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  1. "In theory it should work, if all are living in a bouble, all are free and no one will make it better for them self or for next generation. In real life this have shown not to work, because several things, ex. if a person takes an education lets say to be a lawyer, then its a long education, and the working hours can be 60-70h per week. And compared to a person that work on a daycare, with no education and have a work week on lets say 40h to give those 2 people same sallery, same living standards just because goverment think so are not working in real life. This model have been tryed out and no suprise its not working. It opens up for very high risk for corruption, and a black market that can not be controlled by goverment, those that are making most of it are the mafia." The claim is inaccurate considering that individuals within Cuba are WILLING to study medicine and function as doctors and professors despite earning a lesser amount of wealth than a waiter or waitress that is tipped a decent sum of currency by foreign tourists. However, due to the massive embargoes against Cuba, individuals were FORCED to exchange products within the black market due to a lack of resources within the island. In other terms, entities would be satisfied with fulfilling the role considering that they are ensured food, clothing, shelter, energy, education, and healthcare WHILE fulfilling their passions and desires within society. Does a child entertain his or her curious mind in exchange for a materialistic incentive? Not at all, it is an INTELLECTUAL and CREATIVE incentive.   My person intends to function as a lawyer AND a professor for the purposes of educating the public on academic subjects and political affairs while ensuring the justice is served within the nation.... the money is meaningless, EXCLUDING within a capitalistic system that REQUIRES my person to accumulate wealth in order to survive. P.S. "companies" would not exist within a Communist state. However, factories and stores that are owned by the STATE would exist within the nation considering that the PEOPLE, not business owners, seize the means of production within the nation.    
  2. The "Left Hand Mafia"

    Due to the hierarchical and structure of the organization, any entity beneath the Council shall truthfully struggle with the ability to attain the identity of "The Left-Hand" or "Five Fingers [of the Left-Hand]
  3. The "Left Hand Mafia"

    Research the term "Economic Liberalism" prior to claiming a "far-Right" political spectrum, unless one prefers a fascist government.
  4. The "Left Hand Mafia"

    Thus, your person would be classified as either a Libertarian or a Neo-Liberal.
  5. Would one prefer a Left-Wing Anarchist state (Communism) or a Right-wing Anarchic state?
  6. The "Left Hand Mafia"

    Thank you very much. Does one seem interested in functioning as a member of the organization?
  7. You seem to possess a major misunderstanding of Communism. 1. The state is GOVERNED by the PROLETARIAT considering that the PROLETARIAT SEIZES THE MEANS OF PRODUCTION 2. The REPRESENTATIVE must abide by the proletariat. Otherwise, the representative shall be overthrown.   What seems challenging for one to understand?   The STATE IS THE PEOPLE. The GOVERNMENT IS THE PEOPLE. THAT is Communism...  It prevents wealthy corporations from exploiting the people considering that the people control the market through a Direct-Democratic Communist state. Stalinism is not Communism considering that it is Stalinism, an ideology that resulted in the formation of a CAPITALIST Degenerated Workers State. P.S. Capitalism has caused more deaths than every so-called "Communist" nation combined.
  8.   The "Left-Hand Mafia" shall be recruiting individuals that are willing to fulfill the interests of a specific UNDISCLOSED political party in exchange for WEALTH, LUXURIES, AND FAVOURS. The RANKING system usually determines the amount of profits that a member shall receive. The percentage of profits shall be determined in the future... the ranks consists of the following: 1. The Left-Hand: The "Left-Hand" functions as the absolute leader of the organization. In the process, the "Left-Hand" is INCAPABLE of disclosing or revealing his or her government name to the public in order to ensure that the "Left-Hand" is not a target by government authorities or private organizations. Thus, the "Left-Hand" remains unrevealed and unknown to each and every member of the mafia-organization, EXCLUDING The Five Fingers of The Left. "The Left-Hand" is capable of engaging with each and every member of the organization. However, "The Left-Hand" CANNOT reveal his or her role as the leader of the organization in order to ensure that the organization remains secure and stable against any opposing third-party state or non-state organizations.   