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  1. Oil Tycoon

    Yeah just a massive change from everything else. 
  2. Oil Tycoon

    Yeah i'm pitching it as an idea, I even messaged Mo. 
  3. Oil Tycoon

    I'd give up being a criminal to be an oil tycoon...there's no difference but I think it'd be cool to own an oil company where I can hire service men to go out into different parts of the map to collect oil. Maybe this can link to petrol and other stuff...   Just an idea.  -petrol and other minerals too. -adding offshore oil rigs would create more jobs.    
  4. Thomas Hetch for governer

     $1,000,000 < =55% tax rate and you wonder why there are criminals.
  5. Oil and Gasoline Companies?!!

    There's jobs in Arma 3 Life. Anyway I hope they bring it to Identity
  6. Oil and Gasoline Companies?!!

    @HairyGrenade Id like to know about Oil.
  7. Probably my last post on this forum for sometime. Will there be gun ranges? Are the tellers at the bank NPCs or real people? Is jaywalking a crime? Do streamers get off easy? PSIsydicate would always RDM in the old A3L and he never got banned. 
  8. Break out of prison?

    Once you have a crew check my service out.      
  9. I heard something about DNA and cameras but I think it should be like real life, so police actually have to ask witnesses and investigate instead of just looking on the map and seeing a red dot. 
  10. I'm a Criminal Consultant and I Will Help You Plan Any Heist, Rob Any Bank, Commit Any Crime and Do Anything Without Getting Caught. No Questions Asked.     Introduction I go by Zeus and some of you may know me as transporter, well now i'm expanding. I have a gift and that gift is planning. I can help you and your crew rob a bank and make it look like childs play, I can also help plan kidnappings, insurance fraud, set someone up for life in prison and the list goes on. I work all around the island, there isn't a place I won't go and there's nothing i'll say is off limits.  As an Criminal Consultant I will do one job at a time for you as I will have other customers. Also, if I do alot of jobs for you don't see me as a friend or an ally as I'm a working man and do this for the money. If someone asks me to plan your kidnapping  or I won't hesitate to do so.    Services I'm a criminal consultant who will take any job offered to me by anyone who is serious, I only ask you have a crew and before you ask no...I will not be apart of your crew. Everything I plan for you and your crew will be successful if you stick to the plan. You contact me and I'll set the meeting point to talk, once we've talked in person after that we will not communicate in person again, i'll keep tabs on you. Anyone who tries to take advantage of my service will be dealt with and it won't be nice. There's no chances in this game.   The 3 Rules Rule Number 1: Stick to the plan. Rule Number 2: No Names. I work by aliases or nicknames. Rule Number 3: STICK TO THE PLAN.    Payment The first time we meet to discuss the plan you pay me half now and half later, if you get caught because you decided to ignore Rule 1 and Rule 3 I'll still want my 50% so make sure your good for it.  Not paying won't benefit you in anyway, trust me.    Prices Rates will change when I know how well the economy is and how much jobs pay. More services will also be added.The money you pay me will not just be for my service is will be for resources like relay cars, dummy cars and weapons.   Planning a bank heist -$30,000 when you get away with more than triple that you'll thank me later.   Planning a murder -$9,000   Planning Insurance Fraud -$40,000   Planning a robbery -$8,500   Planning a Kidnapping -$15,000   Planning a delivery of illegal substances or items -$5,000   -Back up planning -$5,000 Extra        
  11. The "Benefits" of Doing Drugs.

    That's the one thing I didn't like about NoPixel
  12. should have to take a driving test and have driving instructors 
  13. Anti Cheat

    how are the devs going to deal with hackers? It's inevitably going to happen so what's the problem? 
  14. The "Benefits" of Doing Drugs.

    Why does it give you BENEFITS ? Should it be meth makes you lose hair, coke makes you lose health or something? 
  15. -

    We already have 5 members, this thread will be gone in 17 hours. Just giving a few people a chance to actually apply.