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  1. Looks great Sal. Good to have you with us. Tu sei uno fratello di noi; you are our brother now.
  2. Tu sei un uomo d'onore Vincenzo; you are a man of honor, Vincent.
  3. Mr. Romano is a very respectable man of honor.
  4. awards

    I would nominate @LuciousTimes for the politics award and @J-Sparta617 for the ICA diplomat award.
  5. Great to have you with us Frankie, welcome fratello.
  6. cartels

    I don't know how the blood oath in John wick went, but the Italian mob has a blood oath, including my family, it adds a whole new level of authenticity and importance on becoming a full member; a made man in the the family.
  7. Great to finally have you with us Johnny, much respect to the north end crew.
  8. Glad to have you with us Harry. Tu sei uno fratello di noi, you are our brother.
  9. Our family currently has 18 active made members, and we are growing. We run a tight ship, and will be making money along with enforcing respect.
  10. If you streamed your news reports using twitch, then technically people could watch them on their T.V in game. You could format your twitch as a news channel, and have some camera looking prop just for roleplay purposes. @drJames
  11. Thank you Tony. I'd just like to add that our family is 18 members strong and that our heirarchy will be updated in the town square module, once things settle down a bit.
  12. The family is now 16 members strong. We will continue to make loyal and brave men into our family.
  13. I don't think this is a good idea.
  14. *On the streets, I cannot be inside a street. It will be hard to see me, you have to see my men first, then make your way through the crowd. So unless you got a good reason to see me, you wont be able to. Make an appointment when the game comes out.