2. The Five-Fingers [of the Left]: The "Five-Fingers [of the Left] are "The Left-Hand's" elite-minded advisers with the second-highest status within the organization. Usually, each finger represents the support for "The Left Hand". Otherwise, "The Left-Hand" would cease to function effectively. Each member is classified with their own nickname in order to ensure their confidentiality within and outside of the organization while possessing unique RANKS and ROLES that contribute to The Left-Hand Mafia: A) The Thumb:  The Thumb is the dominant so-called "finger" within the organization that generally functions as the "Second in-command" of the organization. Hypothetically, if "The Left-Hand" is assassinated, disposed, resigned, or deceased due to natural causes, The Thumb shall function as the NEW "Left-Hand" of the organization. The thumb shall be DECAPITATED if it fails to abide by the guidelines of "The Red-Hand" or discloses the IDENTITY of EITHER THE FIVE FINGERS or "THE LEFT HAND" to ANY other individual within the entire world, resulting in replacing the thumb by another member that is appointed by "The Left-Hand". One must note that mentioning either individuals' identities is NOT an issue as long as their names are NOT connected to their RANK within the organization. B) The Index [Finger]: The "Index" [Finger] is third in command within the organization. The identical penalties applies to the "Index" [Finger] regarding the disclosure of The Five Fingers' [of the Left] of "The Left-Hand's" identity. C) The Middle-Man [Middle-Finger]: The "Middle-Man" or "Middle-Finger" is the fourth in command within the organization. The "Middle-Man" or "Middle-Finger" may secede "The Index [Finger]" if the subject is assassinated, disposed, resigned, promoted, demoted, or deceased due to natural causes. The identical penalties applies to the "Middle-Man" or "Middle-Finger" regarding the disclosure of The Five Fingers' [of the Left] of "The Left-Hand's" identity. D) The Ring-Man/Ring-Finger/Ringer: The fifth in command within the organization. "The Ring-Man", "Ring-Finger", or "Ringer" may secede "The Middle-Man [Middle-Finger]" if the subject is assassinated, disposed, resigned, promoted, demoted, or deceased due to natural causes. The identical penalties applies to the "The Ring-Man", "Ring-Finger", or "Ringer" regarding the disclosure of The Five Fingers' [of the Left] of "The Left-Hand's" identity. E: Pinky/Smalls [Finger]: The sixth in command within the organization. Pinky/Smalls [Finger] may secede "The Ring-Man" if the subject is assassinated, disposed, resigned, promoted, demoted, or deceased due to natural causes. The identical penalties applies to the "Pinky/Smalls" or regarding the disclosure of The Five Fingers' [of the Left] of "The Left-Hand's" identity.   3. The Left-Hand Council [of Thirteen]:  Thirteen members that are appointed within the council in order to function as the advisers of "The Five Fingers [Of the Left-Hand]. Usually, The Left-Hand Council [of Thirteen] tends to function as the elitist members of the organization with the ability to interact with the "The Five Fingers [of Left-Hand]". Thus, The Left Hand and Left-Hand Council [of Thirteen] usually discusses the affairs of the organization in order to present "The Five Finger's" orders to the "Officers" (via the MESSENGER) The council cannot disclose the identity of "The Five Fingers" OR The Left-Hand Council [of Thirteen] to any member or non-member within the map. However, disclosing their identities is not an issue as long as subjects are not revealed to be connected to the organization. The council is capable of ELECTING one member of the council if "The Five Fingers [of the Left]" requires another "Pinky/Smalls" through a democratic vote.   4. The Messenger: The messenger transports the information from "The Left-Hand Council [of Thirteen]" to the officers... Nothing more, nothing less. The Messenger is usually classified as a former dedicated "Officer" that deserves to attain a large amount of wealth after dedicating their entire life to the organization. In other terms, it is the "easy job" after functioning as a veteran member of the organization. The entire organization merely consists of ONE MESSENGER in order to ensure that the CONFIDENTIALITY of "The Left-Hand Council [of Thirteen] remains secure. The Messenger shall be executed if it discloses the name of an individual and their connection to the organization. For example, the Messenger cannot state "Christopher Wilson is a member of The Left-Hand Council [of Thirteen]!" to any member or non-member of the organization. However, the Messenger merely delivers the message... 5. The Treasurer: Responsible for presenting the organization's profits, losses, funds, distribution of funds etc... to The Messenger. Usually, The Treasurer attains the profits from the officers prior to presenting the profits to the messenger. The Messenger is expected to disclose the profits to "The Left-hand Council [of Thirteen]" while "The Left-Hand Council [of Thirteen]" discloses the profits to "The Five Fingers [of the Left-Hand]". Finally, "The Five Fingers [of the Left-Hand] discloses the profits, losses etc... to "The Left-Hand". The Treasurer does NOT regulate the WEALTH of the organization. However, it is the individual that REPORTS the information to higher members of the organization. Any MEMBER that conducts theft on the organization's currency shall be assassinated as soon as possible. 6. Officers: Thirty-three officers are appointed by a combination of "The Five Fingers [of the Left-Hand]" and "The Left-Hand Council [of Thirteen]" in order to abide by the orders of The Left-Hand Council [of Thirteen]. In the process, officers possess the ability to control their own "family" that exists under their last name. For example, James Taylor would form "The Taylor Family". Thus, the Officers are capable of forming their own unique orders as long as it does not interfere with the orders of "The Left-Hand Council [of Thirteen]". Otherwise, the Officer shall be executed by the organization. 