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  1. Backer Only Area?

    I'd personally love to have an area where us supporters can hang out ;P
  2. Law Enforcement Ideas & Suggestions

    Ford Crown Victoria.
  3. Question for all.

    Correct, you get a meme!
  4. Question for all.

    Sir Topham Hatt, or The Fat Controller?
  5. Emergency lights and sound.

    I really hope there are rotating lightbars, and mechanical sirens... HINT HINT, WINK WINK.
  6. Fame and fortune

    Anti-gun campaigns.
  7. Private Military Companies

  8. DJ!

    you mean like this?:
  9. house gaurds

    Just look here, I'm pretty sure these guys will protect you, and if you can't afford it, I'm pretty sure the government will put you in witness protection, assuming you are a law abiding citizen.
  10. I wanna see how long this lasts on a server before the Government takes you down.
  11. Which Cars/ Vehicles Would you like to see?

    Well my vehicles could be used for the Fire Departments out in the country side, they usually use older fire engines and trucks.
  12. Who would you vote for?

    Oh god that fucking show! XP
  13. Who would you vote for?

    If I become governor I would out in universal health care, and gun control!
  14. Power Outages

    Yeah I now, I was simple adding to what you said, sorry to have confused you (:,
  15. Abandoned Buildings

    This would be a great addition, just imagine this for criminals, it'd be a great place to lay low if your being chased by the police, or maybe making a "business" deal, which you don't want others to see. It'd also be good for firefighters, abandoned building have a huge risk of fire, so it's a good place for a fire to start and for firefighters to combat it. All in all, this is a great suggestion