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  1. Does each and every one of those parties only consist of one member?

    As a role-play game, subjects shall be capable of role-playing the job within the game in order to increase the realism within the game. For example, a subject that pleads "insanity" in order to evade being tried for possessing the "Mens Reas" (Guilty Mind) to commit a criminal offense could be analyzed and assessed by psychologists and psychiatrists in order to determine whether the criminal act was intentional or unintentional. It would result in enrolling the subject into a psychiatric ward rather than a prison.
  4. The United States of America had managed to industrialize rapidly due to their ability to mass-produce agricultural goods with free labour, prior to utilizing that wealth to invest in industrial production with child labourers that were underpaid. The state of Germany had underwent mass-industrialization during the Nazi-era, resulting in possessing the ability to mass-produce industrialized goods that would eventually benefit the nation-state in the future. In fact, examining Germany's history prior to the formation of the NAZI party, one would confirm that the state of Germany had transitioned from one of the most poorest nations within Western Europe to an economic superpower considering that it had possessed the ability to mass-industrialize commodities through slave labour. The "National-Socialist" Party classified itself as "Socialist" in order to attain support from working-class citizens that had supported other authentic Socialist parties within Germany. It was merely a ploy to attain support from the majority of Aryan working-class citizens, despite displaying characteristics that were completely opposite of Socialism. After WWII, Japan had possessed the necessary goods, through slave labour, to begin the process of mass-industrialization. Capitalism within the West would not thrive if such nation-states did not profit from paying foreign labourers within developing nations with twenty-five cents an hour.
  5. "As you idiotically claim"... I did not claim that "Socialism caused these nations to be prosperous". Thank you very much for the ad hominem fallacy, it clearly displays your ability to engage in an intelligent discussion. The majority of "prosperous" modern-day Capitalist nation-states had managed to attain such a state of "prosperity" through either slavery, colonialism, genocide, warfare, or the exploitation of labour and resources within third world nations. U.S. = Genocide of indigenous populations + enslavement of African populations Germany = Genocide of non-Aryans + enslavement of non-Aryans Japan = Invasion of Korea and China alongside with the enslavement of Koreans and Chinese citizens. You're continuously applying the phrase "First world COMMUNIST countries" when zero Communist nation-states have ever existed within society. Communism is the stage that exists directly after Socialism as a CLASSLESS and STATELESS system due to the overproduction of goods that are capable of meeting the demands of the entire population within a specific region. "Every country in south america is not only open to socialism"... Only Venezuela and Cuba had adopted an economic system that closely resembles Socialism. However, neither nation-states consists of a "Dictatorship of the Proletariat" considering that it has been governed by a centralized bureaucracy of the bourgeoisie. In the process, countless C.I.A.-based operations, alongside with global embargoes, has resulted in these nation-states' inability to attain access to resources that exist outside of their borders. The People's Republic of China was probably one of the most backwards feudal nation-states on the planet until the Socialist policies of Mao Tse Tung had increased the Human Development and production-rate of the nation-state to the extent that it had transitioned into one of the most dominant superpowers within the planet Earth. The identical scenario applied to the U.S.S.R., a former-feudalistic society with a 99% illiteracy rate until The Soviet Union had converted the nation-state into a global superpower. Somalia was once classified as "The Paradise of Afirika" under the Scientific-Socialist regime of Jaalle Maxamed Siyaad Barre until his person was deposed... a nation with universal education and healthcare has transitioned itself into an Anarcho-Capitalist wasteland of private militaries dictating regions of the nation-state.
  6. I intend to remain active within the forums regardless as to whether the release date of the module has been disclosed or not.
  7. In my opinion, regardless of the age limit of the game, one should be able to purchase and play the game if one is capable of abiding by the social and mechanical rules of the game. In the process, one should automatically report any individual that abuses you within or outside of the game.
  8. The incidents listed above were less likely to occur under self-proclaimed Socialist societies. Why does one continuously reference to former self-proclaimed Socialist nation-states as "Communist" when Communism has never existed within society? Communism is the stage that exists after Socialism, which involves abolishing class AND the state due to overproduction, resulting in each and every single human being attaining commodities and services for free beyond the basic necessities to life? In fact, such incidences had increased due to the enactment of Neo-Liberal policies that decreases the presence of social institutions, empowering multi-national corporations to exploit labourers and resources for profit. For example, within India, farmers are incapable of watering their crops considering that multi-national corporations, such as Nestle, claim ownership to the sanitary water sources within the nation-state, resulting in M.N.C.s selling water bottles to farmers in order to water their crops. It's not misleading... individuals claim that Capitalism is prosperous. Yet, it cannot eliminate the most basic issues within the developing world considering that developed nations cannot prosper under Capitalism without exploiting the developing world. In fact, under Socialism, more individuals were capable of attaining access to food and sanitary water, such as the cases within Cuba, Burkina Faso, and Somaaliya, than when such nations were under capitalism (excluding Cuba).
  9. The People's Revolutionary Party may be seeking your services in the future, potential comrade.
  10. May one please message my inbox by "copying and pasting" this response in the message, comrade? You and I shall discuss your future within the organization. - Damien Malik, Founder of The People's Revolutionary Party
  11. Individuals are willing to produce countless political parties. Yet, individuals are not willing to join another political party as either a representative, party member, or non-party member employee.
  12. May one please produce a logo for "The Left-Hand Mafia", comrade?
  13. Contact my mailbox if one possesses any questions regarding the intentions or structure of the organization, potential comrade.
  14. The P.R.P. shall legalize each and every narcotic substance with free/universal rehabilitation institutions in order to ensure that substance abusers are rehabilitated for their addiction to such substances. In the process, it would prevent drug cartels from profiting from a substance abuser's harmful addiction. Finally, it would ensure that substance abusers are rehabilitated rather than imprisoned considering that substance abuse is a "mental illness" caused by environmental factors rather than an offense that harms an innocent third party. In conclusion, the P.R.P. is the most pro-drug Socialist/Communist party within Identity Island.