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  1. Mental Hospital Workers?

    Maybe there is a mental ward inside the prison where less dangerous people are put, people who disturb the peace and act strange or harass others. Yes, there will be mental hospitals, but they are probably shared inside the prison in various buildings.
  2. Youtubers

    Well, it would essentially be like how various games have a feature where you can share videos of you playing the game. So that there is some kind of video sharing thing, I believe it's possible, but recording it through a phone and uploading I'm not sure that would work, but pausing the game and sharing it is possible, I imagine they could pull that off. Maybe you can connect your youtube account to identity so you can watch youtube inside the game.
  3. Author

    I would love to write for Identity, imagine all the fun fanfic people will be making. I imagine creepypasta books and such posted all over the place.
  4. Farmers!

    I am aiming for a farm, that is the dream. Living off the land and just being able to create and do the things I want to from creative work to farming, amazing.
  5. Psychologist?

    I think this is a great idea. I would love to be able to work as a psychologist in "Identity", and i think people would actually benefit from it as well.
  6. Pizza Delivery?

    Hello @SPADEJM, I believe you will make a great pizza delivery boy. I would love to work with you, maybe help take the orders.
  7. Trolls

    They should have some kind of security system that makes it possible to be jailed if enough people around you complain. If someone is being a troll and does bad stuff, the more complaints that comes in from close proximity to the player who's doing the trolling, the longer the sentence will be. So if a guy is running around disturbing the peace, people around can call in and either moderators or cops check out the suspect and if they file an arrest the person is jailed. The cops has to be people you can trust, maybe have real job interviews. It's difficult, but possible.
  8. Character creation, Hair, & Clothes

    I'm going for something like this. It doesn't look like me, but it's a look I would go for if I was able to. Wouldn't it be interesting if hair grew real time in the game, same with beard? It would be interesting. I want my character to look like me and be the same shape, meaning skinny. I dress cheap, so clothes is good enough if I can get some plain stuff, I'm not much of a fashion person. I like things clean and simple. I am growing my hair out again, long (male) and I think it should be possible to be able to customize such in game as well.