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  1. Mate, TheNerdyChef is a kitchen scum. Come to me if you want real graphicz...
  2. I shall start the religion Islam in Identity and make our brothers proud.
  3. food and drinking

    Would you like 13 reasons why?
  4. food and drinking

    What are you implying? @Mentality
  5. food and drinking

    3=D It's a new emoji I found, a friend told me it means Butchin smilyface.
  6. food and drinking

    It's normal, i'm offended. reported.
  7. Don't leave me out too, I can help.
  8. Ethan, are you tired of sitting in an Office and doing nothing? Well, you can join us! We are no small time company looking for people, we are a team of Geniuses. We are smart, smarter than smart. Smartest, Smarter than Smartest. Well, Ethan. I have a proposition. You want a boring job? Or do you want to work for us. You'll get a potato. Count how many sentences there are and we'll double you pay by that much. Looking forward to working with you Ethan.
  9. I shall design this in Identity.
  10. food and drinking

    I have tissue with soup, I just dip it in and eat. Sometimes toilet paper if i'm feeling luxurious.
  11. food and drinking

    So you'll drink soup? How will that work? You must eat soup to drink soup.
  12. food and drinking

    Wait, what type of soup we talking about? I'm talking about soup boiled with rocks and water.
  13. Mr. Lucious. You have won the award for most self posts in a users own thread. Congratulations!
  14. food and drinking

    @LuckyDuck Would it be possible to drink items such as; Bleach, Soup (Do you drink or eat soup and what would it classify as), Blended Chicken and more.