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  1. Where are you from?

    Is it peaceful and quiet, because that would be a nice town lel... Is there a huge amount of people that live there?
  2. Black Diamond Enterprises

    Would love to and I do pledge allegiance to the BDE
  3. YOU DECIDE! (Part 2)

    I would sneak behind them, and grab their gun as quickly as I can and spray the 2 men down
  4. 15 Task's left!!

    Honestly, I have to agree with Ecorp here and say due to it being down to the gameplay aspect now, it will probably take some time to straighten out kinks and bugs here and there and perfect it so, realistically I think the end of june or july but definitely before the end of august
  5. Bourne Car Rental

    Still Hiring!
  6. I have saw religious works gonna be available

    What would a "crusader" to in the city exactly, is what I'm trying to figure out because I don't get how a 800 year old person could do anything in this era
  7. RP encouragement (RDM,VDM and Fail RP)

    Yea that was what I was trying to get at, because i've seen so many rdm bombings in like Arma and Gta and it is annoying that there is no rp on the victims side or anything so yea.... not saying i would like to create a terrorist cell and plan for months to bomb the town square.....,noooooooo.........
  8. Who or what will you become?

    Rental Car Services
  9. Where are you from?

    Omaha, Nebraska | The middle of the united states.
  10. I have saw religious works gonna be available

    What is a "religious hunter"?
  11. Haihai

    Our community is as alive and lively as can be! Welcome! Check out some of the business and associations you can be apart of in the Board Room and Other Careers Section.
  12. Luprano Family

    What games are you playing on, if I might ask?
  13. RP encouragement (RDM,VDM and Fail RP)

    Would a planned bombing/ terrorist organization hostage situation be rdm if it was planned and not just some random guy saying allahu akbar?
  14. Why?

    I don't think these "randoms" have really fazed us in any way honestly...
  15. Bourne Car Rental

    Then the cars will be "loaned" out, or a transfer of ownership for a set amount of time too another player if that makes any sense. Hopefully, we will be able to do such a thing, but thank you for bringing that up.