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  1. I'll be sure to make a business named "Cex" and sell second hands items and games in Identity.
  2. Can Identity work on my PC?

    Specifications aren't confirmed yet so there isn't any actual evidence that you may not be able to run it, although Identity seems to be an ambitious game so you may need higher specifications. Plenty of time till the full release anyways.
  3. Will there be musical instruments in the game like a piano or guitar and if so how will they work?
  4. Midnight Chasers - Street Racing and Car Meetups

    Looks really good.
  5. Stock Exchanges and Investments

    You could work for me if desired, we have a similar idea.  Checkout my signature if you want more information.
  6. Let's Build a Future Together

    2067: A new species of humans, from mars, invade earth destroying the whole planet. There is no more earth or any way for it to come back.
  7. I love the look of this!
  8. Let's Build a Future Together

    2052: He became the Superweapon.
  9. Continue The Story

    (If you posted do not post again, wait for another person to post then you can post)
  10. The Nameless - Mafia Gang

    I'd recommend you post this in the crime/hideout section.
  11. Fidelity Investments

    I will get back to you shortly.
  12. Hello everyone!

    Hey welcome to the game, I hope you enjoy your stay! If you have any questions feel free to ask.
  13. Any big companies hiring?

    If you're looking for a job which doesn't require too much skill or effort, look here:    
  14. Let's Build a Future Together

    2044: The Spork was the only tool left to eat with.
  15. Fidelity Investments

    Update: We have a new lawyer!