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  1. Creating a band

    I think a double bass would sound a bit out of place if we're going to play the type of rock I had in mind. I was thinking that an electric bass would work just fine. But you're in, I'm in dire need of a great bassist
  2. Creating a band

    Yeah absolutely, it might take a while for that to come out lol. But yeah I'll see you then
  3. Creating a band

    Wait I'll PM you
  4. Creating a band

    Happy to see that you're interested in joining ^^. Yeah absolutely, you're in Welcome to the band. It's great to have a lead vocalist so I didn't have to step up, lol
  5. Music Career

    I'm actually looking for members for my new band. Check out my post if you're interested: Hope to see you there
  6. Can we create our own band?

    Attention everyone! I'm actually looking for members for my new band that I'm creating. Check out my post if you're interested: Hope to see you there
  7. Creating a band

    Looking for members Hey I'm thinking of creating a rock band. I've not come up with a name yet, I'm open for suggestions or I'll have to figure that out on my own. I'm going to play the guitar and possibly do the vocals (if no one else is willing). There's basically room for any type of band member. May that be a drummer, a fine bassist, another guitarist or maybe a vocalist. You name it. If you want to be a part of my band or simply wish me luck, feel free to comment or PM me But hey, I'm also looking for jam buddies if anyone's interested. You don't have to be a part of my band in order to jam out. As I said before, feel free to comment or PM me if you're interested
  8. Sovngarde *UPDATED*

    Another kinsman from the north? I prefer the endless forests of Valenwood myself. I'm not at the moment looking for joining any gang, but I am willing to offer other services to you like transportation for example
  9. Dank meme dealer?

    Mi name es Jeff hihi
  10. Conor without a doubt. He knows the psychology with the fighting world and knows how to exploit his opponents weaknesses. He has an almost flawless technique in his fighting style where he is perfectly relaxed while being able to utilize his kinetic chain to deliver the most power. Floyd is an expert on collecting points in boxing, Conor is an expert in delivering the KOs. That's my opinion after 7 years of martial arts experience
  11. Some like-minded fellows needed.

    I might be interested in joining. But I'm not looking to join a drug cartel gang. But I'll maybe be interesting in earning some money on the side if you need help with transportation and stuff like that
  12. Interested in Roleplay?

    I'd like to join and I've experience in RP and some experience in written rp. But my time zone is CEST so I don't know if it could work to roleplay with you all. Depends on if there is other EU players in the group. But if not, I don't think it would work
  13. Anarchy or a good sim???

    Thank god. We wouldn't want another RDM bloodbath game on our hands, again. (dark rp)
  14. a tree (a is not a word... It's a letter)
  15. POLL: Best Disney Movie of All Time