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  1. The devs have said they're 99% sure it'll release, that is a lot of confidence to have. I've been very understanding of all the delays just like everyone else has, but if they're saying it's 99 percent likely to release then I'm going to be pissed off if it gets delayed after everything
  2. Well that doesn't give them much time then considering town square releases in just over a month, I really am hoping it gets released more than a week away from the module release
  3. Video was great but I think a lot of people including myself were hoping for around 5 minutes, that's not to say I'm ungrateful for what we've been given but I'm hoping the town square will be even better
  4. Have to say it's a pretty damn good video, sure it needs some improvements but what doesn't? It's a good taste of what's to come and hopefully now the whinging whiners will stop complaining every five minutes 🙄🙄, that said I do hope the town square module lives up to it's hype and is something to enjoy
  5. You need to learn the difference between lies and setbacks, the devs haven't promised any set dates except March 22st and even that isn't a guaranteed date only a 99% confident it'll release then, the devs aren't lying so you need to be sure they are before you start taking heavy swings
  6. VIP gives a lot of stuff, two bedroom apartment with a dozen outfits, two car garage, 4000 dollars, sports car and everything else like the founders hat etc, it's worth it
  7. Agreed, it's one thing to criticize but to flat out give the devs hassle and act In the way I've seen a lot of people act in is absolutely unnecessary and uncalled for. I'm a proud supporter of this game and I agree it can be frustrating, people can vent if it's not in an over the top manner but it needs to stop with people acting childish, frankly I think it's obvious who the underage children are on the forums
  8. Two bedroom apartment

    So is a two bedroom apartment better than a one bedroom luxary apartment?
  9. Hello and good day all. I was looking at the pledges and Because I have the VIP that means I get the two bedroom apartment, does anyone know what it looks like blueprint wise? I'd really like to know what my apartment is roughly going to look like before getting it. Thanks in advance
  10. Optimization

    I'm going to assume the situation is still the same? I.e. if you can run GTA V, Arma III and games similar then you can run identity?
  11. You might want to consider the district attorney's office then
  12. Ah brilliant thanks for that, was hoping there FBI would be in this but the police force will work just as fine
  13. What about the police force in itself then? How could I go about joining the police?
  14. Good day all. I wish to join the federal bureau of investigation otherwise known as the FBI, I am committed to protecting and serving the people of identity and I'd like any sort of advice on how I can apply to be a part of the FBI in game Any responses will be appreciated, thanks in advance
  15. And that's where the difference is between the developers for identity and other game developers, identity is using it to keep the game going and to improve it whereas other devs use it for more money and that's it, this isn't about greed it's about having more income to keep supporting a brilliant game