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  1. Bike Rentals idea?

    I was thinking how about a bike rental for maybe in the city type parts and then you can rent a mountain bike for the mountains to go out with friends up in the hills and all just enjoy a good time together....a example is below from a real life company so maybe something similar to this? just wanted to add this i thought of....... be cool to see in the town square module  riding bikes would be fun
  2. cannot wait for this to happen love this Q and As  thanks for doing thing @Woritmor  
  3. will we be able to play team sports say football like on a football field? 11 vs 11? or basketball on a court 5v5 maybe tennis doubles or singles? would love to have something like this for it would have a opportunity for people to be owners of these "teams" and have the customization option for cleats to uniforms to just having other in identity decide if they want to come to a game they can come to a stadium with their friends or family and enjoy a good time. secondly wanted to ask if we can have team sports... can we make custom uniforms for the players? like a anme and number like RL
  4. Amusement Park or Fair

    here some video from within PlayStation home....dam i miss these days....these simple games would be fun in identity...   and      and   Would love to see a Mini Golf course or maybe a bowling alley as well that would make it fun
  5. Amusement Park or Fair

      they use to have one of these in the 3d world called PlayStation home.... it was cute and fun would love to see a ticket system and all and prizes that we can exchange our tickets for and then we can either trade those prizes or give one to a loved one like a teddy bear or something now that would be sick
  6. Amusement Park or Fair

    not trying to high jack this thread at all... but I would love to see a gaming arcade that would hold high scores on it and all that would be fun with some friends and people can go against each other and more that would be fun
  7. Rare Items

    yeh would be kick ass to sell stuff you know some how have a open market of what very you wanted to sell....... be careful tho ........ if you sell drugs cops could show up to bust your drug sale or more lol
  8. Will this game be available for APPLE?

    so not available when the modules release? so if a person does the 30 dollar donation they cannot get access to the modules? this is for the MAC user  ? Sooooo..?
  9. Will this game be available for APPLE? a few people have been asking me.... I have not seen anything about this please help thanks in advance
  10. Rare Items

    this would be a excellent idea... that is why i would love to have a knock off ebay auction website to maybe possibly throw these rare items on the website would be pretty cool to make some extra coin for ones pocket.....
  11. yeah i have asked this before...i said would it be cool if you created stuff in the game you could take the money outside of idenity and have it exchanged just like how they do in secoundlife but i was told it is not going to happen.. wish it would tho
  12. Lovely new screenshot

    mmmm making me hungry would love to have a barder system in place would be fun to haggle..... or maybe even STEAL from it and run for your life lol
  13. some get really uber pissed like i am surprised they do not do more damage and rage more then we see in the videos...
  14. All i can say is i wish we can have some Bait cars for the Police Department HAHA    
  15. Possible payment options?

    why would this be a total shit show? I have made money in other platforms say secoundlife and Imvu.. i am talking real cash.