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  1. Yes, but like to discount certain items or somethiung, make a usable cash register. Like make it optional to have an NPC as a cashier. Like if its a one person owned shop like a mom and pop store, you can deal with random things in the store like assisting people and cash people out...
  2. I have been waiting a long time as well. But most of you are not game developers, there for you wouldn't know the whole concept of what it takes to create a game, especially as detailed as Identity is claiming to be. Yes, I want it now, But I also don't want a piece of crap game like EmergeNYC. EmergeNYC releases too many updates and screenshots to the point that nothing gets done in the game. For these game dev's to take screenshots, do live streams, read forums, all of that takes time, in which they could be further developing this game. I understand why they are keeping it quiet. I understand that when they post things, its taking time away from development. Guys we need to be patient, with these game dev's because they are working as hard as they can to impress us, and deliver something amazing to the public. So when you complain about how long it is taking, and that you want screenshots, or information. You are taking their attention away from Game Development to assist your needs. Lets be patient and get along with the Developers and Stop Giving Them A HARD Time!!!!! We are here for the same reason, so please stop bitching!! Thanks!
  3. Within Gas Stations, you should be able to buy, Cigarettes, Lottery, Beer, Soda, Cigars and other stuff you would find in a Real Gas Stations. As Stores you can create work uniforms and rules to work in a specific store. Create Pizza Delivery places. Working and functional cash registers.