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  1. Costello Falcone, born into a family where his dad was in the mob. Grew up and works for himself taking jobs from criminals around the city. 
  2. Traffic Might Be an Issue No Joke

    LMFAOO! Never thought of traffic. As a transporter that'll be a problem.
  3. Anyone need an assassin?

    Good Luck with this Black.
  4. Here's our Discord link:


    I've created an organization of businesses, military, police officers, and mobs called The Royal Family. You should join...I would love to have you as one of our leaders!

    1. Zeus


      I'm an independant contractor so feel free to hire me if need any extra hands. 

    2. LuciousTimes


      Will do!

  5. Drop Off & Robbery

    As a transporter feel free to hit me up anytime. Pm me for more info on what I do.
  6. Yes, Meth Cook. 
  7. Feel free to hire me as a driver, but after the job we go our seperate ways. 
  8. Crack Heist Team

    -A guy that doesn't cooperate   lmao
  9. Money Laundering

    Just realized this was the wrong section
  10. Money Laundering

    Will I have to launder dirty money...asking for a friend? 
  11. Recruiting for Black Suits®

    Good luck with this.
  12. Can We Criminals Drive Police Cars..Asking for a friend. 
  13. DLC is a terrible idea. What if a criminal has DLC and goes to the other island and a police don't have DLC?
  14. Criminal Consultant//Transporter//Oil Tycoon