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  1. If one is referencing to The People's Revolutionary Party, the organization is willing to accept Russian players within the game AS LONG as the players are capable of speaking and understanding the English language. Otherwise, it would be challenging for other players to understand your statements. The People's Revolutionary Party lacks a lot of players at the moment. In other terms, it is a very small party that is currently recruiting players within the organization.
  2. I shall be located within the "EST" or "Eastern" time-zone as a residence within Toronto, Canada (identical to New York).
  3. Does any other citizen possess any questions regarding The People's Revolutionary Party?
  4. gangs

    Gangs and sets often possess matching bandanas that are the identical colour on to their body.
  5. The land-owners and tenants would be expected to invest in private security officers in order to reduce the criminal activity that exists within their neighborhood in order to increase the value of the region.
  6. Re-examine the main post in order to understand that the government shall possess a supreme court titled as "The People's Revolutionary Court", which is divided into three sections: 1. The People's Constitutional Court 2. The People's Criminal Court 3. The People's Civil Court
  7. The assassin shall be obligated to remain silent to any Law enforcement officers or state officials, excluding his lawyer, regarding the situation.
  8. "The Left-Hand Mafia" is recruiting assassins that are willing to function as an assassin for a mafia that also possesses benefits from a political party within the game. MESSAGE ME IF YOU'RE INTERESTED considering that assassinations shall benefit the interests of "The Left-Hand Mafia" while ensuring that the assassin remains LEGALLY PROTECTED by a combination of the mafia AND political party.
  9. Why does one assume that Law enforcement officers shall be incapable of enforcing the Law against any unjust human being that infringes the Constitution? The game shall not consist of judges based on the sole premise that Motown has confirmed that players shall function as member of the "Jury" while the judge shall be an AI-controlled subject. The people propose ideals and and vote on the proposition in order for The People's Revolutionary Party to review whether the proposition is "CONSTITUTIONAL" or "UNCONSTITUTIONAL". If the Law or policy is Unconstitutional, it shall be REJECTED by the representative of the party. If the Law is Constitutional, it shall be accepted by the representative of the party. If the representative ACCEPTS an Unconstitutional policy, the representative shall be overthrown by a COMBINATION of the PARTY, LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS, AND PEOPLE for enacting an Unconstitutional Law and committing an act of "Unconstitutionalism". If the representative REJECTS a Constitutional policy, the representative shall be overthrown by a COMBINATION of the PARTY, LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS, AND PEOPLE for committing the offense of "Misrepresentation". EDIT: Assumed that the post was produced within "The People's Revolutionary Party" topic... apologize for the inconvenience.
  10. The FAQ informs the public regarding the difference between an "Income Taxation" period and a "Universal/Revolutionary Taxation" period. Income tax: Income tax is enacted during stages of overproduction and over-consumption. Income tax is divided into five quintiles: 1. Upper Class (Highest tax) 2. Upper-Middle Class (Second highest tax) 3. Middle Class (Median tax) 4. Lower-Middle Class (Minuscule tax) 5. Lower class (Minimal tax) Universal/Revolutionary Tax: 100% taxation on each and every citizen in order to produce a sufficient and sustainable planned economy during a stage of Classism (major gap between the classes).
  11. The taxation system shall ensure that each and every human being shall be capable of affording a two bedroom apartment.
  12. Communism and Democracy are 100% synonymous with one another considering that Communist serves the interests of the whole while a democracy serves the interests of a majority under Constitutional guidelines. In reality, Democracies are antonymous to capitalism based on the sole premise that a capitalistic system serves the interest of an INDIVIDUAL'S PRIVATE INTERESTS while a democracy serves the interests of a MAJORITY'S NATIONAL INTEREST. Usually, the INDIVIDUAL'S PRIVATE INTEREST involves wealthy bourgeois multi-millionaires and billionaires countering against the political proposals of working-class citizens considering that the MAJORITY of citizens within any given nation is within the lower three quintiles of the financial class-based system. Thus, politicians within advanced capitalist Neo-Liberal democracies often serve the interests of the top two dominant quintiles despite possessing a majority population of the top three lowest quintiles. In other terms, the Neo-Liberal advanced capitalist bourgeois-state serves the interests of the wealthy via capitalism while neglecting the democratic decisions of the public considering that elected officials do not fulfill their promises in public in order to serve the interests of the bourgeoisie/wealthy land owners. In conclusion, capitalism is NOT synonymous with democratic ideals while COMMUNISM is 100% synonymous with Direct-Democratic ideals.
  13. I am generally suggesting that the game should possess customized buttons, pins, political signs, and protester signs while utilizing the "P.R.P." as an example.
  14. Aren't Laws produced by the judicial, legislative, and executive bodies of any given nation? In reality, Law enforcement officers ENFORCE Laws rather than producing Laws. Yet, Law enforcement officers are capable of functioning as corrupted agents that infringe the Law in order to benefit their self-interests.
  15. The game SHOULD consist of roadblocks as long as it is approved by the government considering that it produces a realistic analysis of the lifestyle of a criminal that is "on the run". The criminal shall be expected to attain a new identity and avoid attracting attention from authorities. Thus, the subject shall be expected to either limit his or her traveling or completely alter their identity.