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  1. this was sort of posted in this thread here i would love to see it happen would be lots of fun mostly with other strangers and meeting new people
  2. not trying to jack your thread bro but i just want a mini gold course to go to play with some friends that would be fun or maybe a mini arcade
  3. anyone got it?
  4. Hey everyone I got some questions that I would like to ask that some of my friends who are interested in this game can get a answer maybe. More will follow i am sure... 1. Does karma level go down over time after being so bad and being a bad once your bad are you always bad? almost like the game infamous is there a way to get your bad karma erased and back into good standing? 2. Can a person have multiple characters? meaning if you decide you can be a bad guy on one then on the other you can be a really nice guy?
  5. @LuckyDuck thanks broface
  6. Does anyone have screenshots of the ones shown in these gaming sessions that are not posted here in the forum?
  7. supreme

    is this the REAL LIFE CLOTHING COMPANY ? Supreme? stuff?
  8. when will this happen? @Motown @JamesLuck01 anyone know? i heard there will be another video launched before we got one more chance then we can pledge?
  9. i was thinking you can do different rental times 1 hour 3 hours 6 hours 12 hours 24 hours be fun and unique if you need a ride for something good or bad haha
  10. love you all
  11. i guess no one likes this idea haha
  12. well when everyone starts people are going to stay in a "hotel" type thing for about a week or 2 after that if you do not have enough money to pay for rent your butt is kicked out....really cant wait for this game to launch i wish the next video would come out already haha
  13. i believe you can either rent out your house or apartment for some money
  14. any update status on this? @Woritmor
  15. supreme

    is this supreme related to the rl company?