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  1. would love to see this happen weather someone like a friend needs a shirt or someone needs food or just a movie ticket be cool to see how it works out.
  2. oh boy cant wait!!!! should be sick!!!!
  3. right would be still cool if you can trade in he game thanks for the response
  4. that is sick ..yeah i was wondering cause what if one day a room mate or another freind wants to wear my clothing i wouldnt mind that at all be nice to share together...
  5. Hello I have a question can you trade or where other items from other players like say if your a male can you wear another male t-shirt from another friend or say to your girlfriend wear your T-shirt in the game I mean one day you could have a really cool t-shirt that you would want to wear and you can say here you go you can just try it on. I'm wondering about this because it would make a lot of sense that if you just want to sure that shirt with somebody or pants or shoes you could and it just doesn't have to be that it would be a male to male transfer it could be a male-to-female or female-to-male transfer. Also I was wondering can you trade other items with other people like say someone needed a soda or you have an extra movie ticket could you give it to somebody. I'm wondering because like it would makes a lot of sense that maybe you can also trade with that person you would trade for $0 or you could have a unique shirt or item that you could actually trade it for some money in the game if you're low on something like say cash and you want to make up some money quick you could do that. What makes sense because it's nice to see unique things in people's homes and you are like wow i really like that....Then you could possibly trade for it with something you might have unique in your position.
  6. Would love to see a Motown and Paratus ... this would be the name of it haha type of arcade... Mini golf type of place where you can go and compete and play with friends..... You can play all these mini games and they would come out with tickets after you paid for these tokens with your in game money.... then you would get tickets that would come out.......there would be certain "seasons" that would last a certain time to redeem these items that a person can get and once they are gone they are gone.......maybe you can make them trad able that people can buy then or just say they can win a teddy bear on a date and give it to a loved one...... This would be cool since you could put these items out in your personal space or maybe wear a unique shirt you got from playing a game.... the mini golf would be kick ass to for having fun with that and meeting new players and just jumping in a car with four of your best friends and heading off to the course... @Motown @Paratus you guys keep up the hard work and keep doing what your doing and cannot wait to see this game go from there........
  7. Thanks MR. P really excited about this game i have been telling everyone i know about it keep up the good work.
  8. heya all and kudos to you MR. Motown and everyone at your there a translation for the words in the middle of the screen below the red lobster t shirt? also will you be able to play as both sex's during the launch of the town square module on march 21st?
  9. we got a day set in mind? would like to purchase a passport before this "video" drops
  10. welcome to the forums enjoy your stay everyone is nice and friendly
  11. hahha i thought it was funny i really cant wait for this game to come out going to be awesome
  12. he is asking if he plays a little bit in the first module then really likes it can upgrade later on and get a higher package later on i think
  13. Sounds good Mr. P your team is working around the clock cannot wait to see all of this and more keep up the hard work