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  1. con·sum·er kənˈso͞omər/ noun a person who purchases goods and services for personal use. "consumer demand"
  2. Sorry to break it too you, but when you buy a game, you are a consumer.
  3. Easter Eggs

    Great idea.
  4. Well this is a bit of rubbish, I was wanting to join but after I seen like 40 "Bump" posts I immediately changed my mind.
  5. Oh, sorry. You have the same name as someone from another community I know, lol.
  6. Smuggling Crew

    That's not true, on unoffical servers people can set an age requirement, other then that there is nothing preventing Minors from playing.
  7. Ammo Checking

    Just because it's realistic, doesn't mean it should be in the game. If it's realistic, how about at-least twice a day your character has to shit/piss, has to eat food or else they will die, you can't get revived and once you get shot there is no 10-minute timer, causing you to die instantly, no respawns, and once you die, your character is dead permanently.
  8. It's under "Business" Expect people to RP. And I was stating to change your name because my character goes by the name "Grimm" and it was an IC threat.
  9. Going around stabbing/shooting people isn't really "RP" unless someone kidnaps them, tortures them, and executes them, it's not RP. Just murder.