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  1. Opening up a bar?

    Lol 1) buy house then 2) buy interior so it'll look like a bar
  2. Fries for Govenor

    I see your point. But it is not everybody who are able to take care of them selfs. And especially such a basic and important thing like healthcare should be a right for everybody - maybe by highering the taxes? I guess it's just me who would feel like these taxes is veeeeerrryy low! Here in Denmark the lowest tax is about 40% - and I'm pretty sure the highest is 56%. I think it'll funny to have debates from such many cultures as Identity will represent - and of course to see the outcome of it  
  3. Opening up a bar?

    Perhaps you could buy a ground and build a building which will look like a bar. Then you could have Rockwater Brewing Company as your supplier
  4. Fries for Govenor

    Wow I agree with everything except that weed also should be legal Edit Didn't quite get that you want people to pay for medical services, it's not a high price, but I think it should be totally free like here in Scandinavia  
  5. Release date?

    I feel like this i kinda just an alpha (you can call it a beta if you want), but we are the testers, and therefore I feel like they could publish anything, just anything so people just could get their hand on it - I don't think this first module where its only possible to socialise will be that interesting, but it would be more exciting if there were recent updates with various improvements. 
  6. Marriage?

    this made my day ahahah (not that's it stupid said or anything, it's just soo much that meme
  7. Custom Clothing Creator

    You could go to a manufacturer and ask for a custom
  8. Where is everybody from?

    Actually, I would have thought that there would bed more americans  
  9. It's not possible to have more tham 20 possible answers, so please don't feel offended if your country is not on the list
  10. Favourite Colour

    Agree with Marvin, black but also white!
  11. Hello future citizens of Identity

    Welcome to the community, Frank!  I was also sooo hyped when I saw my first video. I think the forum will explode when people are able to stream and make videos from the first module. Identity has huge potential!
  12. Estimates Not Promises

    There is a party here in Denmark called "Alternativet" (The Alternative). I think you both are living in the same utopia! Try and call them someday, then you could maybe have some singalong or rain dance!  *He said with a smile and blink on his face*
  13. Rockwater Brewing Company

    Hey there! I think this is a very good idea and will surely secure many of funny times. Regarding your vectors, I might be your man. Send me a pm and I'll have a look on it  
  14. Since the economy is made through players (I produce, you consume), this wouldn't add up. If I wanted to make a firm selling dots, there would also have to be a need for these, otherwise, no1 would want to buy = no profit in 6 month while I would gain (about) $450 dollars for sure, without any risk. Then why would I want to earn stakes in a company where my money is only about 50%?
  15. I've made a calculation to illustrate how much a 1000 dollars would make in just 1 year, with a interest rate of 2% every week. This mean that if I open an account today, and deposit $1000, I will in one year have a profit of $1800!!!! In two years it would look like this: This is a very very high interest, on a very frequent basis!!! Other banks pay out interest p.a., or maybe once every 6th month. How will you ensure that you have enough capital to payout all your stakeholders? As Einstein once should have said: “The most powerful force in the universe is compound interest”