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  1. Back.

    Zeus is back baby. Let's cause some fucking havoc.
  2. Religious Items of clothing.

    I'm 18. I was a christian for 18 years. I don't want to get into a debate but lets just say if you actually read the bible, quaran, whatever you'll see it's just stories and fairytales. It's best to keep it out like you said because I can just see people wearing it and running around shouting allah akbar. I agree.
  3. Religious Items of clothing.

    This is your chance to finally not be covered up24/7 and you actually want to wear it...I'll never understand religious nuts.
  4. Is this game ever gonna come out

    Preorderers haHAA
  5. If I'm a Hitman why would I go with Esoterica and give you a cut instead of just go solo?
  6. What happens when you die?

    The Game unistalls itself and you have to re-buy it again to play it
  7. I'm A Professional Transporter

    I decline. I only do what i'm paid to do and don't accept bribes while on the job.
  8. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    odd fucking street names, where is this world set? Lazy town?
  9. How much did you pledge?

    0. Could be a flop. I will happily pay extra when it's out on steam once I know the game is worth buying.
  10. Game Engine

    >What game engine are they using to make this game? >Whats the other game called the GTA guys are making? I think its called LIFE or something. -Zeus
  11. Cartel Roleplay

    Realistic so all gangs are allowed, even the "KKK" I think. I'm el loco solo so it will be nice to see how big gangs can get considering servers are 200 slots
  12. damn thats ultra realistic haha! Imagine not finishing the paperwork on your shift so you have to finish doing it after your shift. haha
  13. I'm A Professional Transporter

    I'm still open for business, just bringing this to the attention of all the new people in town.
  14. The Continental - Criminal Hub The Continental is a group Exclusively for Elite Criminals. No lowlife thiefs or wannabe hitmen..this group is for the top tier criminals who do what they do and do it well. [I will update the thread and make it look cleaner later] The Continental is a group where criminals can come to discuss their recent crimes, you can make a team for heists or any jobs you may have planned or you can just chill and discuss normal things whatever they may be. Currently we only accept criminals with clean records, a clean record doesnt mean you haven't commited any crimes. I will personally keep track of all members in The Continental and if you get tripped by the pigs more than three times; you're out, but we'll get to the rules later. If you want to be accepted into this group all you have to do is message me with what criminal job you will be doing along with your plans when the world begins. I will choose five criminals to start with and from there we will expand. We'll have a group bank where we can all put money in one account and if someone needs to use it for a heist or equipment they need to make sure it pays off so they can put the money back even if its not the full amount. We aren't greedy and I understand we are criminals, but in this group we help each other out. We are brothers and sisters. Again, if you're interested private message me and ask to join. I'll ask you a few questions and see if we want to accept you. Who We Don't Accept: Current Member Count: 2 > We Don't Accept former police officers or any type of fed. > We Don't Accept gang members, Only Kingpins. > We Don't Accept rapist, pedophiles or stalkers. > We Don't Accept non criminals. > We Don't Accept petty thiefs. This has been Zeus. Private Mechanic by day, Transporter, Hitman and Criminal Consultant. My Background:
  15. I'm A Criminal Consultant

    I'll be there.