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  1. Offline

    What happens if you have a job and then you stop playing the game for a long time, do you get fired?? And can someone enter your house when you are not playing?? (SORRY FOR MY ENGLISH  )
  2. Lawyer?

    I'm going to be a lawyer in the game. I'm going to have money bitches
  3. Kids

    Can you have kids with other players?? and does the kid grow up???
  4. Dying

    Hello! I was wondering...What happens when you die?? You respawn in the hospital like gta? Or do you have only one life?? Thanks!
  5. Hello! Sorry if I bother you but, do you know when the beta comes out?? Bye!

    1. HairyGrenade


      No official date yet!

    2. Sidvicius11