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  1. Contract Agreements

    When a criminal doesn't fulfill his end of the "agreement", other criminal then kills or robs, said contract breaker. Case closed
  2. Contract Agreements

    I was only speaking to the aspect of stealing a car companies plans...that's corporate espionage and it's illegal. And it wouldn't be covered under contracts and verbal agreements. As far as law enforcement is concerned    
  3. Contract Agreements

    Legal activities is different, I was talking about his example of illegal activities. So to recap... I'm ONLY referring to the contracts of "illegal activities", when I say it's up to the 2 parties, whom entered into said contract, over said illegal activities, to sort out compensation. Law enforcement will only care about the crime.  Not who owes who, for whatever illegal activities they shouldn't have been involved in, in the 1st place. I highly doubt that you can go to the police or judicial system, for mediation over illegal activities. 
  4. Contract Agreements

    The drug sale was what i used as an example...why do ppl have to roam the forums looking to correct ppl. Any "illegal activities"...corporate espionage is WORSE than a drug dealer doin it. That's like a hitman kills your wife and you don't pay he goes to the cops and says " I killed this guyxs wife and he didn't pay me." The cops aren't coming to make you settle up...I can guarantee you that
  5. Contract Agreements

    Just throwing this out there...generally when 2 ppl enter into an agreement over "illegal activities" It's up to the 2 parties to come to a resolution. Because if a drug dealer goes up to a cop and says, this guys just took the bag and didn't pay for it...The last thing they'll will be worried about, is making sure anyone is compensated, as they will be about making sure 2 ppl are arrested. Then you can figure out compensation later, on your own time.
  6. Marriage & Children

    I'm pretty sure there wont be kids getting killed on Identity, and If u have it there's gonna be alot of controversy over it. As far as sex, I would prefer not having Identity become like 2nd Life Porn. Too many of the wrong ppl will focus on such things, like running over kids with cars, and what if ppl try making kids have sex...I think they don't even wanna give those ppl a chance to get started with the derogatory YouTube Videos. Once I heard about Identity, I heard about 2nd Life as well...It took me over a half hour to find actual gameplay of 2nd Life, and not porn with a 2 1/2 foot cartoon schlong.
  7. SCUM

    I did some more checking and it sounds kinda cool. It might have some potential if it's done right. It's like those 2 movies with Stone Cold Steve Austin, and Randy Ortin. The Condemned. Your prisoners and you fight in an "open world" arena, and you can get sponsors, and bets are placed on who is gonna survive ,kinda situation. If you win you get ur freedom. That's y they say "open world" with the prison aspect. 
  8. 1st module is delayed yay!!

    My only beef, is that it went from a module release in Q1 in 2017, that I know was NOT set in stone but, it meant getting hands on experience with a piece of Identity! Hands on gameplay I can actually start to stream and upload videos to YouTube. To a teaser email, with nothing any more definitive than it's been already...Was really looking forward to playing in the town square...Now I'm back to scraping around for any bit of info I can find lol...not even a more definitive release schedule? Even for the modules?I have to play identity! Throw us a bone fellas...Can't we get ANYTHING to play with or something new and exciting to check out...I don't understand computers and developing so I can't make any assumptions as to why they need to postpone the 1st module, for SpatialOS. Would it be impossible to release the town square module, as they work on SpatialOS and the other new and exciting things? I will leave it up to their capable hands and hope we get something definitive soon...very soon hopefully as I'm dying over here and I have no more cash for any other games than what I got for a while lol.
  9. I said I was playing Devil's Advocate, read ALL of the post not just skim thru please, I never said anyone said I couldn't feel worried, and I wasn't really worried. Damn right I'm worried  was me playing Devil's Advocate. Hence why I said I understand how they feel. From a, never having done anything like this before, I was skeptical. Before I researched, then after what I found I decided it was worth it, and no longer worried or I wouldnt have pledged and bought a PC...
  10. 1st module is delayed yay!!

    Yup seen that 10 hours later lol
  11. I could swear your just reiterating what I already said. I never said, anyone said I didn't have a right to be worried, or that I WAS even worried. I was playing Devil's Advocate. I think it's a bit presumptuous for someone who only throws 30, bare minimum for beta access, and then act like they are a full share investor, asking Bernie Madoff for their money back. It HAS to be a SCAM...I think it's also a bit presumptuous to assume it's a scam. Great Ideas/games never see the light of day all the time. They weren't scams, things just fell thru...I KNEW that Identity was an investment, and one that might not ever get off the ground. But I very well think it's worth it, as pretty much all people, here in the 1st place, do. I'm patiently waiting, as are the others who threw down more than bare I think people should exercise more empathy. I'm not in any way saying anyone is more important cause they threw down a certain amount. what I AM saying is that I understand that people threw down THOUSANDS to help Identity, so who am I, with my pledge to complain. I can only imagine how much they(The Devs) are putting into this...It's THEIR dream 1st, WE are just Johnny come-lately's. PEACE BE UNTO YOU MY BROTHERS
  12. 1st module is delayed yay!!

    How can I get involved with the discord servers, is it for certain people, or can anyone who loves Identity join
  13. EA FUCKED UP AGAIN :) yay

    I haven't played Mass Effect Andromeda release, I'm playing on the 10 hour trial you get for being an origin subscriber. I have it on 4K, no issues whatsoever, as far as the graphics, they look amazing in my opinion. What problems are you having with the graphics? I did have one tear about 2/3 of the way up the screen, but turned on V-Sync (not to be confused with Free-Sync or G-Sync). And it's crystal clear. I haven't experienced anything in my first few hours that would even constitute a bad experience. My experience with EA is they are Hit-n-Miss. Where are you getting problems? So I know to keep an eye out for issues.
  14. I've noticed that some people are starting to get paranoid. Ppl are allowed to feel how they feel, and no one really has the right, to tell them otherwise. I know exactly how you feel. When I seen the previews of Identity, and did a lil bit of checking, I decided to make the jump to PC from console BECAUSE of Identity. I'm already playing other games on pc tho, as Identity was the main reason, but not the only reason. I went out, and got a computer I can't afford, pledged money($250) I didn't have.  All because I'm that excited to do whatever I can to help it become a reality. I've never done this before, and your damn right I'm worried...Anyone who puts money into something to help make it become real, and never see it get there is disappointing. We also have the right as "investors" to voice our worries. But there is a right way to do that and a wrong way. Don't forget that it's an investment though, and sometimes they don't work out the way you want it to. You think any of us, put together and multiplied, could possibly be more depressed, Than the guys who put their blood, sweat, and tears into creating something from scratch.? Ask ppl for help bringing this idea to life(kickstarter), And have things fall apart, and it not come to fruition. You think our donations measure up to anything compared to what the Devs have put into Identity. Delays are inevitable, look at GTA V. That game was plagued with problems. STILL has problems. But I'm certain it's not a scam, or I wouldn't have pledged, and got a custom game rig for when it released lol. NO ONE is saying it's NEVER coming. It was never etched in stone when it was gonna be released. And this is why they don't wanna give ppl answers before they have a solid, definitive answer. Anytime you pledge to a game, it's a calculated risk, as is ANY investment. YOU can either be patient and see where it goes, or write it off, it's your choice. But please remember your not the only person to put money into Identity. I'm sure the people who have put way more than us, into Identity, aren't freaking out every month, thinking it's a scam. Patience my friends, we will be looking back when we are enjoying the fruits of our spoils, and thinking how glad we are we waited a lil extra time to have things more complete, to have the best possible experience. Because trust me if they rush it out for the complainers, THEN you're all gonna be pissed the game is all buggy and don't wanna work right. I've seen plenty of games on Steam, since I got here, that fit that bill.  
  15. What? Why is it like this?

    Will we be able to get away with crimes? I mean it makes no sense to be a criminal if you can't actually get away with stuff. If I shoot someone with a unregistered illegal weapon, and am wearing gloves and a mask, shouldn't that mean cops have to actually oh, I don't know... investigate. Why wear gloves and a mask or even commit a crime if you automatically are flagged as having just committed this crime. What's the point of being a cop? I want to investigate if I'm a detective. Have they stated definitively how it's gonna be? Will criminals just be flagged automatically and not have to do any actual police work to find them. I mean if criminals don't prepare, and just go in guns blazing, no masks or gloves, then police should see video of their face and/or fingerprints all over. If a group actually prepares, and executes a proper heist, I think it's only fair the police should have to do equal amount of work to apprehend them and not just see a marker over their head. Cops can't look at people and tell who is what, they have to investigate some.