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  1. Whatsup Identity

    Thank you very much for your time I don't feel like a noob anymore haha.  
  2. Whatsup Identity

    last question so I don't take up too much of your time haha. if we use the money we are given to start with after we have pledged because I am buying the motorist pledge for Christmas if our data doesn't pass over from beta will we still get the package when it is released if we played beta?
  3. Whatsup Identity

    Are beta access players able to play on said module and earn money for release? @HairyGrenade
  4. Whatsup Identity

    one question when is the expected release atm? And thank you
  5. Robbing player owned houses

    They might be saving things like that for later on I'm sure they are very busy with a lot of other details ATM but it does sound like a cool idea.
  6. Some people here may know me from other A3L servers as Antonio Rivera I am going to be keeping the same RP name as always hope to see old friends in game when Identity comes out! See you guys soon I got very big expectations for this server and its work
  7. The Agency

    Looks very nice.