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  1. Business Update : We have landed our first investors recently! If you are an employee stay active on the discord!
  2. Business Update : Recently we have released the total startup cost of the company if you would like to invest please contact us. If you are an employee please join the discord https://discord.gg/SEsynAF. Our company will be up and running when Identity is released in Beta.
  3. I thought you created a supermarket.
  4. Business Update : Our recruitment process is currently going well with most positions filled. But if you are or know someone that is a mechanic please apply. Remember to join the discord https://discord.gg/SEsynAF. It doesn't matter if you're not experienced at your position as I can't say I'm great at business management too. Just remember we're all part of the same company we should work together and stick together when the going goes tough.
  5. I feel that not enough Ccp members did not participate in the polls.