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  1. Will This Game Turn Out Extremley Popular?

    I believe if it lives up to its hype people are gonna flood in again especially when they see it on YouTube shii I would
  2. Apartments

    I hope you gotta pay rent for apts in game that you rent more realistic
  3. 300 Block Boys

    I was told he was just claiming it for the name oh well
  4. Prison

    Ah I see
  5. Prison

    Will there be Night clubs people are able to own?
  6. Prison

    Oh that's kinda lame
  7. Prison

    What if we were to say get a shank on the inside then take an officer on the inside hostage with the shank and take his weapons
  8. Money Question

  9. 300 Block Boys

    I was born and raised in Chicago Montana of 300 isn't from Chicago he's from Illinois but not Chicago G lmao he claims he is but he ain't he got jumped in Chicago for claiming it at one of his shows  
  10. Drugs

    rent out a trap house and flick ya wrist boyz
  11. looking for a Family/Gang

    I would recruit you but my gangs planning on doing all the recruiting in game 
  12. Roleplay Thread

    Antonio Rivera is all about the role play son
  13. Auto pay workers

    I guess ill have to stay strapped then ayyy You know what they say Non tax cash is the best cash (;;;
  14. Auto pay workers

    Antonio Rivera is all about the cash upfront my friend