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  1. Freedom of speech & Other stuff.

    Well if this gives you any idea I've already been silenced for pushing for hard fact and answers as to why the devs are unreachable. So to answer your question sure there will be freedom of speech, until you make the kings upset, then you'll be censored. 
  2. My dude, don't you worry your little heart, I'm informed but when was the last time you were?  If you've followed as close as you preach, then you'd have seen me around. Which would imply I'm well informed on such a trivial subject. Which would further imply that you were able to pick up on OPs need for speculation due to lack of hard detail that we actually don't know because Devs don't hold their word. So Bruv the next time you feel the need to educate me on something you think you know, don't because no one here actually knows the game machanics and how something will work. I do appreciate your white knight skills doe, keep your chin up and keep everyone in line, Gotham needs you Harvey.  
  3. Why Is identity so delayed?

    Like that garbage communication 
  4. New Devblog

    Thanks to Lucky the rest of community is able to read the dev blog. Up until now the dev blogs have been posted to the site but now only pledger or kick starter get sent the dev blogs aye? And everybody is ok with that? You're all cool with that?
  5. No body can answer that because the Dev's refuse to communicate with the community.
  6. June 5th

    i lold  

    Lel no ones angry mate don't worry yourself to much.

    Yee kinda like how they might communicate 

    My vinyl weighs a ton, not my words. The Dev's don't need you white knighting for them, how ever cute it is.

    Where's the Dev blog at fam? I'm 90% sure I was told it'll be today. But then again Ive also heard these statistics in the past
  11. June 5th

    Right, DELAYS are beside the point of communication. I've never once complained about delays but I'll forever complain about no communication.
  12. June 5th

    ASUPRA dont spam my threads with your obnoxious over sized text, I've seen you do this multiple times now. Knock it off your point has been ignored rather it demands attention or not.
  13. June 5th

    Today I will express my true concern, you've got Leslie Benzies over here in an attempt to make what you're creating Devs. Will it be exactly to the T on your design and ideas? Maybe, but I doubt it. What makes me nervous, although still a ways off, is Identity being brushed under the rug by Benzies on part from lack of details being presented and the community growing tired of waiting. I don't want to see this fail because of someone who has a full team, marketing and backing. We are talking about the man who drove rockstar games through its pinnacle after all...   Communication is a commitment.   For the record I'm not promoting Dev hate speech.
  14. June 4th

    Ill skip on speculation until Devs decide to post structure on how this will be all executed. Thanks for your interest in my opinion doe.
  15. June 4th

    OOOHHHHH its the 4th day of the month mhm. One day late from last months update. I love checking in on speculation when I come through. Dev's, we need something new. WE NEEDS SOME INFO, to discuss and complain. WE NEED YOU TO COMMUNICATE, but never mind its all the same. HELP an old boy out, the talk here is real old, "How do you envision drug dealing will go?" Bro....