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  1. In addition to what HairGrenade posted:
  2. I see two problems here, the first problem is that the devs (Perhaps due to to inexperience) feel the need to announce deadlines and release dates in advance when clearly this is their first attempt at creating a major game. Those who have experience being in similar circumstances know just how difficult it is to set deadlines when you're attempting something major for the first time and doing it all on your own. In my opinion the devs should stop announcing precise dates and only discuss their current progress rate. The second problem is that the fans, perhaps also due to inexperience, want to hold the devs accountable to their previous announcements without understanding what I said in the previous paragraph. Some take this to an even more extreme level and consider the devs missing deadlines as proof that the project is a hoax. Once again both sides (Devs and fans) don't have enough experience to know not to expect things to be 100% done by a certain date announced in advance. There are just too many unforeseen factors that can come up to delay even the most elementary aspect of the project.
  3. Stop rushing the developers, if you had ever attempted to get involved in an ambitious project for the first time you'd know that it is extremely difficult to set precise deadlines. Let them take their time and create a good product. I'd rather wait 2 more years to play a really great game than have them rush out a half finished empty map like GTA 5 which had a lot of potential but clearly wasn't given enough time to complete.
  4. As of now the developers have indicated that the maximum jail sentence is 45 real life minutes. This to me is too short to seriously discourage trolls from ruining the realism of the game by randomly killing other players. Since the real life penalty for murder or other major crimes is either life sentence or death there should be some more serious penalty in the game in order to discourage trolling and to increase the risk of committing major crimes. In my opinion the penalty for murder should be at least 2-3 real life hours. If the developers still insist on keeping it at 45 minutes, I suggest enabling private servers to adjust this time as a default setting or through mayor/government decision.
  5. Click on the "About" tab to learn more "Identity takes place in a fictional land in the eastern United States, inspired primarily by the Carolinas and Georgia."
  6. i7-7700K CPU @ 4.2 GHz Dual AMD Radeon RX480 16 GB 32 GB DDR4
  7. A solution to the problem you mentioned is to have small airports where only one or two daily scheduled flights are allowed. A player pilot could be flying a small private jet or helicopter and take player passengers from one side of the map to another really quickly. The airports could have their own NPC flights going in and out for the realism aspect but player operated flights could be limited to a small number per day and only by licensed pilots.
  8. You could fix that problem by making it optional so that if no player wants to do the job an NPC would fill in the gap. This way there will always be trains running but the option of running a train would still be available to any player who's interested.
  9. I plan on having an ordinary boring job. I know many people will not be interested in those so I will help fill the gap. I just love the sim/realism aspect of this game so even if I have to do repeat the same thing over and over day in and day out I'll do it. I just hope the devs make all the jobs somewhat engaging and complex so you don't just perform the entire action by pressing one button.