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  1. why ubisoft Fucked Rainbow 6 siege

    all i can say is "operation health"
  2. [FAQ] Police Department

    You should add up answer for corruption, i have seen recently alot regarding corruption.
  3. The Identity Community Awards (ICA)

    I nominate Rekter for ICA Underworld Award!
  4. Discovery Logistics Inc.

    Good luck with this!
  5. Can you swat someone in game?

    No-one can enter your house without permission, but i think you can get swatted if you have wanted level and you are outside your house/apartment.
  6. Shields for S.W.A.T?

  7. Shields for S.W.A.T?

  8. Shields for S.W.A.T?

    Will there be shield for swats?