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  1. CCU | The Conservative Coalition Union

    I wouldn't pay attention to the communist, dictatorial, or fascist parties that keep popping up by players who just joined the same week (they come up a few times every month). They are egomaniacs who think people will enjoy living under their pathetic rule while they pretend to goose step around as tyrants. Identity will be a Republic, and while Democracy is not popular with them, they will have to deal with it.
  2. Delay announced by Motown

    Two years still is an absurd guess. Any guess above two months is absurd, they only need to complete 58 more tasks, they have 6 so far today, and literally thousands since 2015. In fact if they continue at this current pace of 5 or 6 tasks per day, it will be ready in only 10 days time. So there is no need to be dramatic.
  3. Delay announced by Motown

    Two years? lol, no I don't think so. I've been waiting since 2016, a delay is not a big deal.
  4. Delay announced by Motown

    If I had to guess when release will be, I would guess around May 4th, or that following weekend.
  5. About the delay.

    Not surprised by this, was waiting for the delay to come out.
  6. Mein Traum (TTP)

    You can not claim that Totalitarianism and Authoritarian is "for a better society". You just want to rule over everyone else, which if you would go over the twitch clips explaining mechanics, is not possible.
  7. Mein Traum (TTP)

    No it wouldn't have, there is no way to prove that. You only propose this party and yourself as a candidate because you are power hungry and want everyone to heil you as a dictator. (Which by the way, will be impossible in identity, so this party is useless.)
  8. Mein Traum (TTP)

    In Europe, not in the world, and it was already the largest country in Europe so anything less would be less than expected. Also it only lasted for a pathetic 12 years.
  9. Mein Traum (TTP)

    Really... "Authoritarian, Totalitarian" and a speech called "Mein Traum" that is clearly inspired from Hitlers "Mein Kampf"
  10. Yep! don't really know how extensive it will be, all they have seemed to cover is that fact that logos can be placed upon them. https://clips.twitch.tv/LazyDelightfulEyeballBatChest https://clips.twitch.tv/FrozenCoyWhaleYouDontSay https://clips.twitch.tv/ClearEncouragingKoupreyTebowing https://clips.twitch.tv/SparklySwissNarwhalCclamChamp more stuff like this can be found in the twitch directory here
  11. CCU | The Conservative Coalition Union

    I have moved the scores over to this main page, for better access and advertisement.
  12. I did it

    Yep, I am pretty sure you can have a roommate since you have the two bedroom apartment. Also I think the term "luxury" just means that the luxury one bed room apartment is a little bit larger than the standard one bedroom apartment, don't think it means its in a fancier place or anything like that.
  13. I did it

    I stopped at the $250 one, I would be willing to invest more however going from $250 to $500 is way too much of a leap for me, wish they had smaller increments. Don't really need a two bedroom apartment anyways, the other room would just be empty.
  14. Arma Roleplay

    Used to play one called A3PL for well over a year, however I became quite frustrated with how everything was going, and left. Basically became a sort of pay to play, and in the end I was scammed out of $100 by them.