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  1. The Town Square module is delayed by 6 months and counting. This topic has been up before, and almost everybody agreed on one thing: That the developers have to publish anything they got, before this forum loses interest and the hype disappears. This first module should be the "social" one, and I feel like it will be veeery boring to watch the same 6 movies, doing karaoke, talking to people and going to the museum over and over again. I think the devs could keep people's interest in the first module by releasing anything now, and update it frequently. That way we as consumers would also have our say and opinion heard, to maybe influence the game. Just my opp
  2. We finally made it to facebook! Actually I've been thinking about contacting a gaming page, regarding Identity. Seems like somebody finally did! In just 6 hours, the video has got 345.000+ views and 2400+ shares! And welcome to all the newcomers!
  3. I've only been watching vids and streams of this, tho, I feel like you're running around gathering loot until you get shot by somebody you didn't even see... So I agree with @Sjondefries
  4. I feel like this begins to look a lot like No Mans Sky - just saying things that they know will make people happy, without really doing them.
  5. Currently, there's no release day on neither. The first module, Town Square, was set to release early 2017, and it's still not out yet. People have begun to speculate if it's all a scam or if the game will ever come out.
  6. :O

    Mine says 89% too D: I'm from Denmark aswell
  7. Opening up a bar?

    Lol 1) buy house then 2) buy interior so it'll look like a bar
  8. I see your point. But it is not everybody who are able to take care of them selfs. And especially such a basic and important thing like healthcare should be a right for everybody - maybe by highering the taxes? I guess it's just me who would feel like these taxes is veeeeerrryy low! Here in Denmark the lowest tax is about 40% - and I'm pretty sure the highest is 56%. I think it'll funny to have debates from such many cultures as Identity will represent - and of course to see the outcome of it
  9. Opening up a bar?

    Perhaps you could buy a ground and build a building which will look like a bar. Then you could have Rockwater Brewing Company as your supplier
  10. Wow I agree with everything except that weed also should be legal Edit Didn't quite get that you want people to pay for medical services, it's not a high price, but I think it should be totally free like here in Scandinavia
  11. I feel like this i kinda just an alpha (you can call it a beta if you want), but we are the testers, and therefore I feel like they could publish anything, just anything so people just could get their hand on it - I don't think this first module where its only possible to socialise will be that interesting, but it would be more exciting if there were recent updates with various improvements.
  12. this made my day ahahah (not that's it stupid said or anything, it's just soo much that meme
  13. Custom Clothing Creator

    You could go to a manufacturer and ask for a custom
  14. Actually, I would have thought that there would bed more americans