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  1. I know that if I'm hiring someone, I'd want to have access to this kinda stuff.
  2. Tv and Radio

    You could always start a news station or a newspaper & the "reporters" could be on scene & they could screenshot things & post them along with their stories on the forums or a website. OR, better yet, if there'd be a way to post those in game, perhaps on the internet. That'd be awesome. I think it'd be neat to see something go down, & then arrive on the scene & interview witnesses and officers. Then go get statements from the government officials.
  3. Stolen/Broken Cars

    Yes, agreed. With all of the other things going into this game, this wouldn't be that hard to add, I wouldn't think.
  4. University as gerneral game education.

    I actually like this idea. YouTube videos & using Google work, but there's nothing like in game experiences to help people learn their way around.
  5. Pizza Delivery?

    I was wondering what types of delivery jobs there would be also. There's so many forums to go through, it's hard to keep straight what's legit & what isn't. LOL
  6. This Community Is Great & Age

    I don't think that there should be age limits, but there should be consequences for their actions. There's a thread on here somewhere discussing all of this & many good points made.
  7. Someone stop me

    Yeah, no help here. I constantly refresh the forums on my phone. When I'm near computers, there's a window open, refreshing......
  8. Tow trucks?

    NICE. I thought about this the other day while playing Arma, while stranded in the middle of nowhere.
  9. Small communities

    I'm assuming you're talking a smaller server with, say, 50 or less players admitted into it?
  10. Trolls

    I'd file it under disturbing the peace. Should be a law that a government creates, no doubt.
  11. Weekly Car Meets

    I'd be up for this.
  12. Hello, I am Indoorseeker

    Welcome @Indoorseeker I am new as well.
  13. Robbing a Bank

    Very well said. I'm with @Jinx
  14. Gun Licenses

    We, the people of Identity, and the governing bodies in game, will decide what is legal & what is illegal.
  15. Gun Licenses

    Then they need not sign up for this game. If they market it correctly, & let it be known from the get go how things will be run, AND the devs have a strong backbone, I believe it'll work.