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  1. Police pursuit squad.

    The Patrol Cars you see performing traffic stops, responding to calls, and accident investigations are PPV (Police Pursuit Version). So they are pursuit vehicles, but they arent crazy stupid cars. Pretty much the only vehicle that has a possibility of not being PPV is a SUV (IE: Chevy Tahoe, they can choose either PPV or 4WD versions).
  2. Police pursuit squad.

    Think about it in a realistic standpoint. We DO NOT see those vehicles as Patrol Cars in Canada/United States. Instead you have FPIU's with Pursuit Package, FPIS with Pursuit Package, Dodge Chargers and More! It would be too costly to repair the vehicles, cover the insurance, and just unlikely to see "Ford Mustang GT, Chevrolet Camaro, Skyline R34, Toyota Supra, Audi R8" on patrol conducting traffic stops, accident investigations, responding to calls... it is highly too un-realistic for the Identity RP Concept. As stated, this is NOT Need For Speed, This is NOT Dubai, this is in a Canadian/American styled RP Town.
  3. CCTV Camera's and Panic Buttons

    @DeWaldo89Yes, but that isnt why I was wanting it. I was gonna see my shop running efficiently while I am away like any reasonable business owner!
  4. CCTV Camera's and Panic Buttons

    Thank you @LuckyDuck For the reply. Will Stores you own be able to install CCTV for Civilian Use or no?
  5. CCTV Camera's and Panic Buttons

    I believe that it would be a good Idea to be able to Place/Install CCTV Camera's in the game. 1. CCTV Traffic Camera's for police to spot any active crimes. For shop owners to watch their shops while away and prevent any theft or vandalism, and to show video evidence to the police. Idea: CCTV Systems (Closed Circuit Television). Props: Traffic Cameras, Rotatable Camera's, In fared Cameras, CCTV Monitor, CCTV Remote Access (Home or Phone) Scripts: An Automatic Generated System Code and Password. (To control who see's the camera's, and access them away from the location) 360 Rotation support for Traffic Camera's and Rotatable Camera Systems. Why do we need CCTV? As we all know, criminals aren't always going to stop for the Police. So with CCTV Camera's it would assist in the capture of Criminals fleeing from Police, by tracking their movements. This idea, will assist Police in setting up BOLO's (Be On Look Out) Descriptions, Deter Public Criminal Acts (Drug Dealing in Parks). This can also play a big part in Crime Scene Analysis to setup cases against players. CCTV for Businesses, have you hired someone that you feel is stealing from you? Do you want the Police to capture the Perp that stole from you? Do you want to deter a drug dealer from selling drugs in/around your shop? If so, CCTV is for you! Also panic buttons for Businesses in case of robberies. Ideal that panic buttons will notify the Police and Lock the store's doors, and requiring a Keycode to unlock via computer.
  6. Game Release Question

    Hello, I was wondering on How the Game will be released? Will it be released via, email, downloads page, or what? Also, around what time (IN EST) will the game be released? Thanks!
  7. Who is ready?

    What do you mean fake news? Of course my photo is edited. But Im sure theyre not gonna lie about the exact date, and if they do, its because a dev or someone had found a bug/issue with the module.
  8. Who is ready?

    Not True. Here is a Twitter Post stating the Date Still I have pledged enough for that access anyways.
  9. Who is ready?

    Guys I dont know about you, however I am ready to see the following: Guys the release date is coming though and I know what I am doing that day! How about you? Let me know the first thing you are going to do!!!
  10. Store Items and Businesses

    Yes, but like to discount certain items or somethiung, make a usable cash register. Like make it optional to have an NPC as a cashier. Like if its a one person owned shop like a mom and pop store, you can deal with random things in the store like assisting people and cash people out...
  11. Store Items and Businesses

    Within Gas Stations, you should be able to buy, Cigarettes, Lottery, Beer, Soda, Cigars and other stuff you would find in a Real Gas Stations. As Stores you can create work uniforms and rules to work in a specific store. Create Pizza Delivery places. Working and functional cash registers.