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  1. Will there be an uber service in the game?

    @Killed_IRLthis is not GTA dude there is no wanted level that goes up
  2. Refund please

    you donated the money so that the devs can work on the game. You had to think before pledging to a game that is still in development. I'm sorry to say that but you have no right to ask for a refund.
  3. Stock Market Trader

    Hi, I wasn't active on the forum for a few months now, because of personal stuff, so I am not sure if something got revealed about, if there will be any stock market to trade in. I would really enjoy it. I love charts and trading, so it would be also be nice to have it in the game. Thanks
  4. Town square module

    Hi, I have noticed that the progress in the town square module is stuck since over a month at 67%. Is there any reason for it, or are the devs just not updating it?
  5. Info on cities and towns?

    Do if you buy the pledge for 500$ you are going to get a 5 car garage? Is this conformed?
  6. Architecture?

    You are kind of ridiculous. Just bc I tell you what the devs tweeted, doesn't mean I have authority, I'm just saying what has bin conformed. So that you don't think the rest of the year that you could build new buildings. Beside that you won't have 1000+ players on a server. They are trying to make 300+ server, again all this informations are coming from the devs. If you don't believe me do a research.
  7. Architecture?

    No this won't be the case, it's confirmed by the devs. They are developing 100+ houses (not appartment) so there are gonna be enough houses. Also those houses are costumizable. Player don't have the same possibilities and the same touch as the devs.
  8. Architecture?

    The dev team is really small bc ppl cost a lot, also when you are in a small team the communication works better. So they won't hire some random ppl bc they say they can do something. I also can use photoshop very well but bc of this I'm not going to get hired from them.
  9. Game Suggestions From Role-Players.

    You missunderstood me, I meant only that you have the survival instinct when you are in a fight or in a pursuit with the cops or other criminals. You have in Arma consequences when you die. Your vehicle could cost up to a few millions, which you have to farm for a few hours, and the good farm vehicles cost also a few millions, so you can go broke really fast if you don't know how to play it.
  10. Sure that sounds logic to me, but in townsquare will also be some shops and we would need to make some money to try them out.. maybe find bugs.. also if we could earn/spend money we could find money glitches etc. Which can be fixed for the beta or even for the end game.
  11. what can we do in the module except from walking around?
  12. Game Suggestions From Role-Players.

    Sry but Arma 3 with whitelisted servers has 1000× better RP than any GTA would ever have, not only bc the ppl there are serious roleplayers, but bc your money actually is worth something and you risk anytime you play the game to lose your expensive equip/vehicle. So you actually do anything to survive. You don't have any penalty in GTA when you die, so the is no pressure, no survival instinct and no tactic.
  13. aging,shopping,real life moments

    It is "more" okey then kids.. the chance that a kid kills an adult in a movie is much higher that otherwise. The society is very sensitive when it comes to "brutal" games, especially if you could kill children in it.
  14. aging,shopping,real life moments

    They won't get added for the same reason as gta has no kids. It is innapropriate to kill/run over etc. children and if they would add them, it would have a lot of bad reviews and possibly get removed from the market.
  15. Dogs / K-9's

    The devs haven't informed us about any K-9 dogs, so I can't really tell. They could always change their mind and develop it, but probably after release. But honestly I don't think they are going to add them, for the simple reason bc they want to make as much RP as possible (they won't even add airplanes/helicopters so that ppl have to encounter each other on the street.) But a chance is there that someone will make a mod for the privat servers.