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  1. That looks SO god damn cool! It really begins to look like a city and I honestly can’t wait for March!
  2. As @Zeus mentioned, it would probably be the most realistic if you could either go to the shop and buy your from there, or order it online from a website.
  3. Legal Mercenaries/Bounty Hunters

  4. Legal Mercenaries/Bounty Hunters

    You can be a bounty hunter, yes. Community Manager Brandon has clipped this, when the devs answered a question about being a bounty hunter: https://clips.twitch.tv/PricklySparklingElephantTinyFace
  5. Was thinking the same. The one on the left is the Asylum Entertainment website. The one on the right screen is this website.
  6. I REALLY like the look of the office. Clean, modern and not too cramped. It's the right opposite - open!
  7. New Community Manager!

    Welcome onboard the train, Brandon! <3
  8. Asylum has just posted a picture on their Twitter account of Charles' triple monitor setup. If we zoom in, is that Identity we can see there, on the middle screen? :OOO
  9. Within this month, when the team has found out how they work together and how fast, they would announce here on the website/forum when the Town Square will be released.
  10. God.. Why are people like you even here, @WhtGhstBlckGhst? It's like, before you have your hands on the game and is playing, there is no content. Well, nope, there HAVEN'T been showed in-game screenshots, there HAVEN'T been recorded a video of the apartments within the game. Wait hold on, yes there has! They have showed off what they have developed, and now they're about to release the first module.
  11. Asylum Gaming Hour?

    But they were used to notify us via their Twitter if they wouldn't stream, so I'm just like: How can you forget that when it's like the whole week they have forgot it, if that's the case, or if they were moving.