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  1. Bob Ross INC: Promoter of The Arts

    Hey @lemonsxorange, I absolutely love your work, and your admiration for Mr. Ross is splendid. I will contact you about your acceptance into the company shortly via Private message
  2. Continue The Story

    Lester, who then decided to...
  3. We have a Huge problem!

    This is what I fear. Although Identity is going to be the better game (I'm absolutely positive about that btw, with a community like this and the sheer determination and work ethic this team has been displaying, I have no doubts it will make gaming history), I fear that Everywhere may eat up some of the attention and audience that otherwise could have been led towards Identity. I sincerely hope Everywhere turns out to be a flop (lol) so that way it's audience will be directed towards Identity and experience what quality RPG's have to offer.
  4. This OR That Game

    Modern ftw   Big ears or Big nose? 
  5. Leslie Benzies "Everywhere"

    also boasts one of the shittiest websites in video game history. Next to no information is given, and yes while I understand it has just been recently announce, and I mean really recently announced, you still need to have more than a sentence before launching a website! Nice intro into the website though I'll admit...
  6. Bobby Cruz, Candidate for Governor

    Wrong section of the forums bud. And as stated above people don't take too kindly to people who advertise where advertisements of this sort don't belong. The same business questions could easily be asked in the political section of the forums. 
  7. Looking for a trucking job

    Look in the buisness section of the forums. You will find TONS of transportation companies with open positions including truck driver. Or use the search bar on the top right and see if you can find any positions that way.
  8. Super Power Game

    @RepoGamer76 limit: Can only win lottos below $1000   My power: the ability to construct buildings, anywhere, instantly, and at will.
  9. Continue The Story Mk.II

    Which he gobbled up without sharing so much as a crumb with his friends.
  10. Would You Rather

    You forgot to state another "would you rather question" after you answered the previous one. It's ok I'll do it for you.   would you rather Swim through a pile of shit or a pile of dead bodies? (swimming pool sized, you have to get from one end to the other)
  11. Favorite Quotes

    Wow... touching to say the least. Thanks for sharing!       but your right, when I read the quote, and I shit you not, the first thing I thought of was corner campers too lol! 
  12. Favorite Quotes

    Wow still cool. Thanks again for this great addition to the post!
  13. Any females gonna be on Identity?

  14. Favorite Quotes

    Lol did he actually say that? Does it really mean what I think it means or was it meant to mean something else but it just sounds sexual?   lol I love it either way, great addition!
  15. Thomas Hetch for governer

    Constructive Criticism:   Tax rates seem pretty good up until we get to the higher income levels. Perhaps having half of your money taken at 1,000,000 is a little too much?   Definitely need some more detail on the healthcare plan, ie: How exactly do you plan to achieve an affordable health care act?   Your slogan? are you implying wealthy individuals will be forced to give a certain percentage of their wealth to charities and such, or are you implying that wealthy people should feel obliged to do so?   How do you plan to run a business and an island at the same time? Hopefully you plan on having someone to take care of the business while you tend to politics? as well as when you first jump into Identity, which will you pursue first: business or politics?   Good Luck with your campaign and business!