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  1. Welcome, Looking very much forward to this game. Cant wait to see it develop over time.
  2. Have a Police Department currently i think the next logical move would be to have a Fire Department also. There is so much that a Fire Department could bring to the game.
  3. While searching the forums also found this @Jackabm
  4. I think this is a good idea. Would be cool to be in our home and call in Pizza or order stuff for your house and have it delivered by an actually in game player. Also gives the criminals in the game something else to do, and along with that the police something to watch out for. They should have both small and large deliveries. Something like a bike or car up to a large moving truck or delivery truck.
  5. That would be cool to be able to setup, but i dont think we should be able to stop everyone, it should be random, say like every 3 or 5 car or something link that.
  6. Only time will tell.