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  1. What the fuck are you saying? I seriously can't even understand your on-going sentence.
  2. He said it in PM's, then deleted them/kicked me out so I couldn't get any evidence. Omerta was there.
  3. I'm not hiding behind my age, Frank continued to disrespect me even though I was trying to have a civil conversation with knowledge of my age, after telling him that I'd rather have a civil discussion, he didn't give a shit and continued flaming, he didn't give a shit that he was talking to a 14 year old like that, he was acting immature and out of line to a 14 year-old, I was using that as a point of how fucked the gang is when the leader tries to fight a kid online that was trying to have a polite discussion with him.
  4. You're right, making fun of a 14 year old and saying he has no future and his life is shit and just spewing general bullshit is called for.
  5. So less then a month ago was when he started out? I used to be in the Luprano's, happy I got out when I did.
  6. I'm not taking it to PM's, our conversations should be public. You were there when the leader of your "Family" was shittalking me even after I stated I was a minor, your "Family" is a tumor in this community, it's a toxic mess that has led to nothing but flame wars, your leader is an incompetent 30-something year old that thinks he's cool because he insults minors, your family is a disgrace.
  7. The thread is on track, actually it's more on track then it was before, at-least people are being notified of what a stain on this community the entire "Family" is.
  8. I know this is an older post, and I didn't see it till now. Don't forget the fact that the leader personally harasses and shittalks 14 year olds online in the PM's, then deletes the PM so there's no evidence.
  9. Well this is a bit of rubbish, I was wanting to join but after I seen like 40 "Bump" posts I immediately changed my mind.
  10. Oh, sorry. You have the same name as someone from another community I know, lol.
  11. fallout four honor
  12. slimes?
  13. no
  14. That's not true, on unoffical servers people can set an age requirement, other then that there is nothing preventing Minors from playing.