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  1. I know that if I'm hiring someone, I'd want to have access to this kinda stuff.
  2. Tv and Radio

    You could always start a news station or a newspaper & the "reporters" could be on scene & they could screenshot things & post them along with their stories on the forums or a website. OR, better yet, if there'd be a way to post those in game, perhaps on the internet. That'd be awesome. I think it'd be neat to see something go down, & then arrive on the scene & interview witnesses and officers. Then go get statements from the government officials.
  3. Yes, agreed. With all of the other things going into this game, this wouldn't be that hard to add, I wouldn't think.
  4. University as gerneral game education.

    I actually like this idea. YouTube videos & using Google work, but there's nothing like in game experiences to help people learn their way around.
  5. Pizza Delivery?

    I was wondering what types of delivery jobs there would be also. There's so many forums to go through, it's hard to keep straight what's legit & what isn't. LOL
  6. I don't think that there should be age limits, but there should be consequences for their actions. There's a thread on here somewhere discussing all of this & many good points made.
  7. Yeah, no help here. I constantly refresh the forums on my phone. When I'm near computers, there's a window open, refreshing......
  8. Tow trucks?

    NICE. I thought about this the other day while playing Arma, while stranded in the middle of nowhere.
  9. I'm assuming you're talking a smaller server with, say, 50 or less players admitted into it?
  10. I'd file it under disturbing the peace. Should be a law that a government creates, no doubt.
  11. Weekly Car Meets

    I'd be up for this.
  12. Welcome @Indoorseeker I am new as well.
  13. Very well said. I'm with @Jinx
  14. Gun Licenses

    We, the people of Identity, and the governing bodies in game, will decide what is legal & what is illegal.
  15. Gun Licenses

    Then they need not sign up for this game. If they market it correctly, & let it be known from the get go how things will be run, AND the devs have a strong backbone, I believe it'll work.