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  1. Luprano Family

    Amicu is one way to say friend in sicilian. Maybe your friends are assimilated to northern Italian culture. Most of the tradition from Italy long ago that you guys lost is retained by some people here in north America.
  2. Luprano Family

    Hey Volpe, I appreciate the help, however, they aren't mistakes. Some of these words are not meant to be in the proper Italian language, but rather in various southern italian dialects, which most older Italians in North America still speak quite frequently. Like amicu is sicilian for amico. I know that Amica is the femenine version, but i am only putting the masculine versions to make it more simple. Cidrul is the Italian American/ Napolitano way to spell/pronounce citrullo. The mafiosi in North America do not speak the standard Italian language that much, in case you are not aware. @HaydeVolpe
  3. ^Hes a damn good lawyer. Glad to have him with us.
  4. Luprano Family

    Yes, the books are still open. Someone will be in touch with you shortly.
  5. Luprano Family

    Please keep your personal affairs off this post. Thank you.
  6. The devs confirmed in one of their recent streams that there will be controller support in the game, as early as the first module.
  7. A good guy, and a professional attorney. I feel comfortable knowing you will be representing me and friends of ours.
  8. Luprano Family

    I'd like to point out that the family has almost 60 members now and we are quite active. I'd also like to point out that the last time you were on was about February and that the neighborhood (your group) is virtually extinct. I'd also like to say that this argument is almost a year old. We do not harass random people, and you also like to not include the fact that Barry Crow was bullying Jerry and trying to order me around for no reason, therefore our anger. We in the Luprano family are honestly not down to have anymore drama here on the forums; the game isn't even out. We are simply recruiting and we continue to maintain the largest group on the forums. So we appreciate if you would go do something productive instead, and if you want a problem with us in game, we will see you on the streets then. Goodbye.
  9. The Coronado Crew

    Looks great Sal. Good to have you with us. Tu sei uno fratello di noi; you are our brother now.
  10. Government Dossier of Vincent Luciano

    Tu sei un uomo d'onore Vincenzo; you are a man of honor, Vincent.
  11. Government Dossier of Silvio Romano

    Mr. Romano is a very respectable man of honor.
  12. I would nominate @LuciousTimes for the politics award and @J-Sparta617 for the ICA diplomat award.
  13. Great to have you with us Frankie, welcome fratello.
  14. I don't know how the blood oath in John wick went, but the Italian mob has a blood oath, including my family, it adds a whole new level of authenticity and importance on becoming a full member; a made man in the the family.