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  1. Money Laundering

    Just realized this was the wrong section
  2. Money Laundering

    Will I have to launder dirty money...asking for a friend? 
  3. Recruiting for Black Suits®

    Good luck with this.
  4. Can We Criminals Drive Police Cars..Asking for a friend. 
  5. DLC is a terrible idea. What if a criminal has DLC and goes to the other island and a police don't have DLC?
  6. Criminal Consultant//Transporter//Oil Tycoon

  7. Airport even though there wont be any planes or helicopters for a year or so.
  8. Identity YouTube Videos!

    Aren't most of his video speculation?
  9. Gene Smith for Governor

    I'm not gay by the way and I won't marry. If you want to come down to the strip club and have a few drinks sometime just call me, governor.
  10. Dye Packs

    Dye Packs are still used in banks in America and Britain not sure about any other countries. 
  11. Kop Killers

  12. The ICA (Coming Soon)

    Look forward to it 
  13. The Gentleman's Club

    it's a boys club