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  1. Done with Refunds?

    It really doesn't matter about being understaffed or not to set back a dev team. You clearly know nothing about game development if you expect every game dev to meet deadlines you would be perfect at EA though. IF you know about the Star Citizen team they are HUGE and they set back their deadlines all the time the only difference is they just let their community know what's going on if it's a setback or not.
  2. Alpha Military Corporation

    Yes i did read the notice that James put saying there will be no military. The military portion of his company just refers the hardware we will be using its not a true military it is just that any people who hire us or people that join can expect to see the use of military grade items and tactics (Best legally obtainable items for corporate use) , remember this is Role Play. So people should expect the utmost amount of competence from us.
  3. Alpha Military Corporation

    Alpha Military Corporation is one of the first militaristic organization, led by Director Alpha, to hit Identity. We keep it simple, you need a job done, we do it. We have a "No Questions Asked" Policy. The Alpha Military Corporation can be contracted to do anything from the following: VIP Guarding House Patrols Escorting *B.B.N.D.P* If you are interested in Hiring Alpha Military Corporation we have a list of set packages. If none of the listed packages are to your needs or falls under the B.B.N.D.P package we will create one that suits your exact needs. Packages Best Friend Hire a personal bodyguard to follow you and protect you. Guards are armed with a sidearm, and have a military grade rifle in the trunk of the car or on their person. Pricing: Initial Charge: $5,000 Covers 60 minutes Every 30 minutes after that: $2,500 Tour bus Hire a group of three (3) bodyguards to follow you and protect you. Includes a vehicle if you will not be using your own. Pricing: Initial Charge: $15,000 Covers 30 minutes Every additional 30 minutes: $7,500 House Party Employ a group of 3-7 armed guards with displayed military grade firearms, (or not, they will be accessible if you don’t want to scare your guests) Pricing: Initial Charge: $20,000 for 3 guards and increasing $5,000 with each additional guard. Covers 1 hour. Each Extra Guard: $5000 Every additional 30 minutes: $2,500*(Number of guards employed) Circus On Wheels Employ a group of 2 cars with 2 men in each car to escort you around the island on your rounds in a vehicle. EX. Delivery Company. Pricing: Initial Charge: $10,000 Covers 20 minutes Every additional 15 minutes: $10,000 *For the any B.B.N.D.P contract Scoot Afferleene.* ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ *Note* The term “B.B.N.D.P is an acronym for Business Best Not Discussed in Public and anything of the matter should and will be handle with care from both, Alpha Military Corporation and the Consumer. *Note* The term military grade firearm refers to the AR-15 or any legal substitute. *Note* Should a situation erupt in which the VIP(s) are trapped and or are in immediate danger, a special task force will be deployed to their immediate location to rescue them. All clients are valued and important, so they will be loaded up first, then followed by valuables (If possible, we will NOT risk your or our lives for any items), then finally any guards (Will be left behind if necessary, we’re trained enough). *Note* We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Recruitment We are currently recruiting positions for Ground or Motorized Guard, as well as a handful of administrative positions. Upon recruitment you start as an "Agent". You are to carry out any of the above listed contracts. Ground/Motorized Ranks Captain ** Squad leader ** Lieutenant ** Agent Note**: Achievable Ranks Open Administration Ranks Director of Marketing Supervisor: 2 Slots Open If you are interested in applying to Alpha Military Corporation feel free to P.M. Alpha Military Corporation
  4. character customization/creation

    Why hasn't anyone mentioned APB's character customization it honestly was pretty in depth with its limitations to keep people looking human while limiting the chance of same face syndrome. Got to admit even though crap game its CC was really good
  5. How far will you go in terms of character customization

    Hopefully as time goes on the character customization will be one of the most realistic where i can change almost every aspect of my face and body and potentially make me look exactly like myself or you know Jennifer Aniston possibly *cough* I mean err Arnold Schwarzenegger Yeah manly body.
  6. Text-to-speech

    A little late from me but thank you for the reply
  7. Text-to-speech

    You will be sorry when someone with ALS does touch this upcoming game (Forever Cursed) Of course you would get a new microphone it was just merely a for convenience thing the way I see it Ill try to move somewhere quite in the Identity Prison or the house party or one of the countless town events possibly held I admit the changing of ones voice would be terrible terrible terrible TTS possibly was or was not used for serious talk can't really go finding those statistics plus it was a joke when I mentioned MoonBase Alpha I don't think it was too absurd to think about a solution to possible problems that could arise. That is the whole point of adding suggestions to make things better. Your main cons mostly gave me either a suggestion or ultimatum to using the TTS if implemented which turns into an inconvenience. If you have more cons than the ones listed please list them as well as I would like to know more. I only saw this as an extra feature the devs could throw in as "oh wow neat" kind of thing kinda like in Gmod someone typing shows them put their hand to their ear to signal they are typing. it really doesn't have an effect on me if it is implemented or not. As for your example yes I too would love to see people with a stutter have fun speaking to others and having fun but people are dicks and reality is you can't get away from people who are dicks there really isn't a win to this last part as we can go back and forth with this point as devil's advocate.
  8. Text-to-speech

    As having a microphone is absolutely highly recommended, I don't think it would be too much to ask for TTS to be implemented in the future as there are some people who do speak in Real Life through TTS In example: Stephen Hawking, Yes, yes, I know he is an exception and not a majority of people in RL are like this but at least this give an alternative to someone possibly like this or someone who had a mic and it broke and they just can't quite get a new one yet that is acceptable enough for people on the other end to hear your voice captured from. Yes there will be problems that will surely arise from this like spam or two people using TTS speaking over each other and it terribly hard to understand either but that is the same for two people talking over each other but what sort of fixes that is surround sound the only few that would have a problem with this is a Mono listener. With this option of TTS we would potentially customize our characters voices by Pitch and the devs can limit it so nobody can go so high as to sound like a squeeker or so low to where they sound like they constantly gargle marbles through a PVC pipe. Would be a neat thing to have TTS but not a priority.
  9. Cars And Customization

    oh i would so love it if we were able to use antique guns that have to be restored or something to use. Snipeing some people with a Mosin or just hearing the reload of a Grand will make any experience.
  10. Text-to-speech

    well this can pose some funny situations as we can refer to text to speech from Moon Base Alpha.
  11. Cars And Customization

    Well in Modern America Classic Cars are not as rare enough to even be considered exempt from Identity. Of course you probably would not see someone rolling down the street in one of the first cars made but you would see stuff like a 1959 Corvette or a 1969 Dodge Challenger. If you want it more American, Classic Cars to exotic new cars is one of the biggest things i would believe would be apart of that Modern American life style. Correct me if im wrong do not modern american citizens rich or not wish or currently have some type of classic car? I currently have a 1970 Dodge Swinger in my backyard and im considered lower middle class.
  12. Hello from Nevada

    Thank you for this information and a Merry Christmas to you aswell
  13. Hello from Nevada

    Like many others I do plan on having a criminal life but I would like to possibly find a career where i could be more world impacting than a mayors choices. The game is called identity so i'm shooting for something big heh.
  14. Hello from Nevada

    Hi everyone I am Elric and I can't believe I took me so long to find this gem in the gaming world. As a fan of Dark RP or PERP servers from Gmod I always wished for more that couldn't be done due to the limits of Gmod. Then one day in my game design program my teacher whips out an article on Identity and I immediately fell for it. I love the idea of having an interactive community where npcs are not the main interaction for RP. If i knew of Identity earlier during its kickstarter i would of signed on immediately. This is the first MMO I have been genuinely excited for in a long time and I've gone through countless (no life am i right). I can't wait to see the amazing stuff to come.