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  1. Santos RP

    I got this email not too long ago hello everyone, As a lot of SantosRP members may know I had recently purchased the company that owns and operates SantosRP, called JAC Systems. I purchased the company with the intention of boosting development of SantosRP and bringing the community back to life, and that's exactly what we did. We took the servers offline, restaffed the community, re-optimized the game mode, and had an amazing relaunch bring the community back to life! Updates were getting pushed and new ones were scheduled for release. The community was alive again, two full servers of players enjoying RP. SantosRP WAS BACK and moving in the right direction. That was until Santos caught the eyes of Take-Two Interactive, AKA. Rockstar Games.... On November 22nd, 2016 JAC Systems applied for the Trademark SantosRP On March 1st, 2017 the Trademark was approved for publication, shortly after on April 11th, 2017 and oppositionwas filed by Take-Two Interactive. On May 18th, 2017 I bought JAC Systems and started right away on reviving the SantosRPCommunity. On August 9th, 2017 I received an emailform Take-Two Interactive threatening to take legal actions against JAC Systems if I continue to operate under the name SantosRP and that is where everything was brought to a screeching halt... I was faced with a very hard decision to fight back or to give into the large corporation and shut down SantosRP for good... After weeks of emails, phone calls, and lawyers we have both myself and Take-Two Interactive have come to an agreement. SantosRP will be changing its name and operating under a new name that is undetermined at this time. This GoFundMe is here as an ask for help, help from the community that I have given a lot to try and save, reignite, and bring back to life. I need help to pay the all the legal fees and royalties due to previous revenue. I am no longer able to let the financial burden of JAC Systems effect my wife and two children. I can no longer invest more of my personal money into JAC Systems, and with that said I am faced with the hard choice of asking the community for help and putting SantosRPback on track under a new name or giving into Take-Two Interactive and shut the doors.... Please help keep SantosRP ALIVE, any amount will help. Here is a link to the GoFundMe Campaign, please spread it as far as we can! LETS SAVE SANTOS! If we all chip in a little it makes a lot! https://www.gofundme.com/save-santosrp Sincerely, Shawn, (Owner JAC Systems LLC.) ____ For 15k its not worth saving lol
  2. Dev Blog #009

    can you put the link for signature restrictions
  3. Dev Blog #009

    Town Square Clothing Store Remember the clothing store concept art we showed last month? This in-game screenshot shows how concept translates to reality (minus the actual clothing - \ Identity is being produced by a very small team, although with our new office (see above) we're on a hiring craze and expanding in a big way. In fact, our programming team is going to be three times larger by the end of September. That's only the tip, too, as we're also bringing in a full-time dedicated community manager so that you get the regular updates from the team which you deserve. Our art team is also expanding with some of the most incredible talent in the industry. You didn't even thoroughly read it
  4. I have searched the forum and i don't believe this question was asked. At this moment in time there are 11000 backers and the module is soon to be released. Claiming our place in any of the modules would be a first come first serve basis? and how many citizens would be able to participate? @Paratus @Motown @HairyGrenade
  5. Wait- WHAT? MUST SEE! Freaky!

    @Paratus creepy stuff dude
  6. Music Opinions

    Thank you for the feedback ill definitely keep your suggestions in mind The Pad is a for sure addition, iv been searching for risers that'll be more fitting for the beat so hopefully that journey will soon come together.
  7. Music Opinions

    *Optimized for headphone users haven't mastered it for speakers yet I just wanted to get some opinions on this beat i made please feel free to be open, Negative/positive it doesn't matter as long as its constructive criticism. Wait for the drop http://freemp3host.com/play:28769 Thank you
  8. Opinions!

    I can't see much going wrong , Developers have been updating best as they could and they are module focused so seeing player models and the housing( hoping city views will be next) really shows that they aren't playing around. My opinion is that if the devs keep as interactive as they are it'll be a great game with a great community. Seeing CGI from no mans sky trailers compared to being part of the process of development is a whole different ball game. Im really glad to be supporting these developers and hope to see more of the game soon maybe even module release soon Happy holidays
  9. @HairyGrenade @Paratus Please do provide some information on this matter if possible. i would be very interested and would as well spend a lot of time there
  10. Will being in prison or jail affect your career or job in anyway?
  11. Game Development

    Maybe you can post up some of your work to really show what you have to offer
  12. Robbing a Bank

    Exactly none of them want a murder charge thats why they are doing a robbery not a murder. but like you said there is so many factors to it.
  13. Robbing a Bank

    Depending on the real life situation and who's there i might want to be the hero as well.
  14. Robbing a Bank

    Im the type thats gonna want to be the hero lool