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  1. i really enjoyed what they showed it looks nice... some things i noted...... Some of the mesh was cutting with the skin was visible under the avatar which can be fixed i am sure.... The sound of the fan switched from my left ear to my right ear so that was some nice 3d sound very cool stuff there..... question is is open voice going to be available everywhere in the game? and if we want to call someone can we just use our phone for personal calls? other then that it looked really nice reminds of PlayStation home oh boy i miss that so much this looks really clean keep up the hard work guys @Paratus and the rest of his buddies at work at his company ...
  2. Current plan for the next stream (May 29th)

    this should be fun cannot wait for this stream going to be a long wait till tuesday haha
  3. @LuckyDuckcan we get a update on some photos of these items possibly in the next stream? maybe we can do that for a stream day ?? that would be fun??? @Beach_Ball@Motown
  4. Difference in packages?

    great idea thanks homie!!!
  5. Difference in packages?

    @Beach_Ball is there any difference?
  6. Difference in packages?

    is there a differences between the speed demon and the VIP package the 250 and 500 dollar packages? i mean the updated changes at all?
  7. Task list photos | UPDATED DAILY!

    task didn't have any progress today?
  8. Identity game price question

    yes it will prevent people who get banned like hackers from trying to make more and more accounts and stuff
  9. Identity game price question

    the final price when the game does launch if you do not put any of the packages down was said to be 45 us dollars
  10. this looks really really nice!!!!
  11. Task list photos | UPDATED DAILY!

    love this good work homie!!!! can we get this sticked
  12. would love to see this happen weather someone like a friend needs a shirt or someone needs food or just a movie ticket be cool to see how it works out.
  13. Video

    oh boy cant wait!!!! should be sick!!!!
  14. right would be still cool if you can trade in he game thanks for the response
  15. that is sick ..yeah i was wondering cause what if one day a room mate or another freind wants to wear my clothing i wouldnt mind that at all be nice to share together...