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  1. Please apply for corporate jobs!
  2. Hi Hoy !

    Alright cool
  3. Thomas Hetch for governer

    You both 
  4. To Apply Application : Name: Previous Experience: Personal Skills:
  5. Hi Hoy !

    Hey man! Are looking for a trucking job?
  6. You looking for partnership? I'm starting a logistics company and it is also my dream to make a company.
  7. Thomas Hetch for governer

    You need to win, there are too many communist parties!
  8. The Conservative Coalition Party

  9. The Conservative Coalition Party

    The dns could not be found for your website
  10. Average age on this forum

    But I would always die in it
  11. Average age on this forum

    I played call of duty when I was 7
  12. Any big companies hiring?

    Come work as a driver
  13. Thomas Hetch for governer

    I live in New Zealand where the minimum wage is $15. Even as wages are high many services and necessities are cheap and our economy is good.
  14. Thomas Hetch for governer

    Check this out  https://www.forbes.com/sites/groupthink/2016/08/03/the-minimum-wage-hike-is-good-for-business/#18ffb1536307
  15. Thomas Hetch for governer

    Because with a high minimum wage consumer spending will increase leading to a increase in profits for all companies thus leading to more jobs