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  1. Marriage?

  2. One Very Pissed Off Customer

    I lold
  3. I'll just leave this here...

    Oh right I should give you some context? I posted this a bit back With the explanation that fans and Dev's should be expecting this level of Weapon System modeling I truly hope the level of expectation on all sides, is this high. So any way, was posting this when it dropped. It shows you in further detail, the modeling of each moving/removable part with in the weapons system.I'd say fidelity highly applies to Identity.
  4. I'll just leave this here...

    A wells worth of information... bloopers at the end are pretty funny too.      
  5. most violent game

  6. 2 Game changing Ideas

    I'm sure at one point they'd reach their peak, then die off as people become more strategic with their research of marks instead of just robbing every house they can get a hold of and getting nabbed for pennies.
  7. Housing

  8. 2 Game changing Ideas

    ^ I lold
  9. Too many killers

    Thanks @Honestii Not my main area of focus so please, have the idea. It's for everyone.
  10. Housing

    Well fought That's all you had to say @HairyGrenade Thanks man.
  11. Housing

    @HairyGrenade I've been meaning to "start a fight" with you about this subject for a while actually so just roll with me here With how big you guys are aiming here can you honestly say that, even in the long, long, far off future you guys are not willing to create realistic structural construction?? If you simply give me a "no"......   I DON"T BELIEVE YOU
  12. Office

    Eventually, I'm going to have to guess yes. I can imagine the Dev's understand the importance of offices, storage units, warehouses, etc. I agree with the idea, organizations need a central location to act out of. Well actually I eat my words, OF COURSE there is going to be offices one can purchase and use. If there is going to be professions that logically require office space EX: Lawyers, Government, CEOs, Fat Cats, Top Cats, Short Cats.... It will be so.
  13. sports

    In the future, more than likely yes, any time soon, even for information on if sports will be in the game...probably not. But do stick around!
  14. Marriage?

    I always happen to notice how when ever someone uses a "guesstimate statistic" in the context of percentages, people always reply very matter of fact. I get a lol out of it every time. Every time. 
  15. Cars And Customization

    Exactly man.