it could be bigger than GTA. Then yea they will get bigger but that isn't where they are right now...They didnt go from garage to microsoft in one day there, kiler. Why is everyone comparing these guys to other companies or what other companies do...I'm sure that ppl have seen those games that are released early for backers, and also get hammered in reviews cause people have no concept of how Early Access works. How many reviews on EA do you see, in it's current state I won't recommend it, till it's better and fixed...which completely defeats the PURPOSE of EA!
  13. You'd think that we'd see more gameplay

    Me too, and if (we) all of us that did can sit here and be patient then I think these spoiled brats can do the same...
  14. You'd think that we'd see more gameplay

    Just wondering how many of you got the higher than $15-30 package? "After All These Years" All what years, it's barely been 2 years, since they got out of Kickstarter...I took Rockstar how long to make GTA V Red Dead Redemption2? Did we get to play them early? Man you guys are making a lot of assumptions about how things, that you aren't doing, should be done. WTF is 1.2 millions dollars? Wtih a game of this scale...This game is literally like so many versions of GTA. GTa is just criminal life, this is so much more...How long did YOUR genre defining game take to make? I agree with how they've gone about certain things...but it's not ours to make dictations about how they should do things... So basically, you guys are saying that every game should be done the same way? We all have opinions on how things should've been done. Then again, we don't make games we play them, so how would you like them to tell you how to do your job. Seriously what the hell is 1.2 million gonna do? That was just to get started. You guys seem to forget they are doing things in this one game, that are literally many LONE simulator games! A game like this hasn't been done before so how long should that take exactly? Since building games is what you guys do, since you have all the answers, pull up a chair and offer those professional services since you can get it done faster. I am also sick of ppl complaining who threw in the least amount of "help". If you didnt pledge more than the cost of GTA, then I don't personally care what you think. This game should take YEARS to make. Yes, I would like to see more than a scripted gameplay trailer, be more kept in the loop for giving them $250 of my hard earned money. But as it's not my game, it's not mine to make those calls. SO I wait, jsut like everyone else. I have my gripes, and ideas of how things could be done better to keep us in the loop, and trust me I would love to not be the only one trying to cull the rampant doubters, and disbeliever's. I think its' actually kinda ignorant to think that a game this massive is gonna go anywhere with 1.2 million, and all the nay sayer's and doubters talking about what these Dev's aren't doing right. These companies like RockStar PAY ppl to test their games. We are paying them to test it and help support it, as they are not as established as RockStar, and couldn't make this without our help. That doesn't mean that we can demand they do things they way we see fit...
  15. You'd think that we'd see more gameplay

    Do you guys not grasp the concept of crowdfunded games...If they get the SUPPORT, key word SUPPORT, from their player base...That's they get made, if they don't then they don't. Unless they get outside help and usually give up some artistic freedom's. Why do i keep hearing ppl complain about how long it's taking...when how long it's taking is relevant to how much support it gets. I've said this before and I'll say it again, unfortunately scam developer's make it bad for good developer's, but PC gamer's ruin the games that can really distinguish PC gaming, they don't suffer from console games. They suffer from cheap and impatient gamer's. but this game is massive in it's scale. GTA is just life as a criminal. This is like so many simulator games in one game... How long should it take a very small developer team, dependent on funding from it's player base, to make? Since two years(if that) and ppl are ready to jump ship. How long did it take you to make your game that was this big? Look how many years it took them to make GTA with tons of employee's and a blank check. They charge $60 for just criminal life, plus the grind of GTA money required to buy the crazy over priced items...or you buy shark cards. Look how long it took the make Red Dead Redemption 2 it's been 8 YEARS! For a Criminal life in the old guys need to be a lil more realistic...with ppl doubting it and pulling backing it won't get made...if they get the money why would they not want to make the game?! LMAO Look how big GTA is, if they do this right, this could be a game changer. I got money in this game, I jumped onto PC gaming because I wanted this game so bad. You aren't the only ones waiting...Show some patience & maturity instead of acting like spoiled children. If it was me making this game and I had ppl accusing our hard work as a scam, and my wanting to make sure we give ppl a great game that will live up to the potential, not worth their money because it's taking too long. I'd say here you go...don't let the door hit you on the way out and take your money & negativity with you. This is why I wouldn't make a good developer...but it's gotta be kinda hurtful and insulting to have the very people your trying to give a really awesome and new experience, tell you they don't trust you. Whine about your hard work being not worth the time you have to take to make something of the sheer scale AND to do it with limited resources and man power. Imagine if you wanted to make your dream game, and then it didn't get off the ground because of the skeptics that took money back or else where and cast doubt on your project. You think anyone who put in any fraction of money, compared to the blood sweat and tears, countless hours and money of your own that was poured in, could be more upset than you watching your dream game crumble around you. Only way this game won't come out it's cause PC gamer's don't get behind it enough. Granted a bit more transparency and game play would be appreciated. But you want them splicing videos together or making a game on a scale bigger than anything to date yet. I honestly didn't even like the game play footage as it seemed scripted and not natural...So maybe they stick with developer and get someone else to do the trailer's when(finger's crossed) they get far enough into development. I can only imagine what kind of game GTA wouldn't have been if it was funded from it's player base lol.