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  1. Chop's Butcher Shoppe - Meat & Fish (HIRING!)

    Welcome to the business, Mr. Tambar. Your services shall be appreciated!
  2. Company Name: Chop's Butcher Shoppe Owner: Dimitri Tsarnov Vice-Owner: Burdock Tambar Commodity or Service: Meat and Fish "Chop's Butcher Shoppe" shall be distributing a variety of meat and fish products to average citizens and local businesses, ensuring that each and every consumer attains the most high-quality meat that they desire to receive. "Chop's Butcher Shop" shall be distributing a variety of either fresh or cured chicken, beef, pork, deer, duck, sheep, lamb, rabbit, elk, moose, alligator, crocodile, fish, and crustacean-based meat products in order to contribute to your heart dietary needs. Please, do not order "Extra Salted" meats if you're unaware of it's value... The company is searching for EMPLOYEES, BUSINESS PARTNERS, AND CONSUMERS: 1. Hunters 2. Fishers 3. Transporters 4. Salt Miners 5. Cashiers 6. Butchers (includes "curing" meat) 7. Advertisers 8. Restaurants (purchasing a bulk-supply of meat)
  3. I shall be devising a poll regarding the type of businesses that one intends to produce within Identity Island. The poll shall be divided into three different categories: 1. Raw Materials 2. Manufactured Goods 3. Services A "Raw-Material"-oriented company focuses on producing the raw materials that shall be sold to a manufacturing company. For example: 1. Oil 2. Gold 3. Diamonds 4. Animal Hides 5. Crops (Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cucumbers etc...) 6. Unprocessed raw meat (land animals or sea creatures) 7. Iron or Steel etc... A "Manufactured Goods"-oriented company focuses on producing manufactured items from raw materials. For example: 1. Fuel/Gasoline 2. Gold jewelry 3. Diamond jewelry 4. Leather jackets 5. Hamburgers, hot-dogs, fish-fillet, tacos etc... 6. Vehicles 7. Furniture etc... A "Services"-oriented company focuses on selling services to the public. For example: 1. Security Firm 2. Law Firm 3. Telephone Service Provider etc.... If 2 out of 3 of these markets do not apply to you, then select "Does not Apply" within the poll. One should also disclose the business within this topic considering that I currently cannot even fathom the countless amount of innovative and creative ideas that individuals possess for a business. Thank you very much for your assistance.
  4. The "Left Hand Mafia"

    Contact this account if you're interested in possessing any role within the organization.
  5. The "Left Hand Mafia"

    Indeed, one to two "bumps" per month shall ensure that the topic remains on top of the forums in order to attract the attention of newcomers or potential recruits. The recruitment program shall also exist during Town's Square, as-well.
  6. The "Left Hand Mafia"

    Topics are bumped once in a while in order to ensure that the topic remains on top of the forums. Every once in a while, the organization receives a message from an individual requesting to function as a member of the organization. The most recent individual was recruited five days ago. The topic was bumped once during May and twice during June, which should be expected within an organization that only accepts "Message-based recruits" rather than "Topic-based recruits". More recruits shall be formed via The Town's Square. An organized mafia will always succeed as long as it abides by it's organizational structure. Not even it's own membership is aware of the mafia's main leader.
  7. The "Left Hand Mafia"

    For the purposes of recruiting new members into the organization.
  8. The "Left Hand Mafia"

    Their activities remain undisclosed since it is a very discrete organization. One cannot reveal the identities of either members within the mafia.
  9. The "Left Hand Mafia"

    The organization already possesses a membership of over seven individuals. Thus, the presumption is a bit inaccurate.
  10. Are They Even Working On The Game?

    The 1001th post claiming that this game is a scam. May one please post within the other 1000 topics regarding this subject matter?
  11. "The People's Revolutionary Party", under Damien Malik, shall denounce NAZIs until it possesses the political power to criminalize "Nazism" and "Nazi-sympathizers". "The Red-Guard Rebels", under Jeru Jones, shall execute NAZIs and NAZI-sympathizers on site. "The Left-Hand Mafia", under an undisclosed character, shall execute NAZIs and NAZI-sympathizers on site. Power to the People, sister!
  12. Communism does not promote the intentional execution of innocent human beings, unlike NAZI Germany's promotion of executing non-Aryans. The "Hammer and Sickle" initially symbolized the "Worker's Struggle for Liberation", which utilized the "sickle" to represent the "Agricultural Struggle" and the "hammer" to represent the "Industrial Struggle". Thus, based on these arguments, the NAZI symbol is prohibited within Identity Island while the "Hammer and Sickle" symbol is permitted within Identity Island.
  13. News outlet

    "The People's Revolutionary Party" and "Red-Guard Rebels" shall consist of their own newspaper: P.R.P. = Red Star News R.G.R.= Revolutionary Minds