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  1. Cosmetologist / Hairdresser

    You might be able to be an fashion consultant, maybe? If people need help finding a look for them you could sit down with them and plan out fashion and hair. Kind of like a wedding planner, but for looks. I don't know. I'm trying to be creative, haha.
  2. Dreaming

    I've recently been playing Forza again, and I just can't help but dream that the cars will look like that in Identity. I mean, GTA V cars are kinda nice, but they're nowhere close to Forza and I'm really hoping that Asylum can surpass GTA cars. They are stunning in Horizon 3, and I just can't wait to see. cough @HairyGrenade do you know who will be working on cars cough cough.     I just dream for beauty like forza and functionality like ETS2 with all the goods like turning signals, wipers, and the like. I AM SO DAMN EXCITED FOR THIS GAME
  3. Housing Inspiration

    Hi everyone! I have been a house geek for a while now, and I'd like to provide some ideas and some photos for the devs to work with when creating the many homes around the island! Please feel free to leave a suggestion of your own!   Townhouses/Rowhouses These homes are most often found in inner cities. They are mostly historic, but there are more modern takes that are sometimes found in suburbs as well as in the cities.   Cabin/Mountain Retreat These types of homes are most often found in mountainous areas with large and beautiful vistas overlooking landscape and sometimes nearby cities.   Oceanfront/Beach Houses These homes are almost always on stilts to protect them home in case the tide comes in too far. They are often painted in bright and pastel colors. I imagine these homes being beachside in Turtle Beach on the island.       American Foursquare These homes are most often found in the outskirts of cities and in rural villages. These homes usually have slim driveways and detached garages behind the home.   Victorian These houses are most often found in cities and rural villages, but can sometimes be spotted in the suburbs.   American Suburban These houses are most often found in neighborhoods in city suburbs.     Split Level These homes are most often found in city suburbs and rural areas, but sometimes can be found in the outskirts of cities.   Cape Cod These homes are most often found in rural areas and in city suburbs.   New American These homes are most often found in city suburbs and in semi-rural areas.   Farmhouse These homes are found in rural areas and are usually met with large porches, lots of land, and barns.                        
  4. A sandbox server is the best idea I have read in a while.
  5. Amusement Parks?

    There have been no mention of aquariums and zoos (although I hope they are in the game), but I know that there was a conversation of a fair instead of an amusement park. This is because the permanent amusement wouldn't be much fun when you're the only one in the park after everyone got bored of it, but since the fair would only come around every now and then, it would be loaded with people having fun in order to provide the proper amusement park/fair rp/experience.
  6. Apartment,House and Building capacity?

    Like @JamesLuck01 explained, if the player is offline they are unable to make the payments regardless of how much money they have. I'm sure there will be a reasonable system to make sure that all opportunities are available to buy housing.
  7. Apartment,House and Building capacity?

    I'm guessing that in order to ensure that properties are being used instead of just being held, or that are possibly owned by inactive players, is in a realistic roleplay way where if they miss too many payments that the house is taken from them and put up for sale again.
  8. Idea - Big companies

    I think the best solution would be just to have smaller and larger office options for companies depending on their size, and the company could decide to upgrade and move to a better office if they can afford it.
  9. This is a very important issue and deserves your utmost and undivided attention. Think wisely and carefully before choosing an answer. Thank you for your time.
  10. VoIP Channels

    I do remember reading somewhere that you will have to add other players to your contacts in order to call or text them. You do not automatically have all of the players on the server in your phone like in GTA V. You will have to meet someone and ask them for their phone number. This should be interesting for dating rp for if girls refuse to give a guy her phone number lol
  11. I'm certain that both cops and criminals combined will account for about/a little bit less than half of the population. I'm guessing the other half will have aspirations pertaining to business, politics, law, medical, and other services like interior design, public transportation and the sort. Like @CadeStrikemen said, this game has great potential to be an RPG that is tons more than just cops v. robbers.
  12. Play or no?

    Unfortunately, Apple computers are not built for gaming and you will only be able to play on very low graphic settings with lots of game lag, if you are even able to play at all. Apple computers are outstanding for other things, which is why I have a Mac and a PC for gaming, but Mac computers do not even have graphics cards, so you will be playing with Intel integrated graphics (which suck). They are not optimized for gaming, which is why many video games/companies do not even produce video games available for Mac computers. If you want to have an enjoyable experience on the game, I'm afraid you should invest in a medium to high-end gaming computer (because that's what it's looking like the game will need in order to play comfortably).    If you are interested in buying separate computer components and hiring someone to put them together for you, I will be more than happy to discuss with you an affordable plan for PC components that will work nicely. I would also be willing to talk with you about buying pre-built PCs if you are interested! Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, hope to see you around!
  13. Which Cars/ Vehicles Would you like to see?

    Sedans 2017 Ford Fusion   2017 Chevrolet Malibu Tuners 2004 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution   GTA V Custom Elegy RH8 (Mixture of fourth and fifth generation Nissan Skyline GT-R) Muscle 2011 Dodge Challenger   2015 Dodge Charger   2017 Dodge Charger   Coupes   2008 BMW M3   2017 Aston Martin DB11   2017 BMW i8     Crossovers and SUVs 2017 Ford Escape   2017 Jaguar F-Pace   Sports   2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata   2016 Mazda X4   2016 Porsche Boxster GTS   Super   2008 Ferrari 458 Italia   2005 Ford GT     Features that I'd Like Moonroof Regular car horns (as in not those annoying unrealistic loops and songs, etc. that are available in GTA online) Built in/standalone GPS?? Bluetooth calling (Kind of off topic, but I'd really like it if as you were outside for extended periods of time, that you would start to get really hot and really cold and could come into your car and turn on the heat/air conditioning to stabilize??) Cruise control Functional turning signals A gear shifting system, regardless of whether your transmission be auto or manual, you have to shift your car into reverse and press the gas pedal in order to go backwards as opposed to where in most games the brake and reverse are the same button (ugh)                  
  14. Answered

    There will most likely be plenty of alcoholic variety, but I think the drug part of the game is about selling drugs, not having every type imaginable. The devs aren't trying to condone drug use, and so I'm guessing there will only be the most prevalent kinds like marijuana, cocaine, meth, and possibly heroine.  
  15. Identity City - Game

    Structure 35: A corner convenience store/gas station