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  1. MrX


    He's asking why make a gang when the game hasn't come out yet, I think.
  3. Dead Men Tell No Tales

    Thanks! Writing is just a hobby/past time.
  4. Anybody play ATS and/or ETS?

    I've had the same thing happen to me before, also while putting my cigarette out, seriously
  5. CCU Scores

    CCU is for conservative parties who rank 75% or higher on the scale.
  6. CCU Scores

    Hell yea Front National 92% that's what I like to see
  7. Hennessy Williams

    You gonna be makin some moonshine out in the backwoods? I want me a taste, And maybe a crate or two
  8. Looking to join a crew

    Don't fret brothers, he's ours.
  9. Dead Men Tell No Tales

    [Sorry for the long waited delay, I've got bigger projects in front of me.] The smell of cigarette dampens the cramped private room of the Ulysses pub. A large round table separates Micky and T, who currently talk politics. "I guess I'm just sick of petty criminals getting away with everything" T says, taking a sip from his pint "Same here. That's why I did what I did earlier this month. Our politicians don't do anything, anytime something goes bad 'don't worry about it our top people are on it' bullshit". Micky replies, also taking a gulp from his belhaven ale. T leans back in his chair and rests a cigarette on his lip. "So what now, are we gonna become superheroes or somethin'". Micky shrugs "Seriously? What's your new name" He gushes "I think I have a good idea" Micky nods his head "We can help families". "By doing just what". "I don't know, extort those who fuck with the innocent. Like what I did to that kid at Marty's, Like a glorified revenge". T rolls his eyes "Go on a killing spree then". "Alright so you don't care" They both look at eachother. "Did I say I didn't like the idea?". They both smile and grab hands. Micky walks out of the private room, making sure to hold the door open for T. The bartender gives a stern glare to the brutish bikers, who linger out of the front door. The two are quick to start their bikes and trot off down the narrow city street. The scream of the engines can be heard several blocks away. They get looks from the street corners as they sit at the traffic light. A pack of bikers ride down the opposing lane, and with harsh braking they all stop in the middle of the intersection. An enforcer from the pack pulls out in front of the coming traffic in which they block. Micky pulls up and parks in the front of the pack, a spot is open in the middle for T. Michael "Sarge" Costa, a skinny bestial hillbilly, greets his VP and they slowly begin riding down the street. The enforcer pulls out and rides in the back of the pack. [15 minuites later] The club rides down the newly paved road, slowly revealing the clubhouse hidden in the trees. The pack parks in front of the garage doors. One slowly opens, a prospects their to great them. “Brother, get me a water” Micky says “One here too” a patched member says The prospect hurries off to the kitchen. Micky follows. “Where is he?” Micky asks the prospect, who grabs two water bottles from the fridge. “In the shed” he says. “Good”. Micky steps out the front, everybody follows. In the backyard stands a beat up shed. Opening the crooked door reveals a broken man, chained to the wall in shackles. Naked, but wearing a bag over his head. Barely being able to move he drools on the ground and his slashed stomach is covered in dry blood, hiding tattoos which surround his body. Micky unchaines him and carries him out of the shed and into the deep forest. “You fat motherfucker” Barks Micky Falling with every step, a patch member kicks his back making him stumble to the ground. Micky just drags him. Now a safe distance from the clubhouse, the bag is pulled off of his head.
  10. Who wants to be my sugar daddy in game

    Can I just sit at home and send you checks?

    Good. What are the bathrooms like? I have the bladder of a small child.
  12. Congratiolations! 1.000.000$

  13. Alright, I'm out.

    I'm just waiting for the game to come out. I go on to sharpen my writing skills and atleast we have a community.
  14. The Kennedy Brotherhood.

    Very interesting, how come I haven't seen this before!? Good luck!