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  1. What I mean is... I am giving HIM promotion
  2. No free promotion for him... He's running for governor so giving HIM free promotion as in his campaign...
  3. Nothing... Just free promotion.
  4. Yeah why not, as long as Mr. Times is governor!
  5. You mean running for governer or something else? Sorry I might of misunderstood you
  6. Any support recently for becoming that man to lead us?
  7. Thank god a good candidate is still around Nice to hear from you again!
  8. Ok thanks I'll delete one of em'
  9. I know the title might seem like I think that everyone forgot about the game however that is not the case. Anyone within the community that knows me might know that I just disappeared for quite a while. This was due to me knowing that the development will that some time so I thought I'd leave for a bit until some huge news come out. Now is that moment... I like many within the community am very excited for the module. This topic was just created to see who still believes in the game and who has joined us in our community. I just wanna meet some new people that have joined us. Thanks for your time
  10. Bobby Cruz For Governor!!!!!!!!!
  11. Agreed you Bobby are the only good governor i have found in the forums Bobby Cruz For Governor!!!!!!!!!
  12. I was wondering if assassinations be a thing like assassinating the governor or a politician or even some sort of celebrity. if yes who would want to do that? tell me below i might be your getaway driver...
  13. Housing

    right here -----------------------------------------------------------