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  1. Drugs

    rent out a trap house and flick ya wrist boyz
  2. looking for a Family/Gang

    I would recruit you but my gangs planning on doing all the recruiting in game 
  3. Roleplay Thread

    Antonio Rivera is all about the role play son
  4. Auto pay workers

    I guess ill have to stay strapped then ayyy You know what they say Non tax cash is the best cash (;;;
  5. Auto pay workers

    Antonio Rivera is all about the cash upfront my friend
  6. A face behind our screens?

    the face will remain a secret forever maybe    
  7. Town Square Module

    that sounds pretty fun actually thanks
  8. Town Square Module

    yes for the module like what might you expect to be in town square things to do shops houses etc
  9. Town Square Module

    How big will town square be and what types of things might you find there though? if you don't mind me asking
  10. So I have a question about the town square module when it comes out is it gonna come out with the full map or just like one little area I am very curious to know how that's gonna work if they are gonna release the map full on town square or build the town up from each module that gets released via updates and what not if some one could explain to me it would be greatly appreciated
  11. All jokes aside I lowkey wanna live in like the projects if they are gonna have a ghetto area which they defiantly should (((;
  12. BubbaBoosta's guitar string tattoos stay its a home made recipe called juvie lmao
  13. [POLICE] Organization & Structure

    I would be the dirtiest cop in the force I would be filthy I would sell meth in the break room