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  1. Private message me I have some useful information regarding the lupranos you'll quite like
  2. Well said Gene, I may not know you in real life but I can tell you're a good man with honest, decent morals and that is the kind of man who is fit to be elected Governor
  3. This is nothing but a poor attempt a smear campaign and you know it, Gene has already made it clear he's not affiliated with any criminal organisations but you're purposely trying to sabotage his campaign with false accusations and evidence that amounts to nothing. Gene was and still is the best candidate I've seen for governor, if Gene is so unprofessional as you claim then I'd like to see how your campaign is, how many supporters do you have? What's your plan? Why should we vote for you? Etc etc. If you've got nothing to say other than childish mud slinging then I think your business is at it's end
  4. Message me privately about what you want me to do as campaign manager and we'll arrange it together
  5. Anything, don't mind as long as I'm stood by your side when you're elected as governor
  6. Given everything you've said in your recent posts Gene, I've been thinking myself and I've decided I'm going to drop out of the campaign in favor of supporting you, I don't know if you've arranged with other people to be in your inner circle but I'd very much like to offer myself as your right hand man so to speak
  7. Gene if you think being a criminal and openly stating it is going to get you elected you're very much mistaken
  8. look i'm getting annoyed at seeing suggestions about aircraft, helicopters and planes will never be a thing because the first thing people will do is troll and grief, just like the same reason why sniper rifles and other forms of weaponry aren't being added, this game has to be realistic and in reality people have a much bigger chance of getting into politics or the emergency services etc rather than becoming a pilot
  9. jobs like these aren't player controlled because to the majority of players it would be boring spending all day driving up and down the map, yes i do agree the realism aspect of it would be great but most players don't want to be driving up and down all day just like most players don't want to be stood in a shop serving customers all day, it has to be fun to be worth adding in
  10. As the title says, will things like eye patches or other eye wear be available in game? It's an odd question i realise and if made available every other players will probably wear one but will eye patches be a thing?
  11. just checked the kickstarter site and fuck me 5000 dollars is ridiculous for any pledge, sure as hell glad it isn't an option now and most people couldn't afford it
  12. the full 500 smackeroonies which alllows bragging rights if i say so myself
  13. I don't think you understand, this game is heavily based on realism, that means modding can't really add much more and anything mods could add is based off of features that the Devs don't want to add, for example undercover police cars, the Devs have already said they want a clear difference between police officers and civilians and that means that won't happen, again mods are best left out of this game, if you want mods go play one of the many other games that have them but as far as everyone else is concerned the Devs aren't going to add modding to the game for obvious reasons, im sorry if you're the only one who wants mods but that doesn't mean everyone else should have to want them
  14. me personally and this is just me, i think it should be kept to talking through mic, i realise not everyone has a mic but a cheap one shouldn't be hard to get, the reason for this is it wouldn't be realistic if so many players were mute like GTA and well typing is the same thing, sending a text via phone or email in game yeah sure because you can't speak through either of said communication types. by no means should my opinion deter anyone from being able to enjoy text typing roleplay i'm just purely giving my take on the game
  15. i don't agree with modding on games like this because it takes away the realism, modding games like gta and arma aren't an issue because they aren't realistic or heavy role playing games, if the devs want this to be as real as possible then modding shouldn't be included, not all games need mods to be enjoyable and modding shouldn't be the main selling point for buying a game