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  1. I know they aren't obligated to refund me but they have, and I'm very grateful for that.
  2. Refund has been received. Thanks guys!
  3. Cheers mate, me too
  4. Thanks man, please message me on Discord if anything develops. It's just annoying because John replied to me yesterday telling me to put the request through on PayPal, then for the rest of the evening I messaged him constantly letting him know I'd done that but he'd completely forgotten about it.
  5. Okay, I've constantly been messaging John and the moderators on Discord, I've sent several reminders on PayPal and I've sent more emails to John yet I haven't received a reply from anyone. I was very confident I'd receive my refund no problem but now I'm starting to doubt I'll get it at all. Some people have been refunded straight away, no problem, yet some people such as myself have to wait weeks for the slightest bit of progress, if someone could please let John know that I've requested the refund through PayPal I'd greatly appreciate it.
  6. Ty dude, think I'm almost there
  7. Making this post because I thought it'd be the best way to get the right peoples attention, I've sent a request for the refund on PayPal as I couldn't create a dispute because I bought the game back in December, hopefully John will read this and send me the refund.
  8. I tried getting the refund through PayPal but I can't create a dispute because I purchased the game so long ago; @Paratus I also have requested $30 from you guys, if you'd like to refund me that way.
  9. Hey I've requested the refund on PayPal.
  10. Yeah he's been helping me for the last couple days, but I've had no luck and I think three weeks for a response is a bit ridiculous.
  11. Good shout, not sure how to do that though
  12. PayPal, mate
  13. Emailed John asking for a refund 3 weeks ago now, really need the money by next week, was hoping someone could help speed up the process.
  14. Sent you the message mate.
  15. Hi, I sent an email to John asking for a refund two weeks ago and was wondering how long it takes for the refund to go through, any help would be greatly appreciated. [email protected]