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  1. I meant the module but it's most likely from what i'm seeing on the overall progress an estimate would be by the end of the year for the module
  2. this game is probably not coming out till the end of the year don't get your hopes up
  3. I believe if it lives up to its hype people are gonna flood in again especially when they see it on YouTube shii I would
  4. I hope you gotta pay rent for apts in game that you rent more realistic
  5. 300 Block Boys

    I was told he was just claiming it for the name oh well
  6. Oh that's kinda lame Will there be Night clubs people are able to own?
  7. What if we were to say get a shank on the inside then take an officer on the inside hostage with the shank and take his weapons
  8. 300 Block Boys

    I was born and raised in Chicago Montana of 300 isn't from Chicago he's from Illinois but not Chicago G lmao he claims he is but he ain't he got jumped in Chicago for claiming it at one of his shows
  9. Drugs

    rent out a trap house and flick ya wrist boyz
  10. I would recruit you but my gangs planning on doing all the recruiting in game
  11. Roleplay Thread

    Antonio Rivera is all about the role play son
  12. I guess ill have to stay strapped then ayyy You know what they say Non tax cash is the best cash (;;;