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  1. How can I change my player name?

    Thank you for a fast response
  2. How can I change my player name?

    I do not wish to change my forum name, but I want to change my in-game name.
  3. Mac support

    Yeah, seems about right. Thanks
  4. Mac support

    Eh, ok Just thought it was wierd.
  5. Mac support

    Thanks for fast response! But I actually wanted to find out why there was a mac cursor in identity's housing video. The cursor isn't 100% similar to the mac's cursor, but I don't understand why they designed two different cursors in the game. Ref. Identity's: Insider housing Time stamps: 1:37 & 5:35 I stared a new thread since I thought it didn't fit in the other threads.
  6. I have a PC myself, but it would be intresting to find out if there will be mac support for identity. Hope to get some answers
  7. Name change

    Will it be possible to change Username in the near future?