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  1. Yes, they said it a while ago and to my knowledge haven't gone back on it.
  2. As a friendly suggestion, maybe change your spelling of Washington
  3. Combat/Detail Idea's to add realism

    I don't know about the gas pumps and restaurants too much but I do know you have own a restaurant I believe. There will not be a stock market as of right now. A ton of people have asked for it but they have a very small dev team and it would be a pain to add it right now. They did mention that they might add it later. The combat/wounds will be very realistic but I don't know to what extent.
  4. Lawyers

  5. Open Position for Doctor

    Hello, My company is looking for a potential doctor that would on call if any accidents would happen in the workplace. Obviously we would want to keep any accidents out of the papers due to the importance of consumer trust. The pay will be extremely good and accommodations for housing can be arranged. As long as you keep your mouth shut and work hard you will be a great fit at our company. If anyone is interested in the position feel free to message me.
  6. What do you do exactly?
  7. Is there an Irish Mafia?

    That would be amazing haha, let me know if that ever pans out
  8. Is there an Irish Mafia?

    I would agree, glad we both agree haha. I do agree with you though, an irish mafia would be very interesting
  9. Is there an Irish Mafia?

    In your dreams haha