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  1. The political analyst is expected to analyze each and every party's stance on numerous political and economic issues prior to determining their stance within the political spectrum. It does not require any game-play at the moment.
  2. Still waiting for the political analysis to share their objective and unbiased reports to the public...
  3. The serious politicians would merely transfer to a serious private server if the official servers are incapable of roleplaying these roles effectively within the game.
  4. The notion that a governor's tax policies within official servers is capable of manipulating businesses etc... the governors would be deemed to be powerful considering that businesses and politicians would conduct favours for one another in order to fulfill their self-interests within Identity Island. However, within serious role-play servers, policies might be enforced by governors that heavily impact the entire island.
  5. Any updates on the political analyst's research and potential disclosure of their findings?
  6. I mean, you're comparing one Wikipedia page which cites sources from unreliable scholars that has been debunked and ridiculed for producing inaccurate recordings of the number of deaths within The U.S.S.R. and The People's Republic of China to an individual that has analyzed these theories, in depth, as a political scientist... Is one interested in engaging in an actual discussion that involves reading hundreds of pages of information? Or, is one willing to remain close-minded on the subject with Wikipedia sources? Edit: This was posted without reading the previous post. It is a lot of content for the average working-class citizen, whom works a minimum of thirty hours per week, to read... trust me... it's a practice that involves a lot of time and dedication in order to understand the information in depth... cannot blame you.
  7. Communism is the stage that exists directly after Socialism. The majority, if not all, of the nation-states within the planet Earth that had pro-claimed to be "Communist" or "Socialist" were capitalist nation-states undergoing the transition from Capitalism to Socialism. You're honestly believing that the production of a symbol that represented Socialism and Communism suggests that the actual stage of Communism has existed within the planet Earth?
  8. Communism is defined as a stateless and classless system of overproduction that causes the proletariat to be self-reliant without any guidance from a state, excluding administrative organizations that organize resources and wealth. Any scholar would be aware that Wikipedia is not a reliable source of information. Capitalism kills more human beings within five years than the entire combined history of Socialist-governed nation-states, if one is willing to examine developing nation-states that are victims of famine, poverty, income-inequality etc... under capitalist imperialism.
  9. One possesses zero evidence to support such a claim considering that "Communism" has NEVER existed within the planet Earth. Another individual that produces mediocre claims without any in-depth understanding of the theory... misinterpreting "State-Capitalism" with "Communism". P.S. I am a Communist majoring in the political sciences within the real world with the intent of functioning as a professor and lawyer. Has one analyzed the Communist Manifesto prior to claiming that any of these half-Socialist nation-states were Communist? They were hardly Socialist from the beginning of their revolutions.
  10. Social Security

    Individuals are capable of utilizing the "roleplay" aspect of the game to produce insurance companies that heavily assess the financial history of individuals in order to determine whether one's "credit" could result in receiving a loan. In the process, other subjects could produce "employment companies" that heavily focus on analyzing the employment history of individuals while utilizing their resources and contacts to provide their consumers with a job, occupation, or career. It is implementable as long as one acknowledges their creative power within a heavily immersive roleplaying game.
  11. The questions are I was wondering if you all plan to play on the same server? The People's Revolutionary Party shall be installed within an official server that is deemed to be heavily populated by citizens. However, it may transfer to a white-listed serious R.P. server if the official servers are incapable of preserving a well-dedicated social, political. economic, and DIVERSE atmosphere that truthfully represents the interests of "serious roleplay". Or do you plan to only play on a server that would equal a easy win for you? An "easy win" eliminates the competitive aspect of roleplaying to the best of one's ability. Do you plan to run in every server until you win in one of the servers? The People's Revolutionary Party intends to play within one official server and a potential dedicated white-listed serious roleplay server. If you lose will you leave said server or do you plan to stay in said server? Not at all, The People's Revolutionary Party shall continue to engage in a class-struggle against the bourgeois-capitalist system within Identity Island considering that a mere loss within the battlefield does not indicate that one has lost the war. If you do decide to stay if you lose what job will you do until you win? Damien Malik, representative and founder of The People's Revolutionary Party, intends to function as a criminal and civil defense lawyer and an author while functioning as a candidate for the party within Identity Island.
  12. First Character: Politics/Writing/Law (Damien Malik, Representative of The People's Revolutionary Party Second Character: Criminal/Mining/Poetry/Activism/Farming (Jeru Jones) Third Character: Criminal/Business (Dimitri Tsarnov)
  13. FIRST CHARACTER Name: Damien Malik Appearance: African male with either bald or short fro-like hair. The subject may be either equipped in a black or grey suit with a fedora during his political term. Otherwise, he is generally equipped in a black button-up shirt or attire that is similar to Kim Jong-Un. - Clean shaven Race/ethnicity/nationality: Either a Trinidadian or Ghanian ethnicity with a U.S. Passport from Brooklyn, New York. Personality: An intelligent, calm, compassionate, generous, and scientific mind that heavily indulges in Socialist/Communist literature. Education: A criminal and corporate Law degree with a PhD. in the political sciences. Sexuality: Heterosexual Misc Facts: - A Marxist-Leninist-Maoist - Founder and First Representative of The People's Revolutionary Party - A vegetarian - Passionate about gun ownership - Revolutionary-minded in a legal and political manner. Background: The subject was born within Brooklyn, New York with a father that was executed by British officers within Ghana/Trinidad during the colonial era. The individual was raised amongst impoverished human beings, alongside with his sweatshop-labouring mother, within the projects of Bedford-Stuyvesant Brooklyn. The mother had committed suicide due to the struggle with raising a child as a single-parent mother that was recently laid-off within an automobile. Thus, Damien Malik had studied within university, specifically around Marxist-based literature that heavily emphasized the class struggle, prior to functioning as a professor in the political sciences and a Lawyer. Malik had applied his understanding of the Law in order to defend impoverished African-Americans that were either falsely imprisoned by the state or laid-off by private industries. Afterwards, he had decided to migrate to "Identity Island" due to the high-demand for lawyers and professors within the region. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Second Character Name: Jeru Jones Appearance: - Thin African-American with either a massive afro, deadlocks, or cornrows. - Possesses a long beard. - Often equipped with a black leather jacket, either black khaki pants or jeans, a beret (unless the subject possesses an afro), and black boots. - The subject may equip a Dashiki, depending on the situation. Race/ethnicity/nationality: African-American that was born within Harlem, New York Personality: - Radical-minded revolutionary - Self-identifies as a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist - A womanizer - Often protests within the street - Heavy consumer of marijuana - Passionate about "Protracted People's War" (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist) - Militarily opposes Law enforcement officers Education: High-school drop-out. Sexuality: Heterosexual Misc Facts: - Practices voodoo - Produces poetry - Changed his government name in order to conceal his identity Background: "Jeru Jones", formally known as Christopher Williams, was a felon that was responsible for committing acts of arson against a police station, alongside with an account of homicide against a Law enforcement officer during a traffic violation, within Harlem, New York. Thus, "Christopher Williams" had altered his name to "Jeru Jones" prior to seeking refuge within "Identity Island". Prior to his criminal acts against the police department of Harlem, Jeru Jones had served the military within Iraq. His devout dedication to Marxist-Leninist-Maoist thought had provoked such frustration towards United States of American capitalist-imperialism. However, due to his inability to utilize United States of American airports as an indictable felon, the subject had boarded a freight that traveled directly towards Identity Island, resulting in the formation of a new human being... Jeru Jones. --------------------------------------------------------- THIRD CHARACTER Name: Dimitri Tsarnov Appearance: - A bit chubby - Hair is either combed-over, slicked back, or combed-forward. - Often equipped in a black/grey suit with a fedora. Otherwise, equipped in a trench-coat, bath-robe, track-suit, or button-up shirt with jeans. Race/ethnicity/nationality: Russian Personality: - Rarely speaks - Direct with words - Nearly emotionless - Anti-Capitalist Misc Facts: - Raised under the Soviet Union as a member of the K.G.B. - Defected to The United States of America directly after the collapse of The Soviet Union. - A Marxist-Leninist - Chain-smoker of cigarettes and cigars - Is currently a mobster Background: Dimitri Tsarnov was a former K.G.B. agent of The Soviet Union. However, Tsarnov had defected to The United States of America during the collapse of The Soviet Union. The subject had decided to reside within "Identity Island" in order to escape residing within the mainland of The United States of America.
  14. Damien Malik, representative of The People's Revolutionary Party, might be interested in joining a serious white-listed role-play server.