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  1. Are They Even Working On The Game?

    Right this post needs locking, I'm fed up to high hell of getting email notifications about this thread, right we get it there are plenty of whinging little b******s complaining about a game they've been pledged to for a few months. Get the f**k over it and grow a pair of balls, game development takes a long time and this game will be out when it is so stop whining and get a life. If these posts keep coming up I'll be requesting the mods to step in because I'm fed up of every other post being some whining little t**t going on about the same thing the other 100+ posts do. I have a big passion for this game as much as most of us here do but my f*****g god I'm bored to death of whining little kids going on and on about it.
  2. Are They Even Working On The Game?

    Jesus what is it with people being whiny little weiners? I'm going to straight up tell you to either quit being a little bitch or go get a refund because you're a little bitch. Funny how it's always the same formula, some whining asshat wants to complain about something that's got 1000+ posts where people complain about the same things everyday 😂😂 If people really have a massive problem then walk away it's not hard, but alas they'll use the same line of " but I want this game to succeed" well if you want it to succeed then shut the f**k up and stop giving us ear ache
  3. Are They Even Working On The Game?

    right can we please have this sorted? every week now there is at least 2-3 posts like this where it's someone whining about anything and everything. yes people are entitled to express their feelings but legit this is every week if not every day and most of us are fed up of seeing it. also if you've been here for 2 years like you claim then you'd know to be patient like the rest of us as opposed to some people who have been here a few months and think they deserve everything for nothing.
  4. Lazy and unprofessional developers.

    Another typical whinger who has no argument or anything constructive to say other than "devs r lazy dur de he hur" 😂😂 probably friends with ecorp or something.
  5. Guns

    Although lucky has already given the answer, I have to say no offense but this isn't grand theft auto where you can just buy different types of guns. Has to be realistic and realism is that you can buy the weapons listed in Lucky's answer.
  6. Guns

    You're not going to be seeing a massive variety of guns. Citizens will have access to a standard pistol for self defense, a hunting rifle for hunting and that's about it. SWAT on the other hand will have access to mp5's and more serious gear but that's it. There won't be full on assault rifles for everyday people and there won't be sniper rifles
  7. Bulk Discount

    Dude for real knock it off, yeah we get it you think everything about identity is something shady blah blah the usual crap we all have to read very time a post gets made. You're entitled to your opinion and have the right to express it but for juniper's sake either change the record or just stop commenting. 90% of us are tired of seeing you complain about the same things over and over and over which just gives people with legitimate concerns a bad name. Do as you will I know you'll just Ignore everything I've said and carry on thinking it's a scam but whatever, I had to make a point because we're all legit tired of seeing you pop up on every post complaining as usual or just making digs at the game and devs.
  8. Houses

    Quick question while we're all talking about housing. As the VIP package comes with an apartment as well as vehicles and a two car garage how exactly will parking work? Because if it's an apartment then surely wouldn't other people be living there? Or am I mistaken in believing it's a multi complex apartment and not a singular building designed for one or two residents?
  9. Is this a scam or a game

    Put simply there are way too many fucking naysayers excuse my french. Lately all I'm seeing is people constantly bitching and moaning about little things, yeah I could at least understand people complaining when delays were announced but Jesus Christ, every other post is now someone moaning for the sake of it and it's usually someone who's been around since early 2018 🙄🙄. Let the devs do their damn job and just either get a refund or sit down and shut up. Yes we all appreciate criticism where it's due and the devs have rightly given us the dev tracker instead of relying on release dates ( although I'm pretty sure in one of the dev blogs John did say he was giving us a tracker anyway ). It doesn't piss me off that people moan it pisses me off when it's the same f*****g people each and every time.
  10. Is this a scam or a game

    You're a special kind of stupid aren't you? I don't usually go down this route but you clearly don't understand how this works so I'll break it down. First the town square gets released eventually which is the foundation and ground work for this game. Then afterwards, modules 2 and 3 are released down the line respectively and that gives us more of the game to enjoy. Thirdly the beta is then eventually released even further down the line after all 3 modules are out. The beta is as close to the real game as we will get until the full release. So no this game isn't a scam and you demanding the beta right now makes you look like a self entitled, demanding brat. You clearly haven't been here long enough to know what goes on and certainly haven't been here long enough to warrant a right to make demands and call this game a scam. Please come back when you get educated on how game development works.
  11. Housing

    I apologise in advance If this question has already been asked but I'll get straight to the point. In the full game of identity or at least the beta seeing as that's as close to the full game as possible, when we are given our pledge apartments how will we find them? Will be it a case of we are given a random property and given a notification of where it is? Will we be allowed to choose any property that fits into the pledges category? For example the two bedroom apartment as part of VIP means you could choose any apartment that's two bedroom etc. Furthermore will it be in Ash Hill only? Or will it extend to roseport/ turtlehill? Any answer would be most graciously appreciated
  12. New website ?

    I don't think it's a case of too many toxic people as I've had the pleasure of meeting many a great people on this forum. I think the issue is that the toxic people who do show up don't always get dealt with as they should be I.e. this post with one or two people bickering and another separate post where the sake happened. People need to learn to get along or just don't say anything at all.
  13. New website ?

    I've tried getting people to play nicely before, needs to be enforced that if you can't get along with people then they get a warning for being aggressive and/ or antisocial.
  14. It's Community FORUM Right ? Why They delete my TOPIC?

    No you're just another whiner looking to get noticed and trying to make out your being scammed. Oh boo hoo you pledged 7 months ago, come back when you've been pledged for years like most people here, oh wait... I have to agree you're just trying to incite people turning away from this project and it won't work. But if a post gets deleted then there's a good reason why.
  15. 6 Tasks Left, Game will release after 3 weeks

    Prettying much what I was thinking. The only ones who know when town square will release are the devs and no one else. Gets tiresome seeing people guessing and making blind predictions