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  1. Not just the developers, but the handful of people in the community that feel the need to put people down constantly because of posts expressing concern or accountability on a dead line the devs set and fail to meet time after time.
  2. So the Devs shouldn't shouldn't listen to anyone that quotes them because in your opinion anyone that attempts accountability is wrong and should be shamed. Your go to weapon, you do it every time. Also its got nothing to do with rushing the devs, people post topics like this because of the repeated patterns of unrealistic goals and announcements. Anyone that has been following this since 14 would be hard pressed to say that there isn't an issue.
  3. ^ Im encompassing everything and LuckyDuck wheres your proof? Cause you always seem to have this some sort of insider knowledge and we're just supposed to take your word for it? Regardless, they now have an office for expansion, they now have 800k invested in their idea. An investment most of us here made. Surely there will be progress yes? And I don't mean silly little streams showing us character design and some building shading for a module the equivalent of PS Home. That's all that's owed to the community is that game play video to show off that your game is actually functioning and following that, the module. That's where we are at currently no more no less and we've been fed less the entirety of our history together. So much so that hatefulness is becoming apart of this community. It's big news: the official Town Square release date will be announced in the month of October. "Announced." Understand that nothing has changed from the end of last year to the end this year -when the module was first announced- besides a partnership, team expansions and funding. Surely there will be something to show.
  4. I lold. ok so The apartment video isn't a game play video.. and its certainly not the game play video the team keeps promising. Argue with me all you want guys the facts still stand. And yeah, I'm sure they're about to release the module any day now, lets hope. I only see you new cats rushing to argue with me like the team needs you to defend their honor or something. There is a major gap in accountability with this team that has been apparent since day one and I'm going to continue to report on it. Dislike me as much as you'd but I am a counter balance here, like the rest of you and I feel a responsibility simply because I don't see anyone else keeping the pressure on this team to follow through with their word especially $800k later. This is a Role-playing community isn't it??
  5. I only report on fact my man, and the facts are empty promises with nothing to show and spending your money. *shrugs*
  6. So idk how you can compare the two dude but your points make me lol
  7. Alright Kyle here's the thing, show me where we've been wrong so far, cause SO FAR, this team has nothing to show except $800k of your your money and a flash new office... Aye? What you claim to see them doing is "developing" What I see them doing is spending money. "Well its on a new team and the space to house them." Except you've already claimed to have expanded and sure you can be expanding more but then I have to ask what are all of these new employees working on? Cause we haven't seen anything. Any logical management team would look at the track record and say "Jeez guys you know what? We haven't delivered on a single promise in over 2 years.." "MAYBE we shouldn't post hype about our new plush office and get previously promised content out.." But yeah sure, they're working on it, no matter what side of the fence you're on you guys know this is bunk, you just really hope it isn't so. You gotta look at the facts and the facts are: Still no content, big new office. And Johnny's point of view there was so immaturely presented I don't know how to react. And knock it off with the small team excuse cause the guys over at Black Matter have a shockingly small team who still put out proof that their back end and front is operational and working. Never Mind Battle State Games who are roughly 30 plus now who put out a full Alpha build with as little as 15 guys then in the same year pushed an updated engine and forwarded the game into beta. So nice try.
  8. White knight, it has nothing to do with the size of project more so than the empty promises laid out before your attempt of summary. And its funny to claim that "oh this is a big project, and bleh" Really? cause there is absolutely zero evidence that this is a big project other than IDEA and THEORY. That's it guys, ZERO proof, understand that, ZERO proof. So we have what, some live streams showing us art and model design, level design etc. With zero effort to make up from past claims that fall through in which the team has now raised more money to afford a plush office in which case THEY STILL CANT SEEM TO DELIVER ON PROMISES, even after the lead dev openly states to having terrible PR and inability to fulfill promises. Drop all comparisons to AAA companies like Rockstar and understand that $800,000 -and even before that- is more than enough to deliver on promises from before, like oh lets say a module or a game play video. I get that you new crew white knights of the land are tired of hearing us old fags complain, but at this point it has nothing to do with delay more than it does of integrity, and this team, albeit strong in its spirit and idea lacks integrity, period. How ever you try to argue it or spin it, the truth is in the photos. And as the photos show us, they have a new office to play in, thanks to your money. But you down there, you wanna mention fans? Go look at Star Citizen and their department, go look at Escape From Tarkov and their department, oh and even the very very small team of Hell Let Loose. Guess what, all delivering on schedule and all full filling promises. Don't be so blind by bias, but reason by fact. The fact is in the proof, and the only proof you have as a community is a new office..
  9. How would we know anything?
  10. Nah its not a joke man.What they're working on here is big, so delays are understandable. Support is certainly needed. What gets me now is the acknowledgment of terrible PR and apologies for deadlines falling through but then... nothing? Not even an attempt to remedy that? The project here is worked on day in and day out. They know how long something is going to take. So for someone representing the whole of everything to say "Its been busy, we know content is what we said but, we're sorry. So yeah, we're going to make up for it with content." then go silent again not once, twice or even three times is just shocking. It's a shocking thing. Just my opinion, doesn't mean I'm right. That's just a lot of money and a lot of content.
  11. lol trust me bruv this game is no where even close to an XOX release date. They cant even meet the dead lines that they set on simple game play videos, never mind a console release.
  12. Dev Blog #008

    BS once again you claim a video is on the way. Nice try.
  13. So this is why the devs cant seem to get anything done, this is all starting to make sense now.
  14. I lold ^^ Speech craft level up, give em hell Dent.
  15. Well if this gives you any idea I've already been silenced for pushing for hard fact and answers as to why the devs are unreachable. So to answer your question sure there will be freedom of speech, until you make the kings upset, then you'll be censored.