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  1. Double keybindings

    Hi For s Steering Wheel or something
  2. Hi Will be there cash transporters?
  3. Hi Siren modes? Wail or bullhorn like this?
  4. SWAT Training Place

    Hi Would be cool to have such a place to train the Swat, for example on an island. Sorry for my bad english ~BukkitYT
  5. Hi A radio station on a mountain or something?
  6. Lock people in the trunk

    Oh, I did not see it. Thanks for the answer
  7. Hi Can you Lock people in the trunk? That would be very cool to kidnap people
  8. Hi! If you have a weapon as a civilian can you make it into a holster and see the others that?
  9. Hey GoPro's or a dashcam for officers?
  10. I mean for what is parking if the car despawned when not in use