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  1. Continue The Story

    On his boat
  2. What will you RP in identity?

    Police officer,  Transporting goods / being tow truck driver after hours
  3. Be carefull, I will catch you if you're not   
  4. Hello everyone :D

    Hello! Hope to see you ingame
  5. Continue The Story

    But he didnt know that...
  6. I just wanted to wish everyone a happy easter! Cant wait to meet ya all in Town square module and cant wait for new gun trailer to come!  Good job Asylum! 
  7. Create Your Identity

      Name: Kyle Bins   Age: 24   From : Gdańsk, Poland   Appearance (Body, Face): Thin body, Brown short hair    Attire: Normal clothes, Jeans, t-shirts, vests   Job: Police officer/Transport Bussiness/Tow truck driver   Detail of House: Not to big, not too small, House a bit off the city, 2 bed rooms, 1 toilet, 2 car garage   Detail of Car/ Vehicle: SUV Like BMW x6   Personality: Focused on his life, Likes to interact with other people, And can learn alot Background: He was born in Altis, After the war started he and his family moved to Poland as they had some family living there already, He lived there since he was ~12 years old, When he was 21 he went to the (ISLAND OF IDENTITY (NAME STILL UNKNOWN)) on holidays, He liked it so much that he later moved there and begon his work at Tow truck bussines, now he is trying to get his place in Police office, But what he didnt know is that his old friend "Tony Luprano" was also at the (ISLAND) and he wasn't that normal, he was a rebel in fact, Kyle met him and decided to become friends, but he cant be a real friend with a criminal when he works for the police...  
  8. Continue The Story

  9. Welcome Sean! Im going to be Police Officer aswell, Im going to livestream & record it as well, I have almost 4k subs
  10. Continue The Story

    But one day, he got raped by...
  11. One Very Pissed Off Customer

    You guys should not give refunds as these are "DONATIONS" you cant give and than ask it back like that shit-head just did
  12. Introduction - Zoex

    Hello Jeff!
  13. A new challanger approaching!

    Welcome!!   Happy to see new people comming
  14. Luprano family recruitment

    Hello, My name is "Kyle Wade" Im specialist in escorting, I can help to bring "package" from A to Z safetly   With my custom modified cars, I can clear the road, and alert "package truck" driver when there are "pigs" on the road   But when something goes wrong am ready to take a gun and shoot some "pigs"  Or even take care of "package"   When i lived at Tanoa, I was working at UPS, We were transporting important packages, But then war started and I had to move to Island of "identity" (name still unknown)   I would love to help, Not for free of course