7. Family Member: A regular member of the organization. Usually, the Family Member is expected to respond and abide by the orders of their Officer. Failure to abide by the orders of an officer may result in disciplinary actions that are devised by the Officer of the family. The family member is expected to classify themselves as a member of their respective family. For example, Tony Smith is a member of "The Taylor Family" (governed by Officer James Taylor) in order to be classified as "Tony 'Taylor' Smith". The identical scenario would apply to Mario Machiavelli as a member of "The Washington Family" in order to be classified as "Mario Washington Machiavelli". Each "Family Member" possesses numerous roles that could be fulfilled throughout the organization. The roles may include: robber, arsonist, extortionist, assassin, thief, kidnapper, espionage agent etc... any role that one could imagine as long as it contributes to the organization. 8. Recruit: The lowest member of the organization that is often expected to fulfill numerous tasks for family members and officers until the officer deems the recruit to be a suitable member of a specific family. Each and every member of the organization shall be capable of fulfilling any role that their character desires. However, each and every member must abide by the hierarchical structure of the organization. In other terms, the recruit must abide by the guidelines of the family and officer, the family members must abide by their officer, the officers must abide by the orders of the messenger, the messenger must abide by the orders of "The Left-Hand Council [of Thirteen]", "The Left-Hand Council [of Thirteen] must abide by the orders of "The Left-Hand", and "The Left-Hand" must abide by it's.... you guessed it... the undisclosed political party that had FORMED the entire organization since DAY ONE. Each and every member shall attain profits according to their ranks and roles within the organization considering that the organization intends to assert it's dominance throughout the map. The political party shall not claim ownership of any of the mafia's possessions etc... However, the party shall be expected to attain 50% of the ENTIRE organization's profits. In the process, the organization shall attain an extensive amount of favours from political leaders, Lawyers, doctors etc... within the city. It shall be worth one's efforts... PROFIT AND FAVOURS.  UNIFORM: During important meetings, members are expected to equip a black or grey suit on to their character with a red shirt. However, members are not expected to equip a suit on to their character during the majority of their daily activities considering that it would preserve the CONFIDENTIALITY of the organization.    Codes: Each and every member, depending on their rank, shall be presented with a set of CODES in order to ENSURE that the individuals are a member of the organization. The codes of a member of "The Left-Hand Council [of Thirteen]" shall possess different codes compared to an Officer etc... Any disclosure of such codes to another ranking member or non-member shall be executed considering that it would result in undercover officers or a third-party organization infiltrating the organization. "False-claiming" is NOT acceptable. (P.S. The mafia shall clearly BEGIN as a small organization until the organization consists of a lot of members)
  9. Neither The Republic of China, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, or the U.S.S.R. were Communist nations considering that such nations were State-Capitalist Degenerated Worker States. A TRUE Communist state is automatically a Direct-Democratic state considering that it functions as a "Dictatorship (ruled) of the Proletariat (workers)". How would The People's Revolutionary Party possess the ability to abolish a Direct-Democratic procedure without infringing the Constitutional Laws that results in the IMPEACHMENT through PEACEFUL or VIOLENT means? The party legitimately states that it's citizens, including Law enforcement officers, could possess the LEGAL RIGHT to execute it's representative as long as the representative infringes the Constitutional guidelines of The People's Revolutionary Party. In reality, the Representative IS the people considering that the Representative does NOT possess the authority to enact any Laws or Policies without the CONSENT and WILL of the PEOPLE through a DIRECT-DEMOCRATIC VOTE. In other terms, the representative is the puppet of it's people... the voice of it's people... the representative of it's people.... it cannot infringe the Constitution without being assassinated by one individual.
  10. The state shall function as a Direct-Democracy. Thus, the representative possesses zero powers excluding the ability to fulfill the demands of the public through the democratic process. Otherwise, the state, alongside it's citizens, shall possess the Right to overthrow the representative through peaceful or forceful means if the representatives commits an act that violates the constitution. Private Property has been responsible for exploiting the labour power of working class citizens while neglecting individuals the ability to attain food, clothing, shelter, energy, healthcare, and education, such as the case-study that involves Nestle OWNING the fresh-water rivers of India, resulting in average farmer's inability to harvest crops. Sacrifice the individual in order to benefit the WHOLE.
  11. Does one possess any questions regarding the political, economic, social, or legal affairs of the P.R.P.?
  12. What appears to be the issue with critically analyzing the traits of another political organization? You've presumed that I have not attempted to form a campaign.
  13. When did my person compare "The United States of America v. Russia"? In fact, the Stalin-controlled USSR was just as imperialist as The United States of America during The Cold War considering that the U.S.S.R. was not a Communist state. The private-prison business profits from incarcerating individuals that suffer from substance abuse. Thus, it is a crisis of capitalism considering that the state maximized profits by incarcerating individuals within private prisons rather than incarcerating subjects within state-owned prisons.   It is an issue with Capitalism when imprisoning individuals for profit is more valuable than rehabilitating individuals that suffer from substance abuse.   Do not claim that my person is narrow-minded when you've already presumed that I am ignorant while your arguments are "absolute truths"...
  14.   THE PEOPLE'S REVOLUTIONARY PARTY (P.R.P.)     (SHALL BE EDITED AND REVISED OVERTIME) Name: The People's Revolutionary Party (P.R.P.) Ideology: Direct-Democratic Communism Explanation of the ideology: The Direct-Democratic Communist State shall include: A Communist State involves providing each and every single proletarian (labourer) with free, unlimited, and sustainable food, clothing, shelter, energy, education, and healthcare. In the process, the proletarian-state (worker-owned state) shall seize the means of production within a centralized economy in order to ensure that each and every single human being attains the basic necessities to life. Finally, the idea of "class" shall be abolished in order to prevent the bourgeoisie from exploiting the citizens of the state.  A Direct-Democracy involves providing citizens with the ability to elect Laws that shall be enacted by the representative of The People's Revolutionary Party, rather than to elect a representative that enacts Laws and policies on behalf of the people. In other terms, in order to prevent the representative from misrepresenting the interests of the proletariat, the representative MUST fulfill the either ACCEPTED or REJECTED proposal by the majority of the citizens within the state or city. Thus, the state is truthfully governed by the PEOPLE based on the sole premise that the PEOPLE elect Laws and policies rather than representatives within office. Hypothetically, if the representative refrains from fulfilling the elected demand of the public, excluding for unconstitutional purposes, the proletarian shall possess every Right to impeach the representative through either peaceful OR violent means. The constitution shall mention that the Law enforcement officers of the state shall be OBLIGATED to overthrow the representative that does not represent the ELECTED decision of the majority, excluding unconstitutional policies, rather than to defend the representatives as it's public servants.   Constitution of The People's Revolutionary Party: 1. Freedom of Expression: Each and every citizen shall possess the Right to express their opinion to the public, excluding hate-speech that may provoke acts of violence within the nation. 2. Right to Food: Each and every citizen shall possess the Right to attain a three-course meal during the day. 3. Right to Water: Each and every citizen shall possess the Right to sanitary water. 4. Right to Shelter: Each and every citizen shall possess the Right to possess a dwelling place with a heating/cooling system, a bed, a fridge, a stove, and a roof over their heads. 5. Right to be Clothed: Each and every citizen shall possess the Right to possess clothing in order to survive the cold and/or warm environments. 6. Right to Energy: Each and every citizen shall possess the Right to possess energy within their dwelling place, including fuel for their vehicles. 7. Right to Healthcare: Each and every citizen shall possess the Right to a doctor, hospital bed, and medication. 8. Right to Education: Each and every citizen shall possess the Right to be educated within primary, secondary, and post-secondary educational institutions. 9. Right to Mobility: Each and every citizen shall possess the Right to travel throughout the city without any interference, unless the subject infringes the criminal code. 10. Right to Bear Arms: Each and every citizen shall possess the Right to possess, own, and travel with a firearm, excluding former felons that have been charged for committing a violent criminal act. 11. Right to Participation: Each and every citizen shall possess the Right to participate within Direct-Democratic elections regarding the foreign and domestic political, economic, social, and militaristic policies of the state/city. 12. Right to Revolt against Misrepresentation: Each and every citizen shall possess the Right to utilize REASONABLE FORCE in order to overthrow a political leader that misrepresents the ELECTED demands of the PROLETARIAT during the Direct-Democratic elections as long as the proposed policy or Law does not infringe the Constitution of the city/state. 13. Right to Protect: Each and every citizen shall possess the Right to utilize REASONABLE FORCE against any individual that intends to inflict harm against a human being through unconstitutional and unlawful means.  14. Right to Exist: Each and every citizen shall possess the Right to EXIST, despite their gender, sexuality, ethnicity, sexual preference, religious belief, age, nationality, language, physical or mental disability, and political spectrum. This right does NOT include individuals that commit criminal acts. 15. Right to Remain Silent: Each and every citizen shall possess the Right to remain silent within any political, legal, social, militaristic, executive, legislative, or economic procedures. In other terms, citizens possess the Right to remain silent, regardless of the situation. ---------------------------------------------------- PRODUCE QUESTIONS IN ORDER TO ATTAIN RESPONSES THAT SHALL BE ADDED TO THE MAIN POST: Q&A (QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS):