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  1. New Community Manager!

    Gl with the position I will also look into inviting you to the luprano family discord as we have a lot of membera who rly want to share there concerns community wise that's if you're interested of course Brandon
  2. This is especially for Preston Bohdi but a warning to all Dont mess with the lupranos because we bite back If you dont want your careers to end never offend us threaten us or try to get one other on us yours truly Jerry Sirata Enforcer
  3. Luprano Family

    mr slavic shoot me a pm well talk about it more if you have a discord invite me there well talk as enforcer in the family I would like to evaluate the pros and cons if I fell an alliance is beneficial I will speak to my don graci
  4. You are misinformed I am not a capo I swear it on my mothers life
  5. The Neighborhood - Recruiting!

    This is funny but the lupranos are called immature when we are stronger than ever with a lot of members while the neighbourhood has gone defunct
  6. Excuse me sir luscious time sis a good man who works for the betterment of the island now you should be quiet as I warn you it will not be good for your health That Is All I need to say because otherwise your time will not be good *leaves the room*
  7. We are no longer part of the neighbourhood yes
  8. They got good at karaoke?
  9. The Neighborhood - Recruiting!

    I am Jerry capo in the lupranos nobody trust these snakes they denounced our ideas told my don how to run his family they are manipulating snakes don't attemp to join them and don't trust them
  10. The lupranos are with you gene smith I believe you approached us first I hope our buisness lasts long and is that of a healthy one salute
  11. Lanvind if you could state your age then I will get back to you