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  1. who is dean hall and what's the big uproar about him over?
  2. last i checked we were supposed to get a video on gun play which we still haven't gotten, the social module has been pushed back indefinitley though i can understand the devs not giving a specific release date, i have high hopes for this game but frankly people are going to stop caring and although i understand the fact the devs are full time workers as is currently, again they are now getting funding from a big proper company and should have things done more easily even if not necessarily faster
  3. got to agree with kaleb, yes development and stuff takes a long time but all we've had for years now is art and a few videos here and there but they are mostly questions and answers, we just want to play the damn game at this point and there are lots of people who have taken the decision to donate 500 bucks to this myself included, not complaining just pointing out people are tired of waiting and especially now as identity is getting funding from another company they should be able to get this out quicker
  4. I don't think you understand, this game is heavily based on realism, that means modding can't really add much more and anything mods could add is based off of features that the Devs don't want to add, for example undercover police cars, the Devs have already said they want a clear difference between police officers and civilians and that means that won't happen, again mods are best left out of this game, if you want mods go play one of the many other games that have them but as far as everyone else is concerned the Devs aren't going to add modding to the game for obvious reasons, im sorry if you're the only one who wants mods but that doesn't mean everyone else should have to want them
  5. me personally and this is just me, i think it should be kept to talking through mic, i realise not everyone has a mic but a cheap one shouldn't be hard to get, the reason for this is it wouldn't be realistic if so many players were mute like GTA and well typing is the same thing, sending a text via phone or email in game yeah sure because you can't speak through either of said communication types. by no means should my opinion deter anyone from being able to enjoy text typing roleplay i'm just purely giving my take on the game
  6. i don't agree with modding on games like this because it takes away the realism, modding games like gta and arma aren't an issue because they aren't realistic or heavy role playing games, if the devs want this to be as real as possible then modding shouldn't be included, not all games need mods to be enjoyable and modding shouldn't be the main selling point for buying a game
  7. i personally think modding should stay out of this, my reason being is that this is a realistic game based on real life and should stay that way, modding will only lead to people going over the top and making silly unrealistic creations. i say no thank you to mods but that shouldn't stop other players being able to enjoy them on other games
  8. count me in as a member of the VIP club haha
  9. i can understand the devs pushing back town square but releasing a simple video of gun mechanics should not be taking this long, again i realise the devs are busy and stuff but we need something once in a while
  10. and the point of this post is what exactly?
  11. Even with all those push backs, GTA online was still a mess at launch for the first month because rockstar weren't prepared enough
  12. wait so if everything gets reset then do i still get to use all my pledge rewards in the full game even if i use them in the module and/or beta? sorry if this kind of question has already been asked
  13. goal

    my goal is to be elected as a governor, if not elected immediately my goal would then be to rise to power but in either scenario as governor i will lead a great country and be known as one of the greatest leaders of identity
  14. i hope it isn't a case of as soon as you kill someone the police are instantly notified because that's not how it works in real life, if you're aiming for a realistic game you need to have it so either the body has to be found or the person has to be reported missing in order for the police to start investigating, otherwise it's just like grand theft auto where even killing someone with a silencer in the middle of nowhere will still somehow give you a wanted level, with the funding from spatialOS this could be easily made much more realistic
  15. hi

    hopefully i'll be an elected governor, if not i shall be a secretary of health