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  1. Favourite Colour

    Black, nice and simple. Also goes well with pretty much everything else.
  2. Mail change

    I've been looking into this myself and I cant find anything
  3. Mail change

    He is trying to say he cant change his email on his pledge account, hes not talking about his community account.
  4. Yes, there will be full controller and steering wheel support. If this ends up changing in the future you could always just get third party software the help with it.
  5. I will be working R&D for Key's high end clothing, as well as probably going into a sort of hitman business with a couple friends of mine for a bit of extra cash. I will like to try everything in the game but this will be my main play-style, can't wait!
  6. Batman Smart among idiots or dumb among smart people?
  7. I said "American Soccer" because where I grew up they always said soccer, although I know some people call it football. (That is why I clarified "American" to specify that was the "American" way for saying it)
  8. Pretty sure there will be american soccer, not sure 'bout the rest though.
  9. I just personally don't want such a good community to be ruined, if they choose to play there isn't much we can do. And people don't get a game just to play on one server, they will try joining other servers as well.
  10. If a person plays a game and broadcasts it online, people are going to join from that community.
  11. America's Chrome or Firefox?
  12. I only would welcome content creators with mature-acting audiences as they will be attracting people to the game and those people shouldn't be annoying. (So basically PsiSyndicate shouldn't upload this to his channel, he makes some decent content but a majority of his following is annoying.)
  13. Writing system?

    I know you can write books (and I am pretty sure you can access this in the town square module). I am not sure if this is the type of writing you meant though.