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  1. Things You Want In Game.

    Post a list of things you want ingame
  2. Post a list of things you want ingame that haven't been confirmed. Sort of like a mega thread.   I'd like abandoned buildings, docks, car parks, a mall and airport even though we won't have planes for a few years. Yours dont have to be locations, it can be anything.   
  3. Luxe Hired Guns

    Looks good. Good luck with this L.
  4. It's a shame my personal life conflicts with an event that has nothing to do with it. Good luck with the car meet ups.
  5. Hitman? I dabble in the illegal spectrum of things and do contracts here and there.  *Add non criminal to the OP.
  6. I don't know what you're talking about, and sure i'll join the Midnight Chasers.
  7. Langston Family / Dark Ace Mafia

    The Langston Family looks like a strong family. Good luck Kevin.
  8. Me and @Hanshi-Toshiro are cool. Can I join? 
  9. I'm 18 and a half. You tell me homie
  10. Scuffed poll. Ages overlap. 16-18 18-20, so if i'm 18 which do I choose? 
  11. Supreme - High-End Streetwear Clothing

    No hate but you literally just got a real life brand and made it your own. You could've atleast tried to be creative. 
  12. Controller vs Keyboard?

    Mouse & keyboard is better for every game apart from sports games. 
  13. How Realistic Is The Casino System?

    Update: No ingame casino I hear
  14. Hitman/Heister For Hire

    I've never met a sicario who likes  strawberry milkshakes and knitting. And why are your prices so high?  $10k for 1 citizen, nevertheless gl. lol 
  15. Anonymous - COMPLETELY REDONE

    Good luck with this, looks good.