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  1. Just a few questions to ask

    1. There is no AI walking on street, they will be filling up the boring jobs though. Also, I really don't think that that is to few. 2. I do know that there are Official servers (and player-made) but I am not sure how many nor what regions. 3. I personally think having only voice chat is good for the most part although there are a few downfalls.   (Please note I am not a mod nor am I a dev so please take this with a grain of salt.)
  2. Favorite Quotes

    "Don't take life too seriously. You'll never get out of it alive." - Elbert Hubbard

    That is why we celebrate it being over! 

    HAPPY 2017!!
  5. Server Banner design!

    Dayum nice!
  6. Money in cycle

    Hello, I was wondering how the money in Identity would be put into the economy. For example would there the the FED or something similar that regulated this? And if so would it be player driven? Because the majority of the game and its money is controlled by the players, this is something that could pose a problem if not figured out.  
  7. Rolblox

    Meh, don't really want the Roblox community coming to Identity. I don't dislike them, I just think it would be a bad mix of communities.
  8. Job Listings - Keys High-End Apparel

    Your Name: Marvin Forman Which Job Are You Interested In?:  Chief of Research and Development Why?: I have always been fond of statistics and regional info interests me. Why Should I Hire You Over Someone Else?: Pretty damn good w/ math and stats. Any Experience In The Fashion Industry?: Nope (I do realize R&D is 'closed' but I figured I would try anyway.)
  9. I agree, I believe the progressive way of thinking works in real life but there will be just no reason to use it in Identity.
  10. Torture

    [email protected]'ll take either.
  11. What will you RP in identity?

    Probably do a normal (Hopefully high paying) job when I aint doing crime.
  12. Torture

    Or is it the [email protected]
  13. IdentityRPG Fan Art

    Here is a wallpaper I made (1920x1080p) Deviant Art Page
  14. IdentityRPG Fan Art

    I couldn't find anywhere on this site to post any fan art... now we are here!