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  1. Why is this even a debate? Everyone knows the devs have said it's not being included, personally I think it would ruin the game because of trolls and immersion breaking, sorry but it's not happening and I'm glad
  2. Amen to that, I've pointed out at least twice how flawed his logic is and all he's said is "hur de dur the devs aren't doing anything" and other ridiculous claims he can't back up, sure have an opinion, but don't make assumptions or claims unless you can prove it, I honestly think at this point he's just complaining for the sake of complaining and even when the game releases he'll probably be one of those people who is never satisfied Edit: this guy has barely been a member for a fortnight and he's done nothing but whinge and whine about things he can't back up, frankly people would do well to just ignore him, he's never going to stop and even when The devs do something he wants he'll find something else to whine about
  3. Pretty sure being very ill and using a cop out to not do something are two very different things, if you're going to make a statement like that I'd see it from their perspective first, so far all I've seen from you is constant negativity and accusations, if you so wholeheartedly believe this game is a scam and the devs aren't legit then why are you even still here?
  4. If they had any idea how bad antifa is and how uneducated they are they'd soon change their views, a party like this will never be elected especially because of how bad they've presented themselves, this is nothing more than a Communist dictatorship trying to make themselves out to be the good guys which is exactly how facists work, if anything they're the facists but they'll never listen
  5. So you're against facism yet you're a far Left party? If you're against capitalism I don't think you quite understand how the world works, now I'm not bringing real life stuff into this but capitalism is far more better for people than communism just pointing that out, also you have branded yourself a radical far Left party which doesn't make it any better, if you're radical then that tells me your potentially capable of taking extreme measures which I'm not comfortable with so I sure as hell ain't voting for you and lastly that picture of a spider being crushed makes your party to appear bigoted, in the sense that you think of the right and opposition as nothing more than a bug, you guys really aren't going about this the right way, if you had any sense of democracy then you'd be doing this way differently rather than join us and crush the right, for a party that's against facism you seem to be making it pretty clear who the real facists are and believe me it's not people like me.
  6. I really don't want to be a dick but it's great having the VIP pledge 😂😂
  7. agreed, i admit I've had a few times where I've felt unsure about this game but i know deep down it will be great, but to call it a scam without any proof is just childish skepticism at best, i haven't been pledged since the start or following for the last few years because i only found out about identity in December last year but I've showed the devs i'm eager to back them by backing the full $500 and like the majority of people i know identity will be the game we've all wanted to play, sorry luxtar as much as you're entitled to your opinion you're wrong on this matter
  8. personally i think it's great, they've spent a lot of time working on it and now have the confidence to say it's being released on the 21st march next year, it's not a million years away and it'll be worth it when it comes
  9. Excellent, that's how it should be because in real life you don't get anything for free, if you don't pledge for a reward that includes an apartment then you should either have temporary accommodation or just straight up be on the street, this isn't intended to be harsh just my opinion
  10. If that's the case it'll be a low end apartment with one room and barely anything to add, personally I think if people haven't pledged for a high enough tier they should have a hotel room temporarily and either pay for an extended stay via a job or end up homeless, it's real life
  11. If anything that seems pointless, what's the point in owning multiple apartments if you can't rent them out? Likewise with houses if you can rent them out why restrict people to just one? The logic just doesn't add up
  12. That's odd? I thought you could rent out a spare room in apartments? I know you can for houses
  13. Just so you know I hope you're aware that prices in identity will heavily reflect real life, if you're going to grind a job and save up you aren't going to just get an apartment within a week, you'll be spending ages working a job just like real life
  14. Which part of Canada are they based in? East coast or west?
  15. Oddly enough I find this hilarious that I'm trying not to laugh 😂😂 it's just the way you present it haha