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  1. Thoughts on E3?

    Its becoming a Cash grab and nothing more... Fallout NV was the best game in the series, but it had huge flaws... I was totally let down by Fallout 4, And I won't be buying into the series I was a Alpha tester for the closed ALPHA, I can't say much becoz of NDA... THO Im more than certain you will enjoy that game alot, I had fun on the alpha...
  2. Thoughts on E3?

    My friend Pedro, Insurgency Sandstorm, World War 3, TES VI
  3. Can't you impliment a Cell phone feature (simelar to GTA V) where we can call our friends over the game, to have conversations without being in direct vercinity of our friends / contacts? What does everyone think?
  4. SCUM the next step in gaming

    Scum will be terrible, its too generic

    Was wanting to ask your plans to impliment Explosive Weapons... Such as Molotovs, Grenades, IED's, Car Bombs, RPG's, etc
  6. Suggestion on how custom clothing should work.

    Please don't be bloody stupid... Make custom clothing as easy as possible to produce, Im not wasting my time with factories, this games supposed to be about expression
  7. Did i get blacklisted, I can't send messages to anyone :/

    1. Kolibri


      Nevermind it seems to be working now...

  8. Im setting up a Nazbol Insurgent Miltia, Inbox me for details.... Will be willing to work with Socialists and Communists
  9. Biker cucks and Cops alike gonna get IED'd by the NazBol Insurgent Militia
  10. What will you RP in identity?

    I'm going to be a NazBol Insurgent