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  1. The Liberal Progress Union

    Just to keep you guys informed of us
  2. List of people running

    What about us
  3. The Liberal Progress Union

    Just ask if you have any questions!
  4. The Liberal Progress Union

  5. Hey there! I am the head of the Liberal Progress Union and completely agree with you. As far as the Government is concerned it is not about the whole equality thing, it is about helping make jobs and boost the economy as well as keeping people safe and away from danger.  - Pine
  6. The Liberal Progress Union

  7. The Liberal Progress Union

    Thank you to everyone who is supporting us!  
  8. The Anarcho-Capitalist Movement

    So only 1 person will be alive at the end?
  9. The Anarcho-Capitalist Movement

    Then we shall take a look at there financial situation and come to a conclusion, also if you have any questions, head over to our page to ask! Or private msg me!
  10. The Anarcho-Capitalist Movement

    And yet he answered you who said something after me  haha
  11. The Anarcho-Capitalist Movement

    What you mean ?
  12. The Anarcho-Capitalist Movement

    Hello there Mr Capitalist, I am Co-founder of the LPU, and as I know you don't care, I will move swiftly on. I appreciate your speedy response to my co-worker here and I am one to respect all peoples beliefs, but obviously that doesn't  mean I believe many.  Unfortunatly, can we see any country in the world that does not have a head of the country? Off the top of my head I can't say I can. There must be a good reason for this, perhaps it is that a country doesn't work without one! Of course I am not stating that these people in power should control the world like big brother but as a close friend to all people. So simple saying that you want to irradiate all form of government can't be to imaginable for most people to look upon. Think of what the government offers, and take your country as an example. Think of all the good things they do to keep your country a better and safer place. A country without a government means no police, no healthcare and no fire stations. Does this really seem like a place were you feel safe? Everyone around you for all you know is holding an automatic rifle! Does that not bother you of your safety? If the people of the world thought that the world would be a better place without one, would the people not have risen up, and destroyed all of what the government stands for? Hope to hear from you soon! -Pine  
  13. The Liberal Progress Union

    I have found what you mean By SRS. I am afraid I know of no surgeons to perform this sort of operation, Many apologies, -Pine
  14. The Liberal Progress Union

    Hey there, great to hear from you!  We believe in equality and therfore anyone is allowed to get married to anyone! I am afraid I don't know what you mean by SRS though. -Thank you Pine
  15. Open Spaces in LPU - *Recruiting*

    Perfectly said