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  1. yeah i have asked this before...i said would it be cool if you created stuff in the game you could take the money outside of idenity and have it exchanged just like how they do in secoundlife but i was told it is not going to happen.. wish it would tho
  2. Lovely new screenshot

    mmmm making me hungry would love to have a barder system in place would be fun to haggle..... or maybe even STEAL from it and run for your life lol
  3. some get really uber pissed like i am surprised they do not do more damage and rage more then we see in the videos...
  4. All i can say is i wish we can have some Bait cars for the Police Department HAHA    
  5. Possible payment options?

    why would this be a total shit show? I have made money in other platforms say secoundlife and Imvu.. i am talking real cash.
  6. Possible payment options?

    ok thanks for the fast answer
  7. Possible payment options?

    Hello there do not know if this was asked or not but......Say we were able to make some stuff within the game and we would garner in game cash from the profits we make...... Can we take that in game money and exchange it through Paypal into a Real Life bank account with some fee of course?
  8. Developer Q&A sponsored by Powergaming7

    was a nice video really hope they can do more Q and A in the future
  9. How much will it cost in beta/full release

    30 dollars you will get access to the modules and the full game and beta when it comes out which is pretty neat this game has so much potential and so much more...
  10. Painfully Waiting....

    going to be fun to see how much we can customize anything in this world
  11. How Realistic Is The Casino System?

    I am not pulling any strings or anyone's tail....I play the game called Secoundlife......those creators in that community make money for their RL lives that is why i was wondering if it will ever go this far as in winning a big gambling sum of money or just creating something and receiving  the benefits of making something unique....
  12. How Realistic Is The Casino System?

    So if i make stuff in the game? i cannot get RL funds out of it? how would we make money then and earn money if we cannot upload money to pay for such things or items that we need for in the game?
  13. Add a big nature/camping park?

    This just goes to show how big this map is really going to be..... I mean it will take 1 hour and 30 min of rl time to walk from east to west or west to east..... this map and possibilities are endless def going to be fun.
  14. How Realistic Is The Casino System?

    So your saying we cant upload RL USD to gamble or buy things?....... i mean If i sell so much of stuff or rent something i cant exchange it out for RL USD via paypal?