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  1. Double keybinds?

    Hi! my question is: Is it possible to assign buttons for actions such as speech twice? For example, to speak, you have to press a mouse button but when you connect a steering wheel, you always have to press a mouse button to speak. So a mouse button and a button on the steering wheel to speak. Will that work? (sorry for bad english was written with google translator)
  2. Car Spawning

    Hi! Cars should despawnen after 30 minutes but that would disturb the roleplay massively why an idea for the car Spawning: could not you just set a limit? would be more advantageous than despawning.
  3. Kolmplettes Spiel

    Hi! soweit ich weiß sollte es Anfang 2019 rauskommen aber so sicher bin ich mir da auch nicht und das hier ist ein englisches Forum also das nächste mal Englisch benutzen. Ich hoffe das ich helfen könnte!
  4. Its a Steam download.
  5. Yes you can marry but if two men or women I can not know that. It would be more realistic if they could .
  6. Duel Wielding

    Yes restaurants should be in the game.
  7. you need the Founder Package to play Town Square
  8. Dear identity enthusiasts

    The Town Square module Realease has been postponed for a month
  9. Polizei Bewerbung

    Hi! Das ist ein Englisches Forum.
  10. Hi! In the title is the question :D
  11. 1 question

    Hi yes there are mountains but if you can climb the I do not know.
  12. In the stream, I think Beach_Ball said that it should be built like Minecraft Realms
  13. 2. Town Square (Module 1) March 21. 3. Like Minecraft Realms