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  1. That's not true, on unoffical servers people can set an age requirement, other then that there is nothing preventing Minors from playing.
  2. Just because it's realistic, doesn't mean it should be in the game. If it's realistic, how about at-least twice a day your character has to shit/piss, has to eat food or else they will die, you can't get revived and once you get shot there is no 10-minute timer, causing you to die instantly, no respawns, and once you die, your character is dead permanently.
  3. It's under "Business" Expect people to RP. And I was stating to change your name because my character goes by the name "Grimm" and it was an IC threat.
  4. It's funny.
  5. Nice meme.
  6. Going around stabbing/shooting people isn't really "RP" unless someone kidnaps them, tortures them, and executes them, it's not RP. Just murder.
  7. Either learn how to fucking roleplay, or be quiet.
  8. Ändern Sie Ihren Namen, Fotze. Oder ich werde dein verdammtes Geschäft auf den Boden verbrennen. (ENCRYPTED)
  9. What the fuck is this shit
  10. Oh, mach dir keine Sorgen, ich werde dich machen, da du gezwungen bist, dein ganzes Reich zu brennen, und deine Familie ist verstört. Fotze. (ENCRYPTED)
  11. Cringe My balls. help call police
  12. Du bist tot, du absoluter Idiot. Ich hänge deinen Körper ab Die Polizeistation, sehen, wie der Staat darauf reagieren wird, sollen wir? * Lacht * (I'm english, if you can't read it, use something like google translate)
  13. If you go onto an RP server, you could have them sign a contract, in which if they refuse to pay, bring them to court.
  14. I'd base it 3 days max, I'm not even a criminal, I mean, I'm planning on being a cop, and even I don't want criminals being bored out of their minds for over even 5 days.
  15. Even 7 days is way to long, a day for the maximum crime, considering I don't believe it counts offline-hours, I'm not going to be supporting you as governor if that's how long the sentences are.