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  1. That train route wont be like that and thats good, thats higly unrealistic and would suck if the train went only at the edges, It will go in a kinda trangle to all the cities around the map, thats what devs have stated in one of their streams
  2. Identity music video

    So, Yeah, I don't have a life, So I just made this video for everyone to watch before the trailer comes out
  3. Hey Everyone

    Welcome! Hope you enjoy this community!
  4. Polish community

    No raczej (Obviously there are)
  5. What rank have you bought from the shop ?

    Cabbie but I probably will upgrade to biker soon
  6. Optimization

    Im almost sure you will be able to run High settings with 60fps on 1080p
  7. Paypal Problem

    You have to have 30$ + on your paypal as paypal also has transfer fees etc.
  8. Name the World

    - Bargus - Alten - Contra - Ulima Names for the islands
  9. Let's Make a Story

    2022: Aliens arrived to earth
  10. Continue The Story

    Come with me
  11. Continue The Story

    On his boat
  12. What will you RP in identity?

    Police officer, Transporting goods / being tow truck driver after hours
  13. Be carefull, I will catch you if you're not
  14. Hello everyone :D

    Hello! Hope to see you ingame