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  1. Http:// This is the only thing that popped up. I can't find the URL with a poopload of #'s. I only got my PC in Mar. This is my 1st gaming rig. But to say I play ALOT is an understatement. Haven't touched my console since I got my PC. I play alot of Co-op. Not into the dick swinging contest gaming has become, I play for fun. I'm no better than anyone else.
  2. Do you feel better? Everyone out there knows your clever now. I haven't been on here in a bit but I pop in every now and again. And I bought a PC just because I wanted Identity. And dropped way more than the bare minimum, to do my part to help it along, and you don't see me smacking at the lips about wanting to be in the loop. Dude for real? lol they are still building the modules...? The game isn't even close to finished and things can change before the end. But the few things they have told us can easily be found if you maybe pull your head OUT. And look around instead of spending all that extra time trying to be cute and clever...Bruv...You went out of your way, to come out the other side of your face, to make post saying, and I quote "Dev's refuse to communicate with the community. And It rubbed me the wrong way. So I figured if you can waste the space to be ignorant, and make it public...let me reciprocate. And Yea i'm sure responding more than a week after my reply post you did get "well informed". Did u feel like eminem sitting down at Dre's to write that nifty lil spin. I am flattered that you feel the need to respond to me, about "such trivial matters" as you say. But please don't go burning out brain cells on my account I'm sure that took alot out of you. You keep saying that the Dev's don't hold their exert your freedom you take your money back and go somewhere that tickles your fancy and the dev's answer and respond to your every whim. Trust me, I ain't worried, apparently you are tho. Yea I would like more too, there are people that aren't developers that put up thousands of dollars. THEY get a say...15-30bucks don't get you a seat at the table, you get to watch the table. And get infrequent posts. Just like me... who put in 250, alot for me, but not thousands of dollars. I'm not callin the dev's ever make a mistake...happened to me, once...What if this game gets cancelled? You think you would feel anywhere near as bad as the guys putting their life into this game. Don't be a Johnny come-lately with your 100 posts talking about the dev's refuse to communicate. You can't hear people talking to you, with your head buried so deep looking for those snappy lil comebacks.
  3. I really think it depends on what you wanna do when playing and how you want it to look. If you want to stream and play games in 1080p or even 1440p then you can run most games on ultra with a gtx 1080. If you want Streaming games while playing games in 4k, you have the required connection, and you have the pockets to match your tastes. A 1080ti (maybe even x2 in SLI) will suit your needs. I have a 1080 SC, i7-7700k @4.2Ghz, 16 GB DDR4 @2400MHz, 480Gb SSD, 2TB HDD, Asus Z270 Mobo. I got a 4k monitor, but be careful when shopping for monitors. There are two technologies called Free-Sync and G-sync and they are to help with Syncing your GPU and monitor for a smoother picture. G-Sync only works with GTX or NVidia graphics cards. Free-Sync only works with AMD graphics cards. Make sure no matter what you do. You get what makes YOU happy. I am glad I spent as much as I did. I have a good powerful PC and my games look amazing. 4K gaming awesome. Games look like movies now and I'll rarely go back to console, except for those exclusives you can't get on PC. I really think that as in depth, and massive, especially now with SpatialOS. Identity is gonna require a hefty system is you want to experience it, in all it's pc awesomeness. I can't run every game I have at full ultra settings with 4k. I have some games when I run them in 4k I can only get 45-50 which is more than enough, but 60 is just crisper. So I've been told a 1080ti will have that 11GB GDDR5 memory needed to give me the extra FPS needed. So eventually I'll sell my 1080 SC and get 2 1080ti in SLI then you'll be future proof for quite awhile. But if your coming to PC from console get a PC worth getting, IMO it makes no sense to get a low end pc cause I'm pretty sure 4k consoles run better games, than low end pc's. I played on console till I had enough to get the type of PC I wanted. It took me a long LONG time, but I finally got here. And oh, is it beautiful.
  4. What are you talking about?! LOL They have DISCUSSED this multiple times in different Q&A's on YouTube, Discord, and other places. Instead of making silly accusations, that are quite untrue, maybe you should do a little checking around the internet. Even on this forum here, as I'm sure it's been discussed, probably as much as the infamous "Will it be on console?" posts that kept popping up. If you own your own farm land then you can grow your own drugs, or you can find a plot, big enough in the wilderness, and hope no one comes along to take your stash while you wait for it to grow. There will be ways of making Meth in a mobile home or something in that sense, you have to park while your cookin' it up though. Can't be moving around the map and cooking Meth, unfortunately. I'm sure there will be ways of making all kinds of drugs. As far as HOW you make money, with your drugs after you get them ready for sale. They haven't delved too much into detail on anything yet. But I'd imagine you have to harvest your crop, process it to a marketable form, then make you illegal sale. But like any illegal activity, there will be law enforcement out there that can ruin your venture, and poop on your plan. There is a twitch channel that they have and do go on constantly, I'm sure they'll humor questions there as well. All we can do is hope that things come together smoothly.
  5. I believe it was @Paratus who said in one of his videos, that you can watch TV in your home and you could see people streaming Identity or listen to the radio and get real internet radio stations... I haven't heard anything since to tell us that has changed. I think that streamers will start to want money from every game they help. They are helping themselves already Plus, having thousands of viewers, isn't that like a symbiotic relationship between games and gamers, that both benefit from? If something were done, it should be a case by case thing.
  6. I would say to explore Identity every way you can. Try as many different paths as you can, is what I'd say is best. Soak all this awesome in. Cause Identity will be awesome. I am gonna play the hell out Identity when they release the modules and then the beta and game. I wanna check out every aspect I can possibly get into. Hell, all these games I bought in the last 3 months, and my PC, because I HAD to get in on Identity. So I have @Motown @Paratus, and Asylum to thank for giving me the incentive to make the jump to PC, and Loving every minute as I wait for modules then the game to release.
  7. Honestly, I don't get we keep saying, it's too early for there to be any specs, and then in the same breath, if you can run GTA V, Arma, Or Ark...We should be fine. Why not just spit out the specs required for those games, or maybe someone with knowledge on different spec requirements, give us an example list. For example minimum, recommended, and optimal specs. I know they haven't stated what the specs will be but, an actual example might help alot of ppl. I was one of those people that jumped on to PC just to be able to play Identity. When ur looking to buy a PC, "if you can run GTA V , Arma'll be fine" Ok what runs those games, and what level of grapical awesomeness would you like to experience. We get all these other speculations about the game. Modules were supposed to released, pushed back so more ppl can play on servers. Other things have changed as well. So why can't we get a spec requirement, with the notification,and that it may change in the future. I went way above my means to get a PC to be able to handle this game. It might help other people narrow down what they are looking for. Some people want optimal requirements not recommended or minimum. I'm honestly wondering what this games minimum, recommended and optimal specs will actually be. I jumped to PC because I want as much PC goodness as I can get. I play most of my games on 4k with ultra to high settings. BeamNG.Drive has some simulation like car physics, which Identity will also have on a more massive scale. Now I put like maybe 12 cars on the same level. JUST 12 and my frame rates dropped crazy low, way below anything that could be enjoyed if you had to play that way. This is just a desert map with highways and some foilage, and not much in the way of buildings. In other words, no where near there scale and detail Identity is supposed to encompass. So I can run GTA V, online in 4k at 60fps even while streaming, With the one gpu. But 12 cars offline and BeamNG looks like a slide show preview of stills, instead of a game. Are we really sure about a pc being able to play GTA V and Arma 3, also being able to handle Identity. This is not to start a debate, but to get a better idea of what kinda pc specs will be needed for playing Identity at minimum, recommended, and optimal specs. I have told ppl myself, that they haven't released specs yet... but it would be nice to give people a more accurate idea atleast until the devs release solid spec recommendations. Being one who was asking that very same question, and didn't find "if you can run gta v, Arma 3, and Ark", very helpful. As I didn't know what specs were required to play those games at the performance I wanted.
  8. Last time I heard about it, as long as u have the rooms u can rent it out to someone. So if you have a 3 bedroom house. You can rent the other 2 out to people. I am getting a 2 car garage with my pledge, I wonder if I can earn a lil extra income by renting out one of my garage spaces.
  9. patent

    I was actually just thinking about this exact same thing, I want to design funny T-shirts. And what's to stop someone else from just taking my designs and selling it like their own? We are gonna have lawyers, judges, and juries right...? So why not have trademarks, so we can sue if someone tries to use our stuff and doesn't have the rights to. To not give us the proper royalties for our designs just takes away alot of motivation to really put our heart into something if people can just steal it. That could also open up the economy to the Identity "Black Market", maybe we can come up with a better name. I think this will reinforce people's faith that they will be the ones to legally profit from their idea's, only giving us more incentive to really put our hearts into making something personally unique. I think it should be an IN-GAME tradmarking system ONLY. That would in NO way affect Asylum in the real world. Criminals making fake paintings, and other items to try and swindle people, Or bootleg clothes lol. The possibilities are endless
  10. When a criminal doesn't fulfill his end of the "agreement", other criminal then kills or robs, said contract breaker. Case closed
  11. I was only speaking to the aspect of stealing a car companies plans...that's corporate espionage and it's illegal. And it wouldn't be covered under contracts and verbal agreements. As far as law enforcement is concerned
  12. Legal activities is different, I was talking about his example of illegal activities. So to recap... I'm ONLY referring to the contracts of "illegal activities", when I say it's up to the 2 parties, whom entered into said contract, over said illegal activities, to sort out compensation. Law enforcement will only care about the crime. Not who owes who, for whatever illegal activities they shouldn't have been involved in, in the 1st place. I highly doubt that you can go to the police or judicial system, for mediation over illegal activities.
  13. The drug sale was what i used as an example...why do ppl have to roam the forums looking to correct ppl. Any "illegal activities"...corporate espionage is WORSE than a drug dealer doin it. That's like a hitman kills your wife and you don't pay he goes to the cops and says " I killed this guyxs wife and he didn't pay me." The cops aren't coming to make you settle up...I can guarantee you that
  14. Just throwing this out there...generally when 2 ppl enter into an agreement over "illegal activities" It's up to the 2 parties to come to a resolution. Because if a drug dealer goes up to a cop and says, this guys just took the bag and didn't pay for it...The last thing they'll will be worried about, is making sure anyone is compensated, as they will be about making sure 2 ppl are arrested. Then you can figure out compensation later, on your own time.
  15. I'm pretty sure there wont be kids getting killed on Identity, and If u have it there's gonna be alot of controversy over it. As far as sex, I would prefer not having Identity become like 2nd Life Porn. Too many of the wrong ppl will focus on such things, like running over kids with cars, and what if ppl try making kids have sex...I think they don't even wanna give those ppl a chance to get started with the derogatory YouTube Videos. Once I heard about Identity, I heard about 2nd Life as well...It took me over a half hour to find actual gameplay of 2nd Life, and not porn with a 2 1/2 foot cartoon schlong.