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  1. Check points

    Nah, normally where im from if you set up a check point its for some kind of reason, lets say there looking for a guy, who has a white pick up, and he is from Europe? ( just an example ) so you'd just stop people and cars with those particular things.. or you set a check point where theres normally drunk drivers, to prevent accidents, that be cool :·3
  2. So title says it all, check points. How will it be set up as? By whom? Could any officer do it? What "rules" will they have ? Can they stop who ever they want in that check point? Where I´m from usually the sergeant from the precinct orders it to another lower rank telling him where he wants it and what to be aware of, and then this guy sets up a team explains it before leaving at the time the boss wants it.
  3. Hey! Im from Spain to !! Hope to see you around!!
  4. Nice to meet you! I´m looking forward for this game and to play with you all. Hope i do it well !! haha
  5. Hey everyone ! I just bought the game, hope I did it right !! Anyways im looking forward for this game its going to be the first rig hope i do it right !! I´m 22, studying to become a police officer.