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  1. Painfully Waiting....

    going to be fun to see how much we can customize anything in this world
  2. How Realistic Is The Casino System?

    I am not pulling any strings or anyone's tail....I play the game called Secoundlife......those creators in that community make money for their RL lives that is why i was wondering if it will ever go this far as in winning a big gambling sum of money or just creating something and receiving  the benefits of making something unique....
  3. How Realistic Is The Casino System?

    So if i make stuff in the game? i cannot get RL funds out of it? how would we make money then and earn money if we cannot upload money to pay for such things or items that we need for in the game?
  4. Add a big nature/camping park?

    This just goes to show how big this map is really going to be..... I mean it will take 1 hour and 30 min of rl time to walk from east to west or west to east..... this map and possibilities are endless def going to be fun.
  5. How Realistic Is The Casino System?

    So your saying we cant upload RL USD to gamble or buy things?....... i mean If i sell so much of stuff or rent something i cant exchange it out for RL USD via paypal?
  6. How Realistic Is The Casino System?

    will people be able to gamble from everywhere in the world? even with states banning online gambling will people be able to gamble in idenity?
  7. Auction House or System

    right it would be featured on the current server that you as a player would be on...... this could raise a lot of money for outside charities and people could get exclusive items from the devs like that house paint is one of a kind and it could very well sell very high and make money for something very special and raise lots of money and awareness.
  8. Auction House or System

    bump.... nothing about this?? i thought this would be interesting and making wanting to get more and new things in the game a lot more competitive 
  9. Auction House or System

    I think it would be cool if we had a knock off version of Ebay on here called Ibay or something and people can auction off cars or guns or anything even those paintings the possibilitys are endless what we can throw on auction..... would def raise money for the player it self and then the developers cans sometime maybe make some stuff and auction it off for RL Charitys it would have to be a auction possibly the entire server wide or maybe just only on idenity servers......but the idea of going onto your phone or computer and bidding on stuff sounds really exciting...... mostly if its somehting rare or just somehting that someone really wants badly i think this can def take off and help players in our game as well as help out people in the RL with well known charrirtys and help people this way as well.... all thoughts welcomed it just popped in my head over night i am sorry if this has been covered already but i thought i would just throw this out there....
  10. WOW thanks for all the fun warm greetings you guys are so nice..... Do not know what i want to RP yet as but def going to be coming to this game with a group of friends going to be a lot of fun.... def want to see more of the open world more..
  11. Hello everyone hows you all doing i am loving this game more and more when i see new stuff cannot wait till the next video will be